Biff Malibu’s Anal Ski Vacation



91 Mins


DIRECTOR: Biff Malibu (Christopher Alexander)

THEMES: Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Monique, Sunset Thomas, Natasha, Celeste, Shawnee Cates, Rocco and Mark Davis


I’m willing to bet a few things on this one. I’m willing to bet that a whole lot of you didn’t know that before he revolutionized stroker porn, Christopher Alexander was a performer then director who went by the name of Bill Malibu. I’m also willing to bet that even some of you who knew that didn’t know that Anabolic made non wall-to-wall, nearly feature smut flicks. OK, I doubt this is going to look like a Michael Ninn or Paul Thomas feature, but it does begin with Biff and brand spanking new Mark Davis exchanging cheesy dialog on a beach. Once they have decided on a name for this movie, the fun begins and it’s time to just enjoy the view.

We open on a porn set with Davis boffing Shawnee Cates in front of a fake ski backdrop. She’s got black boots and a jacket to go along with her white mini-dress. Not great ski attire perhaps, but it makes it easy for him to get up under her dress and feats on her young slit. Shawnee was a pretty girl with a slightly Asian look and lovely long hair. Just when she gets going on his cock, Mark picks her up for some standing 69. A very athletic move to be certain, but it means we spend most of our time looking at the back of her head. It also makes it easy for him to keep her off the ground as she bounces in his arm, impaling her pussy with his big cock. He bends her over a jeep for a nicely shot doggy that transitions smoothly into anal in the same position. The pretty little cock hound handles his big dick quite well and holds her ass open a bit so he can pop on her toned cheeks.

We get a little gonzo type footage of the gang heading up into the mountains, but the next scene comes via a flashback. Biff relates a tale of how his buddy Woody too his girl Celeste to the mountains and they got nasty back at the lodge. The brunette who would later go on to be a big Vivid Girl and then leave in a big huff, was still between surgeries in this scene. Her boobs may have been done, but they are smaller than the final version and she still has her original, prominent nose. She strips down to just a torn pair of tight pants that could almost be tights. There is a big hole strategically placed so Woody can get licking around her bush. (You know Woody was Celeste’s SO at this time and also got to bang Sondra Scream off camera. Quite the lucky fucker he was.) Treating his dick like a big ice cream cone, Celeste licks up one side of his shaft and down the other. Once they are both good and juiced up, she mounts him for a ride. The pants have her ass sticking out and it’s clear that Woody liked girls with prominent rumps. (Sondra has a perfectly shaped, big ass.) When he slides out from under her, Woody moves around to the back to get a shot at that butt. You know, the more Celeste went under the knife, the less nasty she got. This is about as hot as ever was in her career. Very nice anal scene and a pop all over her (I believe) still natural rack.

Natasha is a chick who made her way around in the early nineties. She was never a star, but always turned in hot performances and pretty much did anything, anytime. In this movie she is paired with some guy I don’t recognize and the two can’t keep their hands off of each other as they make their way down the stairs. His mouth finds it way to her hot spots, really getting this pint sized super tramp revved up and ready to rock. When she is able to position the dude on his back, Natasha frees his cock and goes to work making his prick throb in her mouth. From high above them on the stairs, the camera is able to capture the action from a distance. On the other side of the steps, we get tight shots of her pussy gripping his cock and then later, her ass penetrated as well. Another big pop on her ass we’re off to the next scene.

Sunset Thomas and her husband Zach get close in front of the fire. With the flames flickering in the background, this really is a love scene. At least it looks like Zach is in love with Sunset’s perfect hooters and tasty tuna taco. Naturally, she is happy to return the favor, kneeling in front of Zach and doing her best to make every inch of dick disappear into her talented mouth. As always, Sunset uses great hand motion and eye contact as she milks his prick with her lips. The second Zach moves in and sticks his cock into her tight pussy, Sunset is bucking against him and making sweet little fuck noises. After the single position vag fuck, she goes to her hands and knees to take it up her tight Texas tushy. With great energy in this scene and Sunset looking so fucking good, it’s a shame that another load lands on her butt instead of painting that pretty face.

The final girl is Monique, a blonde I don’t recognize. She is paired up with Dick Nasty and Rocco. (I can see it now, ‘Monique, we have some good news for you and some bad news.’) Each guy takes a breast and starts playing with it until her nipples are nice and stiff. Then she gets down and blows Rocco, struggling to get his cock into her mouth. Dick does in a little easier, but by now, she is being worked over by the Italian stud at her other end. Very nice eye contact as she moves back and forth between guys, sucking them both a few times before finally getting fucked. The guys put her in doggy, making it easy to fuck her pussy and her mouth. Monique keeps giving great eye contact, even when Rocco has her flat on her back with her legs pushed way back against her chest. At long last Rocco sets her up and sticks his big cock up her ass. Great enthusiasm here as Monique is letting Dick fuck her face as Rocco stretches her sphincter. Dick wants some too and moves in to complete a DP by getting some of that ass for himself. He shoots his load all over her ass while Rocco lets her slid to the floor and take a stream of spooge on her face.

After seeing this feature, we can see why Chris Alexander never became the next Veronica Hart. Instead of making features, he went right after what he was good at and became one of the best stroke-film directors of all time. Don’t get me wrong, this movie isn’t supposed to be a big budget, plot driven move. If anything, it’s part of a wave of movies from the early to mid nineties that poked fun of all the pretenses that porn loved so much. The action is pretty good, though you can see how far Anabolic has come since this movie. There aren’t a lot of facials in this one, though the anal action is great and I’m sure some of the ladies will enjoy a shot at watching a young Rocco and a young Mark Davis fuck. (chicks, not each other.) Personally, I like watching Sunset and Shawnee as well as seeing just how nasty the pre-surgery Celeste could be.

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