Bottom Dweller 33 & 1/3


117 Mins
Elegant Angel
DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins
STARS: Careena Collins, Patrick Collins, Jake Steed, Petra, Andrea, Marilyn Martin, Nici Sterling, Sofia Ferrari, Joey Silvera, Michael Deshane, Sean Ricks,
It’s been nearly fifteen hundred reviews since I did Bottom Dweller 33 1/3 on video and I can still remember the opening scene as if it were yesterday. Careena Collins is the single reason that I remember this flick. I think I know who else is in it, but I can tell you, with utter confidence what the opening thirty minutes has in store for us on this DVD. The scene left that great an impression on me. Now, I don’t want to do an over-sell on this and then have to wonder what I was thinking, but I happen to know that Careena’s scene still ranks among one of my all time favorites. Now that I’ve totally over played the hand with that, some of you might want to know what else is going on in this movie. Patrick Collins is Roscoe Bowltree, a mostly lovable guy who gets into a lot of trouble with is boat. His uncle, Bruce Seven had either vanished or died and to make matters worse, he gets a letter that the IRS has impounded his beloved boat. What is he going to do?
When he goes to the bank, Roscoe finds that his banker, Careena Collins is more than happy to work out a deal with him. She will help with the IRS if he will help her with her sexual hang ups. It seems that the pretty brunette is tired of the same old shit and wants to get nasty. At first, it sounds easy with things like cock sucking on her list, but this girl wants group sex and even talks about letting a puppy lick her. (Though we won’t be seeing that in this version.) Taking control right away, he has her get down and show off her pussy. Careena is at her submissive best here, purring as she talks and really letting him control her. In their long dialog, we also learn that she’s just a fun loving little Klan girl. After masturbating for a bit, she crawls over and really learns how to treat a guy’s cock with respect. The solo action is very intense here, with four fingers going into each of her waiting holes. As a big reward, he shoots all over her face and gives her some instructions for her next adventure.
The next day she shows up, puts on a blindfold and waits for her big surprise. In walks Jake Steed in a pair of sunglasses, just waiting to send this racist little banker back home a changed woman. He makes her play with her pussy while sucking his massive prick. The only problem with this great looking blowjob is that it is very short. Jake shove his cock into her pussy and Careena goes off like a box of firecrackers. He’s aggressive, but she’s fucking him back just as hard, feeling cock for the first time and loving it as deep as he can go. Once her pussy is stretched, Jake rips her ass in a very hard, wonderfully shot anal scene. By the time he’s done, she’s begging for it and taking a massive load on her face. As a final slap in the face, he tells the kneeling slut that he’s not white. Take that baby and then mark this down as a compilation favorite for years to come.
Patrick needs someone to find his elusive uncle and Joey Silvera gets the job. Back to helping people with their sexual problems, he counseling a young black man who looks an awful lot like Santino Lee in a Milli Vanilli wig. (It is actually, oh man he must catch shit for this.) The fantasy sequence that follows between Santino and Petra isn’t particularly great, but after that first scene, it would be nearly impossible to duplicate the heat anyway. There is some nice tease footage as we look up her dress before she starts playing with herself. Santino comes in and starts licking her full asscheeks, burying his face between her pale moons. He is pretty excited and slips his dick into her for some furious fucking. Nicely shot, this scene is very solid, but it comes on the heels of such a scorcher that it just never quite makes it all the way over the hump.
Joey’s search takes him down to Brazil where he is finding it hard to concentrate. You can understand his problem, what with a hot little hooker like Andrea showing off her well rounded ass and big titties for him. For some reason, this scene is in black and white, added to the artistic quality of the movie I supposed, but really taking away much of the heat. Andrea is the kind of girl that a lot of guys love, full hips, big tits and willing to anything.
That scene was just a dream, but shortly after waking up, Joey falls into some real pussy. Marilyn Martin shows up looking for Harry Dweller. She’s an IRS agent, but She’s there to take the boat away, but as luck would have it, Marilyn is also willing to trade his sexual services for some bureaucratic leniency. She has a foot thing and rubs Joey’s cock with her feet. Marilyn was never a top notch beauty, but she always managed to really show great energy in her scenes. Joey shoves her feet into his mouth while he jerks off. Marilyn is so grateful that she just inhales his cock. This is the kind of sexual energy that kept Ms. Martin very busy in the 90’s. Joey throws her down onto the bed and fucks her meaty little pussy. He also bangs her ass and has her doing A2M. On about the fifth trip to the mouth, she takes a big load on her mouth.
While Joey takes his trip to find the uncle, Patrick is still doing his special brand of therapy. He’s got Sofia Ferrari and Sean Ricks on the couch and Nici Sterling assisting him. The couple wants to try some new things and Nici helps bring them out of their shell. She does a very sexy striptease with the help of the busty Italian chick. While Sean watches, the girls get into a bit of lesbian action and he even watches as Patrick shoves his cock into his wife’s mouth. Of course, Nici is the master cock sucker and gives Sean some much needed oral attention. Somehow Sean doesn’t seem to mind letting his wife get fucked if he gets this superior piece of ass in return. They switch partners and it’s clear that all will be fine from now on because Sofia has learned to a proper cock slut and please her man. Both girls get their asses blasted. Even though Sofia has never been my favorite girl. Nici pushes this scene way over into hot territory. Great standing anal for the British cock slut and of course, big facials to close things out.
A few years after I first reviewed this movie, it’s still an absolute classic. The Careena scene is every bit as hot now as it was then. For this scene alone, this movie has a permanent spot in my personal DVD collection. There are other highlights was well, especially the final scene where Nici teaches Sofia to be a proper slut. The mix of sex and comedy is good, as always with the BD movies, but in this one, it’s the sex that really shines.

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