My Plaything- Silvia Saint



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Digital Sin

DIRECTOR: None Listed

THEMES: Virtual Sex, POV




STARS: Silvia Saint


One of the things that DVD has given porn fans is the virtual sex genre. These one on one ‘dates’ with our favorite porn stars are interactive sex that just wasn’t possible with VHS tapes. Multiple angle, user programmable action and the ever important ability to make the woman cum at any time are just a few of the things that these discs offer. In the growing interactive market, there are two lines that stand out. One of them is the My Plaything line from Digital Sin. The newest Plaything is none other than Silvia Saint. Blonde, beautiful, built and a sexual dynamo, Ms. Saint is one of the biggest stars in all of porn and perhaps the biggest Euro-babe in the history of the biz. With this disc, we get the chance to go one on one with this lovely creature.

You can start wherever you want on the disc, but I will try and take you through the features in order. If you start with the Tease menu, you have three initial choices. Inside, there three sections based on Silvia’s hot body parts. You can watch her show you her tits, her ass or her pussy. In each section, you can choose between nice Silvia who talks like an innocent or hard talking Naughty Silvia. There are also two different camera angles for the footage. The second angle is a closer view of the goods. Once you’ve seen her show off, it’s time to see what else this hot babe can do.

Next we get to watch Silvia masturbate and again there are three choices. You can start off by having her use her fingers on that lovely little muff. The second angle on this footage is very nice. Angle one is a well framed long shot, showing us all of Silvia’s gorgeous body. When she’s had enough of fingers, move to dildo and we get to watch he take on a very large rubber cock. Nice Silvia in this one is pretty cute, playing innocent as she uses that fat prick. As a final option in the masturbation section, Silvia rides the Sybian machine. I know a lot of people have been looking for footage of women using this machine. Great footage of her riding the big vibrator and a very nice addition to the usual footage. At any point in the masturbation, you can click a button and make Silvia cum.

Next up is the section called “Do You/Do Me.” This is where you get to pretend to be the guy using your fingers, toys or mouth on Silvia. The POV shots of the finger and toy sections are very nice and so close you can practically smell her excitement. Virtual pussy eating is always a little silly looking, but Silvia fakes it pretty well. Best of all, we get the blowjob in this section. Silvia’s pretty face takes center stage for this POV suck off that shows you why this woman is such a big star. Well shot with lots of eye contact, the only weakness in this section is the digitally faked pop shot. (Only the nice blowjob pop is real on this disc.)

In the “Sex” section, there are five positions to watch. Missionary gives a nice long POV shot. Angle two is nice shot from the side that still gives us a clear view of all the action. Missionary A gives us the same angles as she gets nailed in the rear. Doggy has Silvia standing up and bent over a padded table. The main angle is a POV shot looking down at her ass, while angle two shows her face and has a lot of eye contact as she talks to the camera. Anal Doggy is the same set of shots and some great talk. Cowgirl has a POV shot looking up as Silvia does a great job pumping her pussy up and down on the big cock. Angle two gives us a tighter shot, but I love the main angle.

The final “Extras” section has a nice photo gallery and some trailers for other Digital Sin DVDs. I always say that these interactive sex discs depend primarily on the woman at the center of the action. If you like Silvia, then you get to go one on one with her. If you don’t, then there isn’t much to watch. The picture quality on this disc is outstanding and the interactive menus are easy to use. If there is a complaint, it’s the same one that has been around for a while. The digital popshots just don’t look that good. It would certainly take a lot of time and money to actually shoot the number of popshots required, but I would like to see someone try. With that aside, Silvia looks great, has high energy going for her and the angles are all great. If you like interactive discs, then Silvia is a wonderful plaything.

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