Debbie Does ’em All 3



79 Mins
Nu Tech
THEMES: Nostalgia
STARS: Barbara Dare, Carol Cummings, Alexis Storm, Tabbetha Foxx, Sasha Gabor, Buck Adams, Scott Irish
Long before anyone had heard of Tera Patrick or even Jenna Jameson, the porn world was dotted with a few very special female performers who could accurately be described as porn ‘stars.’ Barbara Dare was just such a woman. Though never quite as big a star as Ginger or Christy, Barbara combined a beautiful face, fantastic body and good sexual energy to forge her own place in porn history. Now that I’ve given her that nice build up, we’ll have to see if this movie is highlight reel material for Ms. Dare of if it’s a title she would rather forget.
After Debbie finished doing Dallas in the 70’s and early 80’s, she needed to expand her horizons. So, the makers of fine porn in the late 80’s strained their brains and decided that Debbie should do ’em all’ in a couple of different flicks. With Barbara Dare playing the lead role, they found a woman who could carry the load sexually. This one starts with a guy introducing a new show called America’s Most Desirable. It focuses on a particular town and shows us the hotties from the neighborhood. Flimsy premise aside, it kicks off the sex pretty quickly.
Carol Cummings plays a hair stylist who really turns on her client, Don Fernando. Carol was one of the early altered boob women in porn and was known for wearing wigs. She has a killer bod though and is willing to work with Fernando and that makes her a valuable porn asset. After cutting his hair, she gets down in his lap and starts sucking his cock. There was always a lot of debate as to just how old this woman was when she was in porn. Her face looks like it’s seen a few summers, and she certainly shows off some well developed oral skills while downing Don’s dong. Happy to be getting any, Don throws her up on the butcher block and makes an early snack of her well trimmed snapper. That makes it easy to mount Carol and slide up inside her slit. When she gets down, Carol looks kind of bored as Don tries to figure out how he’s going to fuck her from behind. We get a little flashback to a slow motion cumshot on her cheeks. Thankfully, this is a practice that most porn directors abandoned.
Next up is a blonde I don’t recognize. She would be a mid range amateur girl today, so she’s not exactly the best looking thing on the block. She gets to fuck Sasha Gabor. At least her tits are real and pretty nice looking. Naked, this chick is not even as attractive as she was clothed and that’s saying a lot. This is a pretty dreary scene with an unattractive girl in a scene that is only moderately well shot. Thankfully, you can use your DVD remote to simply move right past this scene to the next one.
Tabbetha Foxx is a step up in the looks department, that’s for sure. She’s a secretary for a law firm. Buck Adams comes in trying to sell her some of those fake perfumes. She’s not interested in any of that shit, but seems to be getting horny. He thinks she’s a tease, but naturally the redhead proves him wrong. After way too much set up, she puts her lips around his cock and starts sucking. For a girl I never saw before, or since, Tabbetha does a pretty good job on Buck’s dick, making it just about all vanish. Damn, she has perfect fucking tits on her. Where did this chick go, anyway? As always, Buck talks way too fucking much as he’s eating her, but you put up with that to watch Tabs fuck. Using her desk, Buck finally fucks the pretty secretary. She takes it hard in mish and even harder when she’s bent over her desk. Another lame shot on her ass closes out the best scene so far.
We finally get to see Barbara Dare and of course, she’s paired with Carol Cummings in a veggie scene. This is quite disappointing, but we still get the eye candy factor as Babs slides into Carol’s lap and starts sucking on her big tits. Barbara Dare had a spectacular ass, perfect legs and tits so flawless that most people figured they had to be fake. She also really liked her veggie work, so this is a high energy scene. I know a lot of people are going to dig it, but I was hoping to see her do more than just some lick and flick.
Everyone comes back for the big finale. Our host finally gets lucky, first by watching Barbara and the ugly blonde go at it on his desk, and then by getting busy with the redheaded secretary. I still like seeing Babs naked except for her shoes, but another veggie scene, and with a skanky looking chick, just not what I wanted to see. Tabbetha on the other hand, takes on the host and his pal Scott Irish. She’s certainly worth a second look and thankfully brings even more energy to this scene than she did to her one on one boff. The blonde comes over to break up the three way and now even this is losing its heat. I’d take Tabbetha or Barbara doing solo, but I can’t sit through this blonde chick again. OK, compared to some of the other scenes this one isn’t a total waste, but it still suffers from one too many women and lame slow motion pops.
It’s hard to judge a movie that was shot this long ago by today’s standards. The slow motion stuff is still used today, but not as often. Clearly, the quality of babes in movies is better now, but this one just misuses the hot chicks they have. Barbara Dare doesn’t really have a chance to shine in this movie and when you have some pretty ugly chicks taking up screen time, one has to wonder why she wasn’t in more scenes. If she was, there would still be problems, but at least there would be something fun to watch.

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