Perversions 2


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77 Mins
New Sensations/Digital Sin
DIRECTOR: Michael Zen
THEMES: Couples, Jail Sex, Lesbian Sex,
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Jewel De’Nyle, Sydnee Steele, Keri Windsor, Chandler, April, Barrett Moore, Amber Michaels, Cherry Mirage, Evan Stone, Mike Horner, Mark Davis, Mickey G
You always know there is going to be something interesting and/or unusual in a Michael Zen movie. He has a great visual sense, but doesn’t usually overload us like a lot of other artistic porn directors. With Jewel De’Nyle starring in this movie, I’m sure that things will be easy on the eyes and judging from the shots on the back of the box, I would say that the kink factor will high as well. Mike Horner provides us the voice over narration as he sits at a table about to open a case. He is recently out of prison and from there, we follow the story.
While in jail, Mike had his daydreams to pass the time. He sees Sydnee Steele on his cot, finger fucking a rubber pussy while Jewel masturbates in the next cell. The women switch back and forth, making things feel a little disjointed. More kink than sexual heat, this scene gets us off to an unbalanced start.
Next Jewel struts into a room, standing next to a motorcycle as she is surrounded by pussy starved bike-dykes. Chandler, Keri Windsor and Amber Michaels move in Jewel and verbally assault her for being a slut. Then they suck any body part they can fit between their lips. Chandler uses four fingers from each hand to really open Jewel up. The girls break out the toys and enjoy their new friend greatly. Amber really lays into Jewel with some anal dildo play as Chandler and Keri go at it on nearby.
Somehow Sydnee doublecrossed Mike, though I have to say the story would be more effective without some of the stylistic elements. The confrontation between Mike and Sydnee ultimately ends with the two of them screwing each other’s brains out in her bed. (Anyone who didn’t see that coming must go back to Porn 101). Mike treats her pussy like it was one of those rubber twats from his cell fantasy, but Sydnee just gets wetter and wetter. That makes it very easy for his cock to slide home and remind her what she was missing while he was away. He pumps her flat on her stomach, nailing her pussy from behind until it’s time to take her ass. Mike flips her over to unload on her belly. Not quite the treasure he was looking for, but it beats being anally raped in prison.
After fucking Mike, Syd sends him out what we know is a wild goose chase. He shows up looking Jewel and questions her roommate Barrett Moore. After finding out what he needs to know, Mike is on his way, leaving Barrett to her next appointment, Evan Stone. They strip down and get to business. Barrett has never been my favorite porn chick, but is quite good at servicing big cocks like this. After she wets it with her mouth, Evan slams it into her pussy, making her squeal like a?well, like a whore. He tosses her around into a few positions then shoots his cum right into her mouth. Even after a job well done, Barrett is dead meat.
Following his only lead, Mike is headed for a cult compound. Inside, Marc Davis is taking full advantage of his flock by doubling his fun with April and Cherry Mirage. I’m only guessing here, but I would have to say it doesn’t feel too bad to have these two lovely ladies sharing your cock. When Cherry mounts his prick, April spanks those perfect little asscheeks until they glow pink. Resting after her ride, Cherry leans back and lets April lick her while Marc goes deep into her pussy. I don’t know who put that silly wig on April’s head, but she is still a red hot fuck, teaming with Cherry for the best scene in the movie so far. For the pop, Marc shoots all over their tits which are nicely pressed together.
The story gets a little stranger, but you know that Mike is going to end up in bed with Jewel, so we have that to look forward to. She pulls her legs back and invites him to lick then fuck her. He slams into her and Jewel does her best to be a filthy talking little slut between the sheets. Putting a lot of energy into the scene, Jewel works her hips hard. Before the scene can we end with a pop, we get the climactic gun battle. (Bad form to not let the hero pop before he has to fight the bad guys.)
The story sort of fades in and out as you’re watching, but looking at it again, it’s really not bad. Jewel does a nice job, but some of the cast just isn’t up to her level. There is quite a lot of lesbian action, which would normally bore me, but the three way biker babe scene isn’t too bad. The best scene in the movie is the three way between Davis, Cherry and April. More scenes with this kind of energy would have pushed this movie over the top. As it is, it?s a nicely shot, couples friendly movie with moderate sexual heat.

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