Ass Fucked 3

240 Mins


DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Kaitlyn Ashley, Alex Sanders, Harness Hanna, Kim Kummings, Byron Long, Eden, Jamie Lee, Ron Jeremy, Rod Fontana, Dave Hardman


When it comes to compilation movies on DVD, I think that some companies feel quantity overtakes quality. If they give us four hours on a disc, then it really shouldn’t matter if there are three hours of crap. While I don’t subscribe to this point of view, I do know that many porn fans are willing to forgive a few clunkers, if they can wade through a whole bunch of scenes, picking out the stuff they like best. In the case of the Legend Ass Fuckers DVDs, I think there is a good chance we may get both quantity and at least some quality scenes as well. (And I don’t just say that because the first scene on the disc is with Kaitlyn Ashley.) Certainly, the Legend library is filled with some memorable anal scenes. Hopefully more than a few will end up on this disc.

As I said, the first scene stars Kaitlyn as a young woman who is so relieved to find out that her tests are negative, (For what, we have no idea) that she hops right onto the desk with her doctor, Alex Sanders. They do a lot of kissing at the start of this scene, with Alex removing her clothing one piece at a time and really taking his time sucking on her big tits. When she can stand it no more, Kaitlyn pushes him back onto the desk and latches her lips around his cock. As always, Ms. Ashley delivers a fantastic blowjob, working every inch of his cock and balls and flashing a lot of eye contact along the way. Before he fucks her, Alex works his tongue on her meaty pussy lips, getting everything nice and wet for initial entry. From there it’s easy to slide her to the edge of the desk and start pumping. With lots of verbal encouragement from Kaitlyn, he slam fucks her, lifting her legs onto his shoulders for added depth. She looks great bent over the desk as well, showing off her nicely rounded ass and toned legs. Naturally, he slips his dick for a quick round of anal that ends with a shot across her stretched anus and crack.

There is a super long three way lesbian scene between a couple of chicks I recognize but don’t recall by name and one who I believe is Angela D’Angelo. (and by long, I mean better than hour’s worth of strap on sex, double dildos and anal in the hayloft.) I think that the big titted blonde in the mix is Kiss.

Zach Thomas lays some serious wood a shapely little blonde in a bathroom. I can’t remember this girl’s name, but I think she is one they called Eden in the last scene. The scene is fairly routine, though she does give some pretty good head and has very strong legs that are shown off nicely when she’s getting it up the ass.

The next scene starts with a serious of super tight close ups as Dave Hardman plows a soft amateur looking brunette in the ass. A cheesy porn version of “Up Where We Belong” plays in the background as this chick drops her ample ass into his lap. Things end moments later when he pops on her face. Jamie Lee follows that up by taking on a room full of guys. If you find her less repulsive than I do, you might just dig the scene.

Rod Fontana is surprised in the shower by his young blonde tenant, and naturally he shows her all about how to suck cock, fuck like a pro and even take it in the ass. Her shy girl virgin act is pretty sexy and Rod is low key enough not to be overly annoying in this scene. Nothing beyond this scene really stands out. There are a couple of other ass fucks, but basically, once you get past the Kaitlyn scene, it’s a crap shoot. If you like the girls, great. If not, jerk off twice to Kaitlyn and go to sleep.

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