Dangerous Tides




95 Mins
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Bikini Girls
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Melissa Hill, Missy, Nici Sterling, Ruby, Alexandra Silk, Yvonne, Charlie, Angelica Sin, Barroca, Antonia, Brad Armstrong, Wilde Oscar, Mike Horner, Vince Vouyer, Mickey G, Eric Price
You look at the cover of this DVD and you might mistake it for a mainstream B title. We?ve got the requisite bikini clad blonde (Jenna Jameson) and she?s holding a gun. We?ve got the front of a very big yacht coming into the picture and we even have the sun setting behind some clouds. Let?s just hope director Brad Armstrong had the wisdom to see that we?re not looking for bad B movie dialog (A redundancy if ever there was one.) or even fancy shoot outs. We want to see his cast, Jenna and Nici especially, naked, sucking cock and getting the living shit fucked out of every opening they?ve got. Along the way, if there is something worthwhile to catch our eye, all the better. In the end, even if Armstrong loads it up with story, this can?t be any worse than the shitty B movies on late night pay channels. Hey wait, didn?t we already see Jenna in a boat movie when she did Conquest?
The boat in question is home to a ten day cruise to Mexico and is packed with hot and horny swingers just dying to get at each other. Ruby and Steve Drake make their own porn movies and that interests Yvonne and Eric a great deal. Yvonne takes the camera and tapes as her man finds his way into Ruby?s tiny bikini. When Drake takes the camera, his new blonde friend starts deep throating his prick while Ruby is doing her best to swallow Price as well. This is a pretty well shot double sex scene with a gorgeous backdrop and a couple of very hot women getting busy. Price pops on Ruby?s ass, but the sexual highlight comes when Drake douses his wife?s pussy in cum and watches Yvonne lick up every drop.
After a nice looking dance scene on the deck, complete with Mariachi band playing, Vince Vouyer invites Jenna and Melissa Hill to meet the captain. Melissa is asleep, but Jenna gladly agrees. Captain Mike Horner gets one look at Jenna in her tiny pink bikini and is all over her. Saved when he gets called to the engine room, the busty blonde is much happier about being alone with Vince. I just love watching chicks in bikinis sucking dick. Blame it on my summers in SoCal, but it just always gets me going. Of course it helps that Jenna has always been known for her great on screen blowjobs. She sucks Vince until he?s throbbing and wet enough to poke her anywhere. He throws her up onto the console and starts fucking her pussy hard. Still, the best footage comes when she?s bouncing on his lap. Jenna shows great energy and a body built for sex. To close it out, Vince fires a hot rocket of liquid lust at her face. Jenna doesn?t flinch at all, taking it on her tongue and chin. Negative points to Armstrong for cutting away as Jenna starts to clean the cum from his cock. Let it linger man, what?s the hurry?
Wilde Oscar is a very lucky man. His business has had a very successful year and to celebrate, he?s on the boat with two of his employees, Nici Sterling and Alexandra Silk. They share a drink then get it on right at the bar. Nici spreads her thighs on the bar while Alex does her best work from her knees. After a wonderful two girl blowjob, he gets Nici wax his cock with her warm pussy. Normally, you wouldn?t want to take your dick from a pussy this hot, but Alex is looking good and in need of a stiff one in her snug little pleasure pouch as well. Besides, Nici?s mouth is still right in there getting a taste of his cock whenever enough of it is out of Alex. Once their mouths and pussies have been taken care of, Wilde pounds both asses, enjoying the tight fit and finally dropping his load on Alexandra?s butt.
All seems wonderful for the passengers of the ship, when a mysterious distress signal comes in. A boat is taking on water and needs immediate assistance. They help the boat, taking on some new passengers. Once the rescue is completed, the fun continues. This time, it?s a seven girl orgy on the deck of the pleasure cruise. Jenna is in the mix along with Charlie and five other babes. I would say that we seem to have crossed over into a Jim Holliday flick, but I don?t see Felecia?s tired ass anywhere in this collection of naked chick flesh. It?s a good thing someone thought to pack a lot of toys because there is a whole lot of pussy that has to get stuffed before this group is done.
While the girls please each other, the new passengers have revealed their true nature. They are terrorists who want to take the ship by force. Faced with danger, Jenna turns on her charm to try and get them out of the mess. One of the terrorists, Mickey G, takes her downstairs and takes advantage. Jenna has on some jeans in this scene that really look good on her. When her top comes off, she leaves them on to deliver one of her famous blowjobs. I don?t know about Mickey, but Jenna, half naked and sucking my cock would push me over. (Don?t believe me? Jenna, let?s prove me right.) He slips her jeans and thong off and fingers her from behind for a long time before finally standing behind her on the stairs and pumping that pretty little pussy. They use the stairs strategically until Mickey blows a load all over Jenna?s flat belly and inflated hooters. Naturally, she sucks every drop from his cock, wearing him out enough to nab his gun while he?s recovering.
Jenna?s good work nearly gets them out of trouble, but Melissa Hill still has a job to do. She gets close to the head terrorist, Brad Armstrong and offers her body to him if he?ll just take what he came for (Plot point I?m not giving away) and let everyone else go. Not one to pass up an offer like this, Brad licks Melissa?s asshole for a while. She gets down on her knees and literally sucks his cock like her life depends on it. Right in the middle of this great looking suck off, Missy enters the room and wants a piece of the action. The blonde may be with the bad guys, but she is still a super fine looking cock sucker with a tight body and a juicy little slit. Both of the se women are known for their high energy performances and they live up to that billing here. Before Mickey is done fucking the shit out of Missy?s ass, Melissa is sweating and waiting for a taste of the load Brad leaves all over the blonde?s ass and back.
There is an end to this little story, but I?m not going to give it away for those of you who care. This is a pretty decent little feature with better locations than dialog, but some decent sex to go along with the pretty surroundings. Jenna is the star and she does the best scenes, though the three way with Nici is pretty hot as well. Melissa Hill is hot and nasty as always, but could have used more exposure. Great for Jenna fans or for guys who want to sail away on a porn pleasure cruise.


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