Behind The Counter


110 Mins
Sin City
STARS: Kamiko, Samantha Stylle, Jade Marcela, Candy Cotton, Taylor St. Claire, Chennin Blanc, Tyce Bune, Jay Ashley.
Hey, how come no one told me this movie was going to DVD. Wouldn’t a running commentary with the director and the writer have been a cool idea? (OK, there we go, that’s the hint that I wrote this script. That way you know that when I make fun of the corny jokes, you know who I’m targeting.) This Alex Ladd sex comedy boasts anal in every scene and since it delivers, then it has first base covered. Covering second base is the great looking cast including Kamiko, Samantha Stylle, Jade Marcela and Taylor St. Claire. Taking care of third is Alex himself, shooting sex the way he always does, actually treating it like it’s the focus of the movie. (Imagine that.) If the script can make you laugh, then all the bases have been covered.
As the movie begins, Candy Cotton and Karl Kinkaid hook up on a black couch. No dialog, no idea who these people are, just a busty blonde circled by a tall black man with a big cock for her to suck. She’s got a flimsy little pink negligee on, but quickly loses that so he can get at her wet and soft parts. Using her mouth and her tits, she has him throbbing and ready to penetrate her folds from behind. Nice, high energy fuck as Karl grabs her hair and really lights up the curvy blonde. When she gets on her back, she slips it right up her ass and gives it all he’s got, stuffing his dick balls deep in her ass. After the hot anal, he unloads on her face. Candy isn�t my favorite girl, but the scene is hot anyway.
As it turns out, this scene was playing on a screen in a video store. Tyce Bune wanders in looking to reminisce about his old days behind the counter. Current counter jockey Jay Ashley isn’t impressed, (even as the Clerks tribute dialog rolls on.) Tyce remembers back to a customer who he liked a lot. Samantha Stylle, all done up like a PMRC mom comes in complaining about some late charges on smut. Tyce has to tell her that her husband had rented those movies. In traditional porn fashion she decides that she needs to become more like the women in the movies. We all know that Sam is explosive in scenes, but she really does a good job with the dialog here, almost making us forget she’s a hot babe under that cold exterior. She drops to her knees and shows a great deal of passion for the taste of strange cock. Staying in character, Samantha is perfect for this scene, going from uptight housewife to randy fuckslut quite easily. Tyce lifts her onto the desk, tears a hole in her pantyhose and takes full advantage of her exposed pussy. I don’t know if the shaved slit goes with the character, but at this point who cares, Sammy is turning in a blistering performance and it’s all Tyce can do to keep up. When she’s riding his cock, Sammy asks for it in the ass, then dirty talks her way through a very hard round of butt darts. After tasting her ass on his dick, she bends over the desk and really gets slammed in the back door. The facial finish is nicely captured and taken perfectly by Samantha. She was the perfect woman for this scene and you’re going to be hard pressed to see a hotter feature fuck than this one.
Jay has a few stories of his own. One night after closing, he was in the back office fucking around with cute co-worker Kamiko when the boss (Chennin Blanc) comes in. She could be mad, but joins them instead. Taking charge, the blonde commands Kamiko to get down and suck his cock. She looks too damn perfect for words on her knees, working the dick between those soft lips. Chennin wants to share and switches places with her shy but willing employee. After stripping down to just her boots, Chennin rides his cock while Kamiko is busy doing the facial rodeo. When it’s her turn to take over the fucking, the tiny little Asian gives us a great ride and look stunning bent over the desk servicing her boss while Jay plows her. Chennin takes the anal duty, leaving Kamiko to get the cumshot on her cheek.
The employees aren’t the only ones who get freaky in this video store. Jay tells the story of a customer, Chris Cannon who was fond of wandering around in the porno section. One day, while grabbing his dick looking at the boxes, Chris comes face to face with his dream girl, Taylor St. Claire. Dressed the part, Taylor goes to work making his fantasies come true. Getting down in the middle of the porn section, Taylor shows him that her mouth feels even better than it looks. After being on the receiving end of a great blowjob, Chris puts her on a stool in the center of the room and finds the treasure between those long (boot clad) legs. She keeps most of her clothes bunches around her middle so that her tits go nuts when Chris slams her pussy. He lays her out a bit more when it’s time to fuck that ass. Taylor takes it in the butt like a champ, letting him slam away while she rubs her clit. Cannon takes full advantage of his cover girl fuckmate, slamming her ass and letting her spin around for an A2M facial that leaves Taylor a bit sticky.
As it turns out, Tyce had worked with Kamiko before Jay came to work in this store. They were working late, with just one customer left in the store. She drops to her knees and blows him while Tyce does his best to get rid of the last guy in the store. (Played rather hilariously by director Alex Ladd.) Once he gets rid of the customer, Tyce enjoys the beautiful girl’s mouth on his cock. Taking full advantage of her petite frame, Tyce throws her up on the counter and invades her tight holes with his tongue, fingers and finally his cock. He slams into her on the counter, making her squeal and cream all over his shaft. There is some great looking reverse cowgirl with Kamiko’s perfect tits dancing around on her chest as he pumps up into her. Not about to miss a shot at her ass Tyce gets her from above and then from behind. Nice long anal footage here with the pretty, petite Kamiko takes great anal and an even better facial.
There is one other story to tell about porn star Jade Marcela. Tyce is bragging about bagging her when in she comes. Always willing, Jade decides to have some fun with both guys right in the middle of the store. They lay her on a small table so her head can hang off for some oral action at both ends. She really focuses in on giving Jay a great blowjob while Tyce does what he can to get her pussy juicy and ready. Both guys take turns on her mouth and on her pussy, working her hard until it’s time for the anal. Jade does some great squat fucking in RCA before finally taking them both in a movie ending DP. When they finish with her holes, it’s time to drop loads on her face and shut down the store.
The picture quality on this DVD is good and the movie itself is funny and sexy. I don’t know if I’d say it’s for couples specifically, but it’s not going to scare women off either. Tyce and Jay handle their dialog well and all of the women do good work sexually. Kamiko has two very good scenes, really blistering things up with Tyce on the counter. Jade DPs her way to the climax and Taylor St. Claire manages to make one lucky pervert’s fantasy come true. Still, the best scene belongs to Samantha Stylle. She mixes great sexual heat with nicely done acting, playing her part perfectly. Nice work all around.

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