Only The Best Of Wendi Knight



90 Mins
DIRECTOR: Compilation
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Jail Sex,
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Wendi Knight
When I first saw Wendi Knight in an old Seymore movie, I sincerely hoped she would sign a contract to be on of the Tushy Girls. I was quite smitten by this very cute, sexually hot babe. Alas, no Seymore contract and then she sort of disappeared from view for a long time. Apparently she’s been starring in a bunch of Metro movies that I haven’t seen because a quick glance through this disc showed me a whole bunch of scenes I haven’t watched before. That’s the best kind of compilation though and should make it fun to watch.
We start right out with Wendi hooking up for some outdoor sex. The soft music and long flowing mane of her co-star (Evan Stone) seems to indicate that his scene was pulled from some sappy romance novel turned porn movie. After first eating then fucking her, Evan finally lets Wendi get her pretty lips wrapped around his cock. She looks cute, but the whole scene takes four minutes and ends with a load of cum fired up her back. Maybe this one is just slow out of the gates.
We move next to a stylishly lit lesbian tryst between Wendi and a bubble titted blonde. The shadows are actually kind of cool in this scene as someone has obviously spent a lot of time getting the lighting just right. That said, I would much rather see Wendi working with a guy than with a girl. Nice toy play here and both women are into the action, but it’s good mostly for the eye candy that Wendi provides.
From another high end production, Wendi saves herself from the chopping block by offering “head for a head.” Good trade from the executioner’s end and from hers I suppose. Her pretty face is quickly surrounded by cock and she gets to cut loose a little. Soon the three guys move from her mouth to also fill her pussy and we have a full blown three on one fuck by the fire. Wendi looks great in this scene and takes all three cocks with ease. Somehow these guys have condoms long before they invention of latex, but that doesn’t really matter since she’s doing a very energetic DP while still sucking cock. Sadly, things get all arty for the popshot and we end up with slo-mo cum shots on her pretty face.
Wendi gets to play the dominant role in the next scene. She’s a prison guard with a taste for female flesh. Taking full advantage of her position, she frisks an inmate and strips her naked. Not that the other girl minds at all, happily turning into and obedient little fuck toy for the horny lady cop. They even have a toy shaped like a fake gun to make sure the bad girl is kept in line.
Since she likes girls so much, we get another veggie scene next. With Alex Quinn and a third girl in bed, Wendi makes good use of her lovely tongue and probing fingers. Thankfully, Marc Davis steps in to turn this lesbian love fest into a good old fashioned three way between Davis, Quinn and Knight. The other chick is there as well, but it’s hard for her to get any screen time with Wendi and Alex doing a great two girl blowjob. Wendi takes a break to eat some pussy, leaving Alex to bounce, literally up and down on Marc’s prick. He ends up popping all over the blonde’s tits so the other girls can lick it up.
The sharing continues with Tony Tedeschi on the receiving end of an blowjob while he licks Wendi’s hot parts. Letting the other girl rest, Wendi licks her while she takes Tony’s dick from behind. This is a very hot three way, making me wonder if I should go back and watch some of these older titles. He ends up shooting all over their chests and they rub their nipples together.
Joel Lawrence joins Wendi in the shower. They talk a little trash to each other to get hot and then get right down to the nasty. She looks great working his big cock with her mouth and the shower they are using is a very nice backdrop for some standing sex. The scene is great eye candy, but a little too couples-y for me, and there is no pop shot.
Alec Metro and Wendi hook up in another lavish looking room. She is on the floor, giving him head, flashing those pretty eyes at the camera every so often and really working the head of his shaft like a pro. This is probably the best blowjob of the whole disc and certainly reminds me why I fell so head over heels for Wendi a few years back. Alec takes her into the bedroom, slides a rubber over his dick and takes the pretty Ms. Knight doggy style. Adding a little fetish to the mix, he shoots on her feet and watches as she licks it off her toes.
For the final scene, Wendi keeps herself very busy with three cocks. Ian Daniels has the nice view from behind while she works on two guys with her mouth. They throw her flat on her back and hold her legs up high while she rubs her clit. The guys reward Wendi with stick loads all over her tits.
Obviously, if you’re a fan of Wendi Knight, you are going to love wall to wall footage of this very hot babe. Some of the scenes come from big budget movies, but the sex is pretty damn good. Maybe a little too much g/g and couples action for me, but I’ll make the trade off to see this much Wendi footage. (Now if she will just give me a date for the long overdue interview.)

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