Pick Up Lines 46


88 Mins
THEMES: Eye Candy, Outdoor Sex
STARS: Tera Patrick, Misty, Regina, Nicole, Brigitte, Sabrina, Brandon Irons, Billy Glide, Lex Taylor, James, Carlos
With all of these pick up line movies, the key is how hot the sex is. That should always be the most important thing in a porn video, but more often than not, these movies are great eye candy and short on sexual heat. They always look pretty and are usually couples friendly without being sappy and full of lame plot. Instead, they look like still photo shoots with soft flute music in the background. You all know that isn’t by cup of tea, but this line still manages to have me coming back for more on the off chance than one or two of these pretty ladies is actually going to get down and dirty.
Brandy opens the movie and she is a slim brunette who has come to entertain a very lucky young man. He flashes the cash, she flashes the gash and the rest is history. Once disrobed, the couple takes turns licking each one another in the most intimate of places. Brandy has a cute smile and flashes it from time to time when she’s sucking dick. For the sex, she gets on top first, but the real eye candy comes when she takes it from behind while standing up. This gives us a great look at her legs and a very tight shot of her invaded slit. To keep the angles close, she moves into RC for the anal, bouncing her little hips up and down to work his rod with her anus. He ends up shooting a big load all over her tightly closed mouth and then rubs it in while she does her best to keep it from dripping into her eyes.
Nicole and Regina decide that girls can play the eye candy game as well. They make their way out to the pool wearing just heels and thongs. That’s a great visual and both women are easy on the eyes. After they rub and lick for a while, the strap on comes out. If you’re into girl/girl scenes you might like this, but for me, it was pretty boring, even the toy play.
Sabrina is a dark skinned girl from Brazil. (At lease we should guess that she is based on the license plate she has in her bed.) This tiny titted girl gets a knock on her door and runs into the arms of her lover. He carries her to the couch and goes to work on her dark bush with his fingers and mouth. She’s not bad looking, but keeps her eyes closed and away from the camera as she gives him head. The long 69 is rather low energy and things don’t get any better when she starts riding him. This is exactly what I often don’t like about this line. Sure, she’s a good looking girl and things are shot well, but the energy level just isn’t acceptable. The facial is about the only really good thing in this scene.
Brigitte is not quite as pretty as some of the other girls and has pretty side hips on her. She isn’t much higher on the energy scale than the last girl but does have some pretty good tits. They start fucking on a boat, which is pretty cool. I give this one credit for the location, but the girl isn’t much to look at and her energy just does nothing for me. On the other hand, during the RCA, her natural tits do have some great bounce. (And guys who like pronounced pussy lips will go nuts for this babe.
Misty on the other hand is very cute. She has a tight little body, pretty face and I know she can fuck. Brandon Iron is the lucky guy who gets to have Misty interrupts his workout with a big kiss. He enjoys her lovely tits for a while then sits back while she teases and pleases his cock with her mouth. Give this girl a lot of credit for taking a whole lot of his rod between her lips. Of course, every inch of it is going to slip into her pussy so she had better be ready. When she’s the one doing the bouncing, Misty’s tits do a dance and so does her belly. She could use a little time in the gym I guess, or maybe just a few more high energy fucks to tone up. On the other hand if she keeps taking big loads of sperm in her mouth, the inches might just melt away.
Now, the moment you’ve all be waiting for, Tera Patrick and Billy Glide. He drives up in his flashy sports car, she comes out naked and they are on each other faster than you can say hello dear. Billy throws Tera onto his car and licks her sweet labes. That leaves her ready to do what I love to watch her do, suck some cock. This cover girl face was made to be filled with cock and every time she sucks dick, it’s wonderful porn. That she is good at it only makes things better. I could watch her suck all day, but he wants to get into that million dollar pussy. On top of the car, she is a wonderful addition, with long legs and perfect tits. Who would buy one standard after seeing this lovely upgrade. After a good fuck, she gets down and jerks his cock right into her mouth. Great facial to add some heat to a wonderful looking scene.
Even though the last two scenes have some very high sexual heat, it’s still mostly an eye candy romp. Tera and Misty finish the movie with a couple of very hot scenes. The other girls are pretty, and sometimes hot, but no one reaches the levels of the final pair. As always, the sex in this volume is nicely shot, pretty and not about to scare too many female viewers away. If nothing else, watch this one for Tera and you’ll never look at fast cars the same way again.

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