Sex Across America- 1st Stop Las Vegas






112 Mins

DIRECTOR: Luc Wylder

Adam & Eve



THEMES: Couples Gonzo

STARS: Alexandra Silk, Heaven Leigh, Anastasia Blue, Scarlet Begonia, Mojo, Monica, Gauge, Dale DeBone, Billy Glide, Blake Leigh, Christopher Streams, Frankie, Luc Wylder


Anyone who has ever met Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk knows that they know how to have a good time. In fact, anyone who has ever seen Alex in her sex scenes knows that she is a good time just waiting to happen. The folks at Adam & Eve figured this out and sent Luc and Alex on a trip across the good old US of A. From the looks of the cast, I would say they had one hell of a time with some of the nation’s top poon. Heaven Leigh, Anastasia Blue, Gauge and several others show off their skills to the adventurous twosome.

On the road, the fun begins quickly. With Gauge, Mojo and Billy Glide in the back of the motor home, Alex decides to get silly. She and Gauge flash and moon a truck driver behind them. When everyone settles down a bit, Mojo and Gauge take it up a notch. The naturally breasted girl is quite a cock sucker and knows how to handle his big knob. Up front, Alex is naked on the dash of the moving party house, showing off her pussy to the guys in the front. Since it looks so good, the dude I the front seat gives it a taste, but has even better things in store for later. With all this fun going on up front, we’ve sort of lost track of what Gauge is doing in the back. Fear not, her man has her grinding those little hips on his cock, showing what a great piece of porn fluff she is. Alex has found that while she sucks one guy’s cock, Luc can finger her pussy while he drives. (Careful, with all the anti-cell phone sentiment out there, this might be in the cross hairs next.) The action is hot in the back, but what’s up with Mojo? Is that ringworm on his arm? (And I swear, he looks like Alex Sanders after a sixteen day crack binge.) The best thing about Gauge, other than her perfect tits, is her flexibility. I with the action weren’t split up, but both scenes are fun to watch. Mojo pulls out and shoots his load all over her tits. The action up front has gotten so intense that they had to pull the RV over and let Alex get fucked right on the dashboard. After a long, intense boning, she takes a load on the face, showing that she can take everything a young porn stud has to over and still come out on top.

The group finally hits Vegas. They all get dressed up, pile into a limo, let the champagne flow and let things happen naturally. It’s not too long before Alexandra ad Anastasia Blue find the big cock that Billy Glide has hidden in his trousers. They pass his cock back and forth, each woman sucking in her own special way. Since they are in the back of a moving limo, the lighting isn’t perfect, but that’s what you get when you shoot something this raw. (And frankly, I like it.) They both jerk him off at the same time, licking his load from Anastasia’s fingers.

Since they’re in Vegas, the whole crew heads out to Heaven Leigh’s place and a full blown orgy erupts. To get the party started, Heaven looking fantastic, shows some great deep sucking skills on a very lucky cock. Speaking of great oral. Anastasia is doing her best to poke a hole in the back of her head with the dick she’s working. Alex takes things slow, teasing the head, then sliding down the shaft to tickle the balls with the tip of her tongue. With Gauge also sucking cock, we have a whole room full of women who know how to orally please a man. The only question I have is how does one get invited to this little party? (And which girl would choose first?) When the fucking begins, each couple looks like they are trying to outdo the others. For pure energy, it’s hard to beat little Anastasia bouncing on a cock like it’s one of those old Hippity Hop ride on toys. Gauge is busy showing off her extreme flexibility. Heaven takes the first load, mostly on her tits before she sucks the final drops. Alex works hard to stoke a load from Mr. Leigh’s cock and dutifully cleans up the spilled jizz. Gauge’s world class tits get a thorough glaze job and Anastasia closes out the action by taking a load on her tongue.

Always looking for fun, Alexandra calls for some in-room entertainer. A very exotic young stripper named Monica shows up and doesn’t seem to mind being filmed. I don’t know how may people get women this hot from these services, but Monica is pretty with a great body and some nice dance moves. After some high contact dancing, Alex helps her with a dildo show, holding the toy in her mouth while Monica grinds on it.

After another hard day, Blake Leigh relaxes on the couch with Anastasia Blue. She starts out with a little foot rub, but quickly makes it sexual by letting him molest her young titties with his toes. Any scene with this little blonde prick cushion isn’t going to stay foot oriented for very long. As soon as she gets her eyes on his cock, it becomes her main mission in life to make it all disappear. That she makes short work of it is no shock, but he should get credit for not blowing a load all over her eager face. Instead, he slips his cock into her shaved little box. With a big smile on her face, she pulls her feet back as far as she can and provides easy access to his invading rod. Anastasia is an all-access slut and happily takes his dick right up her butt. Great energy here, but when he pulls out and shoots on her ass, the camera really isn’t in the right position to capture it all. Oh well, small problem in an otherwise blistering pairing.

Luc and Alexandra are perfect hosts for this cross country sex adventure. They have great on screen presence and Alex always manages to mix class with hot sex. Of course, bringing Gauge along for the ride was a pretty good idea. This little backwoods princess just drips sex. Speaking of dripping, Anastasia Blue is the queen of the slobber job. Her oral skills are on display in this movie and she proves to be an outstanding little fuck once again. Heaven Leigh gives a rare performance as well, reminding us all just how hot a nasty redhead can be. This is good gonzo sex that isn’t going to scare women away, but won’t put guys to sleep either.

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