Lee’s Summer Fling


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85 Mins



THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Outdoor Sex, Bikinis

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Lee Anderson, Lita Chase, Paige Shagwell, Jennifer Steele, Ashley Lynn, Trinity, Jake Ryder, Joe Shagwell, Dave Steele


Perhaps best known for his all-girl movies, Jim Gunn is bound to have a whole lot of veggie love thrown into the mix in this movie. There are a number of blonde babes on the cover and a whole lot of them seem to be playing with other chicks. While this is not my favorite activity in general, I do like a director who knows how to shoot girls getting it on and can get something from watching a well done bit of non-meat loving. The idea behind the movie is quite simple. Lee Anderson has just moved to south Florida and is happy to show us just how hot the sex down there can get. A real life look at southern sex? Probably not, but I’ll bet it’s going to be a whole more interesting this way.

Lee opens things up in a, shock, girl/girl scene with cute blonde Paige Shagwell. They stroll out next to the pool in their little bikini, share a little small talk and get down to business. Slowly at first, kissing and caressing, they strip each other and take turns sucking tits. Lee is very hospitable, going down on Paige first, gently licking her shaved lips and probing her inner folds with an eager tongue. I love how flexible this girl is and Lee finds it easy to get a mouth full of hot girl cum. After being so thoroughly licked, Paige has a lot of catching up to do and enlists the help of some toys. A big pink dildo get the job done pretty well, filling Lee until she is ready to fuck her little friend. Strapping a dildo to her leg, Lee lets Paige bounce in her lap until she cums hard. Not a bad opening scene.

Jennifer Steele is a stripper who comes over to Lee’s house with her husband Dave in tow. They get it on right in front of the host, which of course, suits Lee just fine. Jennifer has a big fake rack, complete with a shelf on the underside of the fun bags. I really like her long legs, but I think Dave is too busy focusing in on making her cum in his mouth to notice her long stems. Their show might be turning Lee on, but it’s doing wonders for the couple as well. When he sticks his dick in her mouth, Jennifer can’t keep talking to Lee, but does prove her worth as a hot little porn slut. They give a loud fuck with decent energy that isn’t hard on the eyes. It’s well shot, but just leaves me feeling like we haven’t seen anything special. Even the facial is pretty average.

Paige wants to prove to Lee that she’s more than just a clit licker by sending in a video of her fucking her husband. They set up a camera and let it capture the action as he slips his pretty wife out of her hot little bikini. Her long legs spread easily, giving Dave free reign over her nether regions. We already know that Paige believes in giving her lover pleasure, but this time we get to see the pretty blonde with a hard cock between her lips. Thankfully she doesn’t disappoint, giving that stalk the kind of loving care it deserves. More eye contact would help this scene, but Paige is pretty enough to make it work no matter what. He lifts her back up to the edge of the spa and slides into his wet and willing wife, fucking her shaved little box gently at first, but then with more speed. The best action in this scene comes when Paige is bent over at the waist and taking it hard from behind. He finally pulls out and shoots on her face, letting Paige clean it all up and play with the jizz on her tongue.

It’s time for the last scene and it’s another girl/girl pairing with Ashley Lynn and Trinity hooking out. They stroll into the wind cellar and pick out a good bottle. Who needs wine when you’ve got two girls all ready to taste each other? They kiss each other for a long time, slowly touching each other through their clothes. Ashley pops Trinity’s huge tits free and feasts on them, sucking hard on her nipples and holding the big boobs in her tiny hands. Trinity returns the favor then does Ashley one better by also licking her little pussy. If you like watching girls take their time and not use toys on each other, then this scene is perfect for you. Trinity slowly licks and fingers her new friend and then opens her thighs to get the full treatment herself. Lots of kissing and finger play in this plastic free veggie scene.

Lee certainly has some horny friends. They make for an interesting, though not spectacular movie. Paige is the best reason to watch this movie, giving the best boy/girl scene and taking part in the nice scene with Lee. Jennifer Steele left me cold and as much as I like Trinity, her scene was a little too soft and girlie for me. I liked the bikinis and the outdoor action, but this one doesn’t quite reach the heat of other Gunn movies.

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