X Girls



82 Mins
Adam & Eve
DIRECTOR: Stuart Canterbury
THEMES: Comic Book Heroines, Costumes.
STARS: Chloe, Silvia Saint, Jewel De’nyle, Gina Rider, Bridgette Kerkove, Angelica Sinn, Renee LaRue, Shay Sweet, Mike Horner, Evan Stone, Rich Handsome, Kyle Stone

In addition to the photo gallery, most of the bonus materials are in the special features menu. Here you can skip the story and jump just to your favorite sex acts. The cast list also allows you to jump to a scene with that woman. There is even a bonus sex scene you can watch by cracking the secret code.
The first thing to worry about with a movie called X Girls is whether or not any of the hot looking stars have something extra in their shorts. (Or rather, if they HAD something since they would be X Girls.) Once it’s established that the females are actually female, then we can chuckle at the mainstream/comic book appeal of such a movie. I don’t know if this movie has anything to do with mutant superheroines, but imagine the possibilities. Porn starlets with secret powers. Deep Throat woman who can single handedly swallow an entire gang of thugs. How about a heroine with boobs so big they can deflect bullets? Considering the three leads are Chloe, Jewel De’Nyle and Silvia Saint, I think it’s best that we watch the movie rather than have me guess what their special powers might be.
Or movie opens with an Ambassador, Silvia Saint, riding in her limo with galpal Shay Sweet. She is supposed to deliver an important address, but her limo is hijacked by an oddly dressed woman (Chloe) with the power to knock out the driver without ever laying a hand on him. One super villain is joined by another, (Evan Stone in full gladiator garb) and naturally they celebrate the kidnapping by fucking in the alley. Chloe would certainly qualify as a super cock sucker in anyone’s book. She handles Evan’s over sized rod as if it were nothing. Thankfully, this footage is not cut short and we get plenty of her hot blowjob. Throwing her up onto the hood of the car, Evan slips his prick right into Chloe, making her squeal and clutch at the car desperately. He gives us some good footage with her legs held in the air before rolling Chloe over and going in through the back door. Few women in the history of porn get off on anal sex as much as Chloe and this is a perfect pairing. Evan’s big cock wrecks her tight ass until he pulls out and shoots all over her tits.
Across town, police detective Kyle Stone is not happy to hear DA Renee LaRue suggest the use of super heroes to fight this new crime wave. He is downright insistent until she makes him an offer he can’t refuse. A quick call to the X Girls, and they are on the case. Angelica Sinn, Gina Ryder and Bridgette Kerkove are the mutated ladies who don wonderfully skimpy suits. With them on the case, Renee and Kyle have time to get busy in his office. She played the buttoned up DA pretty well, but under that suit is a body made for sin. After letting him lick her for a while, Renee turns on the charm, wrapping those full lips around his cock and sucking him deep. It doesn’t all fit in her throat, but she does her best and has him on the edge from the start. Stripped down to her hose, the DA sits in his lap and starts riding. I don’t know if these two have hooked up before, but they sure fuck like a couple of people who have being for a shot at each other. He pulls out and shoots all over her belly, sending the pretty lawyer home as well fucked as her profession has left the rest of us for years.
The X Girls quickly figure out that only one person could be behind the super villains and set out to destroy him. At his lab, we see the mad scientist, Mike Horner, complete his latest creation. Covered head to toe in silver body make up, Jewel De’Nyle still looks like a comic book jerk off fantasy. I don�t know what special powers she has, but she sure looks good with her mouth around a dick. (Besides, with a sexual on/off switch and an all access body, why not just make her a pleasure-bot?) Her pussy requires a little finger action to get it flowing, but in typical Jewel fashion, she is screaming and ready in no time. He fucks her for a while, though we never do a see a pop shot. If this is the extent of Jewel’s sexual performance, then it will be a big disappointment.
While the X Girls race to the rescue and Horner’s troops prepare to defend their fortress, the prisoners get a big frisky. Silvia and Shay share some intimate moments in the dungeon. Both women look fantastic in this scene and it’s really a shame that they are wasted in a veggie scene. Shay really gets down and goes after Silvia’s sweet slit, licking and sucking at her clit while fingering that dripping slit. The best footage comes later when they share opposite ends of a double dong. Those two sweet asses bumping into each other is hot and I only wish there had been someone in there to fuck them properly.
When they arrive at the compound, the X Girls use their powers to get in deeper. Gina Ryder faces off with Evan Stone and quickly uses her powers to convince him that all he really wants to do is be good and fuck her silly. Before he gets to do that, she rides his face and gets full use of her new best friend. I guess she figures she has time to enjoy the taste of that big cock. One of them apparently brought condoms to the battle because his cock is covered in rubber as she starts bouncing up and down on his fuck stick. It’s pretty clear why she wanted to turn him good rather than just mind fuck him into a limp little pool of drooling nothingness. Gina wants that big cock and takes it from behind. By the time he explodes on her ass, you have to wonder why the evil genius made his bad guys such easy marks.
Inside, the good and evil forces stage a few battles that are surprisingly not very well done. After all the effort with the costumes, why not play a bit with the fight scenes? They save the ambassador and finish off the last mutant. Angelica Sinn and Bridgette Kerkove hook up to take care of Rich Handsome who has so much fake hair as part of his make up, I almost mistook him for Ron Jeremy. They make him part of the team, taking advantage of his animal side when they ride his face. Angelica also gets her fill of his cock, using her skilled mouth to work him to full mast in no time. Bridgette and Angelica enjoy each other’s super pumped racks before turning their attention back to dog-boy. Kerkove slides over into piledriver where her experienced ass comes into play. He drills that dirt road while she nearly fists her pussy. Not to be outdone, Angelica also flips upside down to get sodomized. (Her tits are so big, they nearly knock her out in this position.) Nice anal here, with the costumes in place, playing into the whole comic book fetish while giving great stroke material. He showers them with cum, closing out the movie and proving that being on the side of good has its perks.
Not a bad effort from Adam & Eve on this comic book adventure. My biggest disappointment was the that the three girls on the cover, Chloe, Jewel and Silvia don’t play the lead and are relegated to back seat roles. Silvia only doing Shay is almost criminal. The costumes are pretty cool, and I know that there are a lot of people looking for heroine costumes in hard core movies. As such, making this a series would probably be a decent idea. There isn’t much of a story here, but with all these characters, there isn’t much time for one. Besides, if you’re looking for comic book porn stuff, who needs a big plot? Sexually, Chloe and Gina carry the water here, though Renee also turns in a fine scene and the final anal romp isn’t bad either. Not a bad effort, but I’d like to see another one of these with a bit more care taken to make sure the sex is even hotter.

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