Dr. Fellatio 5



126 Mins
Elegant Angel
STARS: JR Carrington, Kiki, Shay Sweet, Brooke Ashley, Camille, Briana Lee, Sparky, Lisa Duncan, Obsession, Starlight, Aleksandra, Emi, Amethyst, Jennifer Worthington, Randi Rage, Ember Haze
There are some extras here that are a little different. Someone had a lot of fun in Photoshop, creating some very freaky pictures. Best of all there is a Behind the Scenes at Elegant Angel featurette with the devirginization of one lucky porn fan. (Speaking of that, where is Alex Quinn? We are overdue for an interview.)
This is another release from the early days of the Dr. Fellatio line. I don’t know for sure if that means Rob Black directed this one, but it does have the little Ids before each girl that he failed to carry over with him to Extreme. The concept of an all oral video was still just beginning to grow on the consumer, so I suppose we hadn’t gotten around to asking for some help figuring out which chick from the long cast list we were watching. It’s a big help in this movie and others like it since there are often a lot of new faces.
Aleksandra leads off. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this looks like Alexandra Nice with dirty blonde hair and a tattoo on her chest. If I am right, then she has lost the tat, gained boobs and added a few pounds to her very thin frame. One thing that hasn’t changed is the ravenous way she attacks cock with her mouth. She’s right at home on her knees, and does her best to make this guy pop a big load. Thanks to a high eye contact, heavy hand action blowjob, that’s exactly what he does, all over her pretty, imported face.
Emi is pretty nice looking Asian babe with a great set of tits on her. Her scene isn’t as well lit as the first few, causing her flowing mane of dark hair to block out some of the action. More eye contact would have been nice, but she does a great job of sucking his balls while jerking off the shaft. When it comes time to push her guy over, Emi takes the head in her mouth and jerks him off with her thumb and forefinger. He finally shoots into her mouth and then Emi lets it dribble out so she can play with it.
Obsession has been around a few years now, but even her, she showed a natural ability to get down and dirty for the camera. Her eyes lock on the camera from the start and stay there as she crawls across the floor to a waiting cock. Using a lot of drool as always, she works on her guy slowly at first, teasing him before turning on the after burners and scorching her way to a big load on her full lips. This scene stands out because of the eye contact and the great post pop cum play from this nasty wench.
Lisa Duncan would later to known to us as Samantha Stylle. Though she’s got dirty blonde hair and a bit too much eye make up here, you can see why she caught Seymore’s eye and became a Tushy Girl. This young lady has gorgeous eyes, great screen presence and looks right at home with a dick in her mouth. Best of all, she has a big smile on her face the whole time. Her skills have improved over the years, but even as a rookie, Lisa was a hell of a fine cocksucker who takes it in the mouth quite nicely.
With the Jennifer Worthington scene, we start to see some pretty fucked up digital effects. This was a phase that the Dr. Fellatio movies when through and thankfully, it has been killed off. Part of the beauty of a blowjob movie is how simple it is. No need to get all slow motion on us. It gets worse in later scenes, but this is the first time it shows up. Beyond that little annoying bit, this scene is pretty forgettable.
Brooke Ashley is actually the girl I was looking forward to most in this movie. She stares right into the camera, giving one of her usual filthy blowjobs, complete with a tad too much drool. If you like girls with spit streamers from their lips to the cock, then you’re going to enjoy watching her play with her own drool. The digital effects don’t totally kill the head, but they as hell don’t help thing. Even with that in the way, this is a hot blowjob from a very nasty woman. She tilts her head slightly, taking the cum on her cheek, then pops his cock back in her mouth to suck out the final few drops.
JR Carrington starred in a gang bang movie with Brooke, so maybe this scene is her tryout for Black. This bubble boobed blonde strips off her top and gets to her knees where she does her best work. Her eye contact isn’t constant, but that’s because she is working very hard to get this guy off. Besides, the occasional shot of the top of a woman’s head adds a little bit of real life to the blowjob. Eventually, her spitting, stroking and sucking pays off. He shoots a load right into her mouth and se get to watch JR clean everything up with her tongue.
Shay Sweet is a very cute way to end a movie. (Though not actually the last scene, she is the last one worth watching.) She wraps her pretty lips around the head of a cock and jerks him off with her hands. That’s an effective technique, though the early part of this scene needs more eye contact. When she does finally stare into the camera the heat rises quickly. Still fresh faced and cute, Shay proves to be a great little cock sucker who looks wonderful dragging her tongue of the engorged head of a hard dick. After taking the facial, she puts her mouth back on to get the last few drops. What a sexy babe.
Amethyst, Briana Lee, Ember Haze, Sparky, Camille, Starlight, Randi Rage and Kiki also appear in this volume of Dr. F. There are some issues with the digital effects. I already mentioned what those issues are, so we can focus on the good. There are a few really good looking girls this time around and some hot facials. Not the best volume, but far from the worst, this should be enough to please oral fans.


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