Shane’s World 21



84 Mins



THEMES: Outdoor Sex




STARS: Bobbie, Halli, Dayton, Jane, Vince, Billy, Ian


There is a very cool menu on this disc and that has to get some bonus points. The extra material is also very cool. There is footage of Billy and Olivia from They do a long interview then the busty blonde devours his cock. After she gives it a rigorous tit fuck, Olivia points his spurting cock at her face and wears the big messy load. The Cast feature gives you a nice group photo, some basic bio information and has a hot click taking you to a scene with that performer. Also, you won’t want to miss the bonus scene between Bobbie and Billy. The pretty girl does some ass licking and gets the fucking of her life. Personally, I think this scene should have made the final cut. All in all, a very solid batch of extras.


For the past several years, fans of fun, gonzo porn have been enjoying the Shane’s World videos. Combining real, raw sex with plenty of behind the scenes porn star party footage, the SW movies have found a delicate balance between hard-core stroke action and couples friendly, Gen X smut. Finally, the DVD world is getting to see this line make a splash on the new format. There are some very nice DVD features and an excellent transfer to go along with a movie jam packed with fresh faced cuties and true gonzo sensibilities. Those of you who have never come along for an SW adventure, sit back and enjoy. The rest of us know what to expect, but can still be glad to finally see these movies on DVD.

The gang heads out into the desert were they have a nice little party house all set up for a weekend of rock climbing and cock sucking. Apparently the ride made Bobbie (Now Vivid Girl Cassidy) very horny. She strips down and is all over Vince Vouyer like Ron Jeremy in a buffet line. After some arm twisting he finally gives in and sticks his fingers in her ass. Jane joins them outside and now she’s the one riding cock. It’s always nice to have an extra pair of hands when you’re fucking a young hottie. Vince drops the hammer on both of them, using the picnic table in ways it was never intended to be used. He pulls out and whips off his condom just in time to blast Jane on the belly.

That night, they all sit around, drinking beer, chatting and of course, spanking the naked asses of the hot girls. Dayton and Ian retire to the bedroom so she can swallow his cock. She starts out a little slowly, but once his dick is hard, Dayton is happy to take everything he’s got. Great looking doggy footage, but I like Dayton on her back with her legs pushed back as far as they go. The cute little blonde even likes to be choked a little and takes a nice load on her smiling mouth.

After watching Bobbie pee on the fire, we get to see her massaging Halli’s awesome tits. It doesn’t turn into a full blown veggie scene just yet, but I have a feeling they aren’t done with each other just yet. Everyone turns in to get some rest before hitting the rocks the next day. While most of the gang is trying their luck on the rocks, Jane takes Ian aside for a quick, enthusiastic blowjob. He shoots his load all over her titties then joins the group.

Jane is still busy sucking dick, this time working Billy Glide to full, throbbing attention. His prick is huge in her tiny hands, but even bigger in her tight little pussy. That doesn’t slow her down one bit though, even when Billy’s dropping his full weight down on her tiny frame. He stands over her and unloads his cock all over her body.

At last it’s time for the climbing. If you like reality TV at all, or just always wanted to see porn performers doing regular stuff, here is your chance. Personally, I’m more interested in what they do back home, but that’s just me. Speaking of action back home. Dayton and Halli start getting really friendly. As hot as Halli is, Dayton needs some real cock to make her feel whole. Ian is on hand to give the blonde a mouth and then a pussy full of dick as she keeps her mouth busy between Halli’s thighs. I only wish Halli weren’t doing veggie only stuff because she really does look spectacular. Dayton isn’t too bad herself, taking cock in snug little pleasure slit. Halli helps out, using a toy on the blonde’s ass and preparing her to be a sexy little cum target.

The only way to finish off a weekend like this is for the babes to put on a little sex show. Bobbie is the star and of course, she’s looking spectacular as Vince slides up between those sweet thighs, Now that she’s become a big star, it’s nice to see this babe in a raw, real scene. Vince certainly enjoys banging her then painting her with his jizz.

This a pretty good looking disc, with an attractive class and good action. I wish Halli were doing more than just girls, but I guess we can’t have everything. Bobbi really shines, showing the kind of great looks that have made her quite popular. As always, there is a lot of fun mixed in with the sex, making this a light, couples friendly stroke flick.

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