Married, Yes… Dead, No!







85 Mins

Digital Playground


THEMES: Cheating, Sex In Cars

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Asia Carrera, Herschel Savage, Alexandra Silk, Marilyn Star, Nikki Sinn, Steve Drake, Mickey G, Steve Hatcher


If some of you think this movie looks a little familiar, it might be that you saw it on video under the original title, ‘Ladies Night.’ Now on DVD, this Roy Karch movie has a new title, but the same cast and plot to work with. Asia Carrera and Herschel Savage are a couple of newlyweds who love each other, are hot for each other, but still want to find a way to spice things up a bit. Simple plan, but it’s bound to get more involved as we go.

Asia is not happy to hear that her new husband plans to go out with the boys on a Saturday night. She tells him that she’s going out with the girls and heads for the bath. Once she’s all naked and soapy, it looks like we might get a sexy solo scene, but instead Asia picks up the phone calls her friend Nikki Sinn. This leads to a story about Nikki’s new boytoy. She brings Steve Hatcher home from a club and they start getting busy. I don’t know who did Nikki’s hair, but it’s really horrible, which I guess is not bad since it sort of distracts from her fact. Speaking of faces, who decided to pair Nikki with Hatch? Yikes. All the sexy talk has Asia horny and of course Herschel picks up the phone in time to hear just enough to make him worry. From time to time as these two go at it, we cut to Asia in the bathtub. That is the only time things get remotely easy on the eyes. Nikki has decent energy, but this is a throw away at best.

Clearly, Asia and Herschel have trust issues. Since they are both pretty good actors, this dialog scene is a lot better than the first sex scene. At a party later, Herschel is a little distracted. Chicks show up to make the party more fun and of course, it’s Asia with her two girlfriends. Marilyn Starr and Alexandra Silk are the other two and Alex is the first to grab a man and find some fun. Asia and Herschel pretend not to know each other, but they aren’t about to hook up with other people. Alex and Mickey G find the bedroom and strip each other quickly. He warms her up with some generous finger fucking and Alex is loud and ready to go in no time. She turns things around and uses her feet on his cock to get it really hard. They share a quick, enthusiastic fuck that ends with Mickey spilling his seed on her belly.

That leaves Marilyn and Steve to pair off while Herschel and Asia go outside to get it on in the car. The big problem here is that we keep switching back and forth between the two scenes. Marilyn looks OK and she and Drake have good lighting. Asia, the star of the movie and the best looking chick in the flick is stuck in the car with really low light. I dislike switching in the best of circumstances, but this is really bad. Even in the dim light, Asia looks great and gives a very hot looking blowjob. This is easily the sexual highlight of the movie. Steve and Marilyn bang on the pool table, while Asia find enough room in the back of the mini-van to turn in a very solid fuck.

I didn’t like this movie on video and it’s not much better on DVD. The picture and sound are better, but that can’t cover up the fact that it’s sexually inept. Nikki Sinn is just a waste of time and the early tease footage with Asia could have been better. (There are still shots of she and Herschel fucking, but I guess that got cut out.) Alexandra Silk gives a nice scene, but the final two are intercut and totally fucked up. Asia looks great in the back of the van, but we need more light and that cutting has to stop. The best thing about this movie is the dialog scenes between Carrera and Savage. Everything else is pretty dismal.

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