Dr. Fellatio 7




120 Mins
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Blowjobs, Facials
STARS: Chloe, Wyona, Jackilyn Lick, Amber, Jessie James, Johnni Black, Lensi Rae, Inari Vachs, Mandy, Michelle, Raven, Dakota, Jessica Darlin, Chipy Marlow, Shawna Valintino, Idalis Hunter.
It seems like more than three years since this movie hit the shelves. Girls like Johnni Black and Inari Vachs were just brand new babes sucking dick on camera for nearly the first time. Jessica Darlin has that short haircut that she hated so much, Chloe and Jessie James hadn’t become such fixtures in porn. My how time flies. Like many of the early Dr. F, this one has that Rob Black edge as the credits roll to some thrash punk tune about blowjobs not being considered cheating. I just hope it doesn’t have the kind of overdone editing that was also quite popular in the Black vids.
Chloe starts things out and I can’t think of too many women who just love cock as much as she does. It never seems to matter who she’s working with, Chloe always manages to make the scene work. She flashes a lot of eye contact here, but is held back by some of the slow motion editing tricks. Blowjob movies are easy if you just stay the fuck out of the way. With the camera in close enough to count the pores on her face, Chloe takes a big cock all the way down her throat and makes it throb between her willing lips. When he shoots on her face, Chloe dutifully cleans up every last drop. Hot scene in spite the editing.
Jackilyn Lick has her hair all pulled back and an intense look on her face as she inhales cock. Purring at the dick like she’s never tasted anything so good she takes it deep and makes sure the spit is spread evenly over the entire shaft. Her eye contact is also good, especially when she’s playfully licking at his balls and jerking the head. Jerking as hard as she can, Jackilyn ends up with a very sticky load that just coats her face.
Jessie James always reminded me of Danielle Rogers, especially in the eyes. That’s about all we can see of her as this scene starts. Her eyes stare into the camera as she jerks some guy off. Never my favorite performer, Jessie has always impressed me with her oral techniques. She’s good with a cock in her hand and even better when it’s in her mouth. They stick her with a guy who has some problems staying hard, but Jessie never slows her hand down, keeping the pressure on this dude and eventually gets a jizz moustache for her efforts.
Always sexy Johnni Black just attacks cock with her mouth. Taking it deep is no problem at all, so she sort of toys with it at first, jerking and sucking then just sliding it all to the back of her throat. She likes to spit on it, really keeping things wet as she manages to give just about the perfect on screen blowjob. Eventually she stands up, takes off her tank top and uses her tits to add to the fun. Intent on making her man explode, she doesn’t let up until he has given her a big creamy load on the lips.
Lensi Rae is a very cute girl who reminds me a lot of Kaitlyn Ashley. Something in the eyes and the way this dirty blonde looks into the camera just makes me think she was born to suck dick on camera. Of course, she pretty much vanished after this movie and a handful of others, so what the fuck do I know? More eye contact would be good, but the ways she works her fingers on the shaft and the tip of her tongue on his head tells us that she knows what she’s doing. After a very nice looking blowjob she takes a big load on her tight lipped face. This is one cutie who got away too soon.
Before most of porn knew what a great porn slut Inari Vachs was, she got a chance to shine in this movie. Pretty as always, Inari made a name for herself early with very wet, sloppy blowjobs. I don’t dig on the extra drool, but her face is so beautiful in this scene it’s a wonder the guy didn’t blow a nut just looking at her. When she keeps her drool under control as she does here, Inari one of the girls who looks best at the end of a dick. By the end of the scene, she is a little too messy for my taste, but ends the scene with a great big load all over that pretty smile.
Jessica Darlin looks good no matter how long or short her hair is. In this scene she’s got the shorter cut, but it’s still blonde. Beyond that, she has the same burning lust for dick that has made her so great. With great eye contact and a knowing smile she flashes when she’s doing something naughty, Jessica is a walking wet dream who lights things up in this scene. Quite frankly the movie should end right here because nothing is going to beat the sight this girl doing her best to drain a set of balls. The lucky guy gets to shoot all over her tongue and upper lip, shooing all over Jessica while she doesn’t even flinch. If you’ve been saving up a load, now is a good time to let it fly.
Wyona, Amber, Mandy, Michelle, Raven, Dakota, Chipy Marlow, Shawna Valintino and Idalis Hunter round out the cast. With this volume of Dr. F we really have a case of the haves and have nots. There are some really great scenes here, but also some that are best skipped over. Thanks to a good DVD remote, you can do just that.


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