Sluts Of The Nyle 3






100 Mins

Jill Kelly Productions

DIRECTOR: Jewel De’Nyle

THEMES: Cream Pies

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Haven, Jewel De’Nyle, Angelica Sinn, Jill Kelly, Chennin Blanc, Julian, Joel Lawrence, Mark Wood, Cheyne Collins, Rich Handsome, Dale DeBone


When Jill Kelly made the leap from porn star to owner of her own company, a lot of people chimed in on how successful she would or wouldn’t be. In a relatively short time, she has proven that she has what it takes to get a company going. With the help of the established contract stars as well as a mix of new talent, JKP has managed to impress me. Most of you already know that Jill was never my personal favorite on screen, so perhaps my kudos for her success as a businesswoman will mean just a little more. After all, no one is going to accuse me of being just another JK fan. One of the first moves Jill made was to put another popular starlet, Jewel De’Nyle behind the camera for her own series. Though she has since moved on, Jewel has released some impressive titles for JKP, this may well be another. What makes this one a little different from the others is that it focuses on internal cumshots, also known as cream pies.

Jill opens up this volume by talking to the camera. Basically she is telling us what a big slut she is and how badly she wants to be filled with hot cum. Eventually Julian comes in to give her what she craves the most. From her knees, Jill does her best to get him up and ready for the semen pumping to come. She gives a wet, loud blowjob that is happily returned when Julian licks her tight box. With the preliminaries out of the way, Julian bends her over and starts fucking the living shit out of his blonde girlfriend. Nice close ups when she’s riding, showing that his big cock stretches her pussy with every stroke. Jill knows how to squat fuck and really makes Julian’s dick glisten during her long ride. Eventually, he explode inside of her slit and we watch as it dribbles out around his shaft. Jill licks some of it off his cock, but the camera cuts away from this action fairly quickly.

Jewel also starts out with some dirty talk. She is going to take on two studs which should make her even more full of hot cream. Mark Wood comes in first, taking her mouth, while Joel Lawrence sneaks up from behind. She has her mouth full of dick while Joel inspects her pussy. (It’s a good thing he did this before the scene, or he’d get splashed with mixed seed.) Up on her knees, Jewel is an inviting target for a little two end action. Jewel always manages to give head like she’s in love with the dick and that makes for some very hot oral footage. The guys tag team her moth and pussy, fucking both of them with equal vigor. When Jewel mounts Joel, Mark gets a final bit of oral before moving in to fill her round ass with cock. After they both shoot into her, she reaches around, gets some on her fingers and licks it off.

Chennin Blank strips down to her bra and panties, showing off the goods before Cheyne comes in to stuff her muffin. First he gets it nice and wet with his mouth, sucking on her prominent pussy lips until the seems ready to burst. Knowing that one good turn deserves an another, Chennin gets his fuckstick all wet with her spit, stroking and sucking until he’s ready to pop. Nice eye contact and fairly deep action from this nasty blonde. For the fucking, she starts off in reverse cowgirl with the camera moving in for some very tight shots. Since the object is getting that pussy full of cum, Chennin leans back and lets Cheyne do what he wants to her waiting hole. When he finally dumps his nut into her, she spreads her legs, wipes it up with her hand and licks it clean.

Angelica Sinn strolls up in her pink bikini and high heels. Rich Handsome grabs a handful of those big hooters and goes to town. Like the other scenes, this one starts with a lot of pussy licking and sucking then moves on to cock sucking. Angelica is a tit lover’s dream, but she can also handle a dick with her lips pretty well. After she makes his dick dance between her lips, the top heavy brunette bends over and let’s the guy slam into her exposed pussy. Her fingers find their way to her ass, paving the way for a little back door action as well. Her butthole gapes almost from the start, giving him an awfully big target, but to make him cum, she squat fucks the load right out of him dick. Again, we get the finger licking good ending.

Jewel is back, this time teaming with super hot Haven to give Dale DeBone a real treat. They shove him onto the couch and peel his shorts off. That gives both women access to his cock and they pass it back and forth in a great double blowjob scene. Haven hasn’t done a lot of boy/girl work but she clearly knows how to suck cock on camera, giving us nice eye contact and showing just how pretty her face is stuffed with hard dick. While Jewel rides a dick, Haven matches the action using a big dildo on her own juicy puss. (Sweetie, you could have called me, I’d be happy to step in.) I guess sexually, this is all Jewel, because Dale pounds on her pussy like she stole money from him as Haven provides a willing mouth for nipples and raises the eye candy level a few notches.

I’m still not a fan of the whole cream pie genre, though this one did a lot less of the semen expelling close ups that usually make me want to gag. Other than the creamy finishes, the sex is pretty straight forward, well shot and hot. It was nice to see Haven get her pretty lips around a cock, though she’s a big tease in this movie. Jewel does the best work, really getting her holes worked. Jill and Julian show their usual heat and Angelica Sinn turns in a scene that is pretty fine as well. Very good picture quality and good sex make this a movie that works more often than not. Cream pie lovers finally have a really well shot movie. The rest of us can enjoy the sex.

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