Nice Girls Fuck Too


80 Mins
Plum Productions
DIRECTOR: Stephan Rossini
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Toys
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Kaylynn, Jade Marxx, Shelbee Myne, Miko Lee, Paige Sinclair
I’m a sucker for clever porn titles and luckily, I’m also easily amused. For some reason, Nice Girls Fuck Too just makes me laugh. That alone wouldn’t have put this disc into my player, but seeing Kaylynn, Paige and Miko on the cover made it an instant top shelf-er. Since I’ve only met one of these ladies, I can’t say how nice they are, but I can say that the three I just mentioned are super hot and they sure are nice to see naked. How’s that for good enough reason to continue?
Miko starts off talking on the phone to one of her friends. She is playing with her pussy and talking about how she wants to fuck a black guy. In walks Julian St. Jox, who just happened to be passing by. To the surprise of no one, he is more than happy to make her first time happen right on the spot. Fishing his cock out of his shorts, Miko makes sure the Julian rises to the occasion in her eager little mouth. After commenting on how big he is, she easily makes her way to the base of his cock, fucking the back of her throat while fingering her sweet treasure trove. Even though she’s already dripping by the time he gets to her pussy, Julian spends a lot of time licking and fingering Miko, getting her all ready for easy insertion. Her firm thighs spread wide, Miko gets loud as she urges Julian to fuck her harder and faster. When they change positions so she can ride his rod, we get a tight shot of her lips gripping his shaft, milking him as she reaches back to rub her exposed rosebud. That ass gets blasted as well, in doggy so that Miko can arch her back and take every inch of black cock in her tight back door. He spins around and sprays her face and tits and we all watch as she stares up into the camera, licking the last drops of cum from his prick. Another hot scene from this born to fuck little sex pot.
Kaylynn really does look like a nice girl, I’m just glad she doesn’t mind fucking like a bad one. Erik Everhard is the lucky guy who just gets to sit back and let this super cute little brunette work her mouth magic. His dick looks as big around as her forearm, but Kaylynn handles it like a champ, fucking her cheek with the tip of his prick. He is more than happy to return the favor after that stellar head, but if you ask me, tasting that pretty muffin would be a treat as well. We are treated to more great head before the fucking starts. If watching her go nuts on his cock doesn’t get you hard, then you really need to check your pulse, this babe just smokes. If she showed great energy during the oral, then she manages to at least double that when he stands her up and fucks her from behind. Even when she’s on top Everhard makes sure to do most of the work, letting Kaylynn balance her body weight on his while her visibly snug party portal grips his prick. Kaylynn reminds me a lot of Monique DeMoan, even showing the great energy that made me fall in lust with Monique so quickly. As his cock starts to explode, she slips off the bed and takes a great facial, licking up every last drop. As much as I loved the opening scene, this one edges it out by a hair.
When I saw that Shelbee Myne was in this movie, I was hoping that she would be the one in the veggie scene, leaving the three chicks I like to do better stuff. She and Jade Marxx come into the room, drop their bikinis and start working on each other. Jade isn’t bad looking, but Shelbee is in her silly braids phase making me more than happy to scan through the well shot though sexually vacant finger and toy play. I am going to give this movie high marks for throwing the two least appealing women into the one scene that I’m happy to skip. (To be fair, some of you may really enjoy watching Shelbee fuck Jade with a dildo while licking her asshole, but as they say, different strokes.)
Finally we get to Paige Sinclair and this should be good. The innocent looking brunette with the very hot short do is teamed up with Lee Stone and his foot long pussy pounder. He carries her to an outdoor couch and plants a big sloppy kiss on mouth. Every stitch of clothing comes off except for her shoes so that Lee can get at that young snatch. Just when it looks like she’s ready to lie back and let him suck her clit until she passes out, Paige gets up and finds his cock nearly hard already. When I interviewed this girl, she bragged about her oral skills and watching her take that monster in her mouth, I am inclined to believe she wasn’t blowing smoke. Since it won’t all fit down her throat, Paige makes up for it by really working her hands and mouth on the shaft, while cupping his balls. Great eye contact only makes this hotter to watch. Facing the camera, she lowers her body into his lap, filling that nearly shaved beaver with enough cock to split the average nice girl in half. With those long legs and pert, real tits, she looks great in the modified reverse cowgirl with her feet up on his thighs. Lee seems to really enjoy her pussy, slamming into it hard while boning Paige from behind. Our view is better as they spoon, but gets better still when she gets down on the ground to take his load on her outstretched tongue. With her mouth full of cum and her lips wrapped around his head, he gives a look into the camera that is simply porn perfection.
When you have a movie with four scene in it and three of them are very, very stroke worthy, then you have an outstanding smut flick. That’s exactly what we have with this movie. The only time I wanted to hit the fast forward button was during the lesbian scene and since it starred to two least attractive chicks in the cast, that was perfect. Miko starts things off with an interracial anal scene that is quite good and would have been a very nice high point had later scenes not been even better. Kaylynn turns in one of her better scenes, giving an especially hot blowjob. After the girl on girl action, Paige closes the movie out with a super strong scene, taking on a huge cock and still managing to look like a good girl. (A slutty girl, but good nonetheless.)

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