Ecstasy Girls 2







82 Mins


DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer & Jon Yuma

THEMES: Fireman, Voyeurism,

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Tera Patrick, Asia Carrera, April, Carmen, Daniella Rush


Very nice slide show with some hard core shots of the pretty cast. Cast bios, generic OGV previews, a trailer for E Girls 3 and some behind the scene footage. (Nice Tera still photo stuff here) There is also a very interesting director’s commentary audio track that is worth listening to.


There are two kinds of people who might really want to see the movie. The kind of DVD porn fan who really likes slick, well shot eye candy porn and the guys who just want to see Tera Patrick get fucked. This DVD is going to satisfy both groups of people because it is a very nicely put together piece of fantasy/MTV porn and it has Tera, as well as Asia and April getting it on. Some DVD watchers may already know Nic Cramer from his bigger, story driven porn, but fear not. Even though he has left the scripts and special effects, Cramer still brings superior technical skills to this movie, making it a better made piece of eye candy than a lot of pretenders try to make.

April kicks things off, grinding on the back of her couch while Randy Spears watches. She is quite a lovely young thing with a body made to be shown off. When he has seen enough, Randy invties a guy in from outside to help him break April in. Once the second guy is inside the house, he gets to watch as she sucks Randy for a while. April really plays it up nicely, crawling over to second guy and deep sucking his prick as well. She begs to be fucked like a dog and Randy helps by directing the guy to slam fuck his pretty girlfriend. Taking it hard, April looks fantastic on her feet, and even better squatting in his lap for a powerful deep fuck. When she turns around, Randy moves behind the couch to get in her mouth again. This also gives us a great view of her ass as she grinds. They both explode all over her face, starting this movie out with a hot scene that is very easy on the eyes.

Daniella Rush shows up at a house with Chris Cannon. He’s showing her the house, but she’s more interested in what he’s got in his pants. (The view, by the way, is incredible in this room. I happened to interview Linda Thoren right there were they are standing.) She slips to the floor and starts sucking. Great eye contact during the POV blowjob which is nice since Daniella is very easy to look at. Once she’s naked, he slips straight up her asshole. The energy picks up when she is on his lap, dropping her weight down to get every inch. Going in reverse, he fucks her pussy for a short while before dropping a load squarely on her face. Another nice looking scene, though not as hot as the opener.

Asia Carrera (Still everyone’s favorite punch bag it seems) is getting a massage from John Decker. (In the same beach house.) I guess he finds all the right spots to rub because as soon as he’s in the right position, she takes his cock out and tastes it. I have no idea why she has on fuck me pumps to get a massage, but let’s just say she looks great and is doing quite a nice tease job as she licks his cock. The only bad thing here is that the blowjob is way too short. I guess Cramer wanted to hurry up and have her squat fucking his cock. She seems to like it more on her back, maybe because she can rub her clit hard enough to start a friction fire. They change positions often before Asia strokes a dribble of cum out onto her mouth. Decker aims the rest of his seed at her tit, but Asia cleans most of that up with her fingers.

Two guys are working on a dirt road in the heat. It must be getting to them because one of them sees Carmen flamenco dancing topless. Hey, if you’re going to have hallucinations, they might as well be good ones. The guys find some shade and let her service their cocks. I would say that Carmen is my least favorite girl in this movie, but she’s still pretty damn hot. They move the fantasy inside to DP her tight little holes. Good sexual action from a pretty girl. Even if this is the least appealing scene in the movie, it’s still well worth watching. (Besides, this one has anal and Carmen seems to like it in the butt.) A couple of good facials close this one out.

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Tera Patrick and her fireman fantasy. Tera strolls into the station in a little white dress, is approached by Randy Spears and immediately turns on the charm. Too much for Randy to resist, Tera is pushed up against the truck and has her prefect breasts out and mauled before you can say Penthouse Forum letter. This is the kind of scene that should really work for couples, especially if the woman digs firemen, but also has plenty of strokeability. This time the blowjob is wonderfully long with Tera teasing and pleasing, using her pretty face to push Randy right to the edge. He turns her around, bends her over and plows her from behind. (Great leg shot here for guys into that.) When she starts riding, it’s the perfect eye candy/sexual heat combination. She looks fantastic, especially her breasts as they bounce up and down as only natural tits can. Tera also shows good energy here, which is a big plus. They move on top of the truck and get into a pretty creative position with the truck and a few pipes hanging overhead. A perfectly shot facial with Tera sucking every drop of cum out of his cock ends this scene perfectly.

This is great looking porn that looks even better on DVD. The cast is good looking, they fuck in nice settings and the directors have taken great care to make everything look pretty. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great sexual moments as well. April really turns up the head in her scene. Asia’s blowjob is so hot it hurts, but gets cut too short. Tera burns up the end of the disc, completing the movie in perfect fashion. Not a pure raincoat movie, this one is still strokeable and won’t scare away the ladies. Another great looking piece of work from Cramer and Yuma.

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