Rocco: Animal Trainer 2


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135 Mins

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi

THEMES: Anal Sex, Euro-Babes, Big Tits

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Janice, Vanessa, Stefany, Dorotella, Lisa, Susane, Diane.

BONUS: In addition to the full fetish menus and photo galleries that Evil Angel provides this one has bonus scenes. There were 2 scenes accidentally left out of the Animal Trainer #1 DVD so we get them here. It’s like getting an extra half of a movie for free. Very good stuff.


Aside from being one of the greatest male performers in the history of porn, Rocco Siffredi has become enormously successful behind the camera as well. He has turned his good looks and rough sexual energy into a style all his own. After all, Max Hardcore can slam away on a girl all he wants, but he’s not packing the kind of sausage Rocco is. Some of his movies are a bit on the rough side for me, but the women are almost always top notch, naturally breasted and ready for anything. Add to that the superior Evil Angel DVD quality and this should be a pretty impressive addition to his growing DVD catalog.

Rocco opens up the movie by introducing us to Janice and Vanessa. These girls speak less English than he does so the interview is pretty funny. When he tells Janice that they will only do soft sex, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. After he plays with both girls, enjoying Vanessa’s big tits and matching ass as well as Janice’s pert nipples. Inside, Rocco shows the girls a collection of big toys. They start by putting a strap on cock on Janice’s face and having Vanessa suck it. It takes some effort, but the blonde is able to deep throat the dildo with minimal gagging. After she tries on Rocco’s cock for a while, they switch places and Janice learns how to take it deep. She doesn’t seem to wild about having his dick shoved to the back of her throat. Eventually, a second guy comes in and sticks his fat black dick into Janice’s mouth while Rocco brings Vanessa back into the mix. The four of them set up a chain with the second guy on his back, letting Vanessa ride his cock while she fucks Janice from behind with the face-dildo and she swallows Rocco’s cock. With two big cocks and a long toy in the mix, both girls get their asses stretched out. Rocco fucks Janice in the ass with his cock while using a beaded toy on her pussy. Still, it’s Vanessa, with her thick thighs pushed back against her tits and her big round ass busted by the new guy’s prick, who really does it for me. After they cum on Janice’s ass, Vanessa pokes her sticky butt with the toy and makes her eat it. For what was supposed to be soft sex, this certainly leaves both girls with wrecked rectums.

Stefany and her husband go looking for cars. She finds one she likes, but her husband doesn’t seem ready to pay full sticker price. When they send hubby for a test drive you just know that this leggy redhead is going to try and negotiate a better price. He really likes her tits and she is more than happy to give him more than that for a better price on the family car. He gets very aggressive and talks a lot of shit to her as he tries to shove his dick all the way down her throat. As their rough boff progresses, blonde Dorotella gets caught watching. She is brought in and immediately ordered to suck his cock. He stands her up, lifts her dress and gives her a hard standing fuck in the middle of the showroom. I wonder if she is going to get a raise for taking it in the ass. If Stefany gets a good deal on a car, then shouldn’t the blonde get something as well?

Rocco shows up at a hotel and is shown to his room by a nasty blonde named Lisa. While he is in the shower, she goes through his bag, finding all sorts of toys. She is intrigued by the toys and happily parts her legs for Rocco to get a better look at what she’s got. She does pretty well with the toys, but is more impressive with the real thing in her mouth. Right in the middle of a rather rough blowjob, Suzanne comes in and she gets to watch. Much cuter than Lisa, she looks overwhelmed by that big cock in her mouth. It doesn’t help that he plugs her nose while forcing it down her throat, but pretty Suzanne lives through the ordeal. In fact, she’s hot to fuck by the time he’s done and takes that fat cock in her young pussy. After giving it to both girls hard, including some very deep anal for Lisa, they are interrupted. Diane, the maid, comes in and she gets down to suck some dick right of the other girl’s ass. In her loose white uniform, she looks a little chunky, but naked, Diane is just a tad soft with huge tits just begging to be sucked. Rocco and Lisa lay her out and suck those big mams while she gets throat fucked by his long dong. The first part of the anal looks good, but when she lays down for round two, Diane is looking a bit heavy. On the other hand, she’s natural and takes big cock in her chubby ass. The three move outside where Suzanne is waiting to lick Diane’s pussy. Rocco sprays them all down with Champagne and then shoots a whole load right into Diane’s hungry mouth. As her body would indicate, she doesn’t let a bit go to waste.

Though some of the sex is a bit rough for my taste, it didn’t get so harsh as to really turn me off very often. The girls all seem to take it well which helps. Most of them are pretty good looking. As usual, there were some I wanted to see more of, like Suzanne and Stefany. Fans of Rocco will love the way he puts the women in this movie through their paces, making sure that no ass goes unstretched. Great picture quality makes this DVD a nice step up from the video and the extra scenes make it even more valuable.

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