82 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Romance, Outdoor Sex
STARS: Stephanie Swift, Tera Patrick, Coral Sands, Alexa Rae, Mickey G, Tony Tedeschi, Alec Metro, Herschel Savage, Erik Everhard
Brad Armstrong has been expanding his repertoire of late. For a long time, he specialized in shooting MTV type porn. He?s shown what he can do with high budget costume dramas like ?Flashpoint? and big money fantasy flicks like ?Dreamquest.? What he?s got for us here is a scripted drama, driven by characters and designed to make us want to feel for some of these people in between scenes in which they fuck each other mad. He doesn?t have Jenna for this movie, but does have Wicked Girl Stephanie Swift and porn ultra babe Tera Patrick, What will happen when a stranger blows into a small town? Will the frustrated young woman stay with her insensitive husband or ride off into the sunset? Who cares, as long as Steph and Tera get naked.
Erik Everhard and Stephanie Swift are at the end of a long dark road and are about to share something very special. They head into the barn to lose their cherries. Stephanie looks great and Erik takes his time undressing her, eventually finding his way between her legs to get her to used to some fingers before the big moment. In turn she works as much spit onto his cock as she can. Stephanie sure doesn?t give head like a first timers. (Maybe that?s how she kept her virginity so long.) When she crawls on top of him, they actually kiss for a while she rides his dick. We get a great view of her cute little but before Erik rolls her over and really starts working on that freshly popped pussy. After a two position fuck, we have an unseen internal cumshot. After sex, Stephanie is sad because Erik is leaving the next day for college. Naturally they express their undying love for each other.
Across town, Coral Sands closes down the diner where she works. Herschel Savage is the chef and probably her boss, but in small town America, where the Gloria Alreds of the world haven?t infected the culture, sex in the workplace is still possible. He peels her out of her uniform and works her over with his hands, starting with her tits and finishing with a finger fuck that really has her in the mood. For a one time veggie girl, Coral really gives great on screen head. She looks great with a dick in her mouth and sucks with energy and genuine enthusiasm. The blowjob is too short, but Herschel wants to bend his waitress over and fuck her properly. (Anyone wonder if small town waitresses are likely to have both implants and pierced pussies?) Their fuck is even shorter with Savage losing his load on Coral?s face and the brunette rubbing it all over her lips with the tip of his cock.
In yet another part of town, bad boy Alec Metro breezes into the trailer home of a naked Tera Patrick. With her mom off at work, Alec is ready for some morning delight. Before she?s even had her morning coffee, Tera has a mouth full of dick. Watching her devour dick makes you wonder how she didn?t end up on Wicked?s roster before inking her deal with Digital Playground. (Someone dropped the ball big time.) She mounts him, tits up and grinds her hips to meet his strokes. Letting her rest, Alec moves in behind for some spooning that gives us great close ups and the sort of longer shots that make leg lovers fall deeper in lust with Tera with every stroke. Her pretty face is the perfect place to put a load of cum and thankfully that just what Metro does, waking his girlfriend up with the taste of his spunk.
There is some tension between Alec and Tera over her making eyes at the gas station attendant, Mickey G. His station is the crossroads for the story as Stephanie and Erik drive to fill up. They have problems of their because she?s knocked up. I?m guessing that the station is where Tony Tedeschi?s car is being fixed. He?s brooding in the diner about being stuck in the town for a week. Lucky for him, the handsome stranger routine is working on Coral. She doesn?t swoon into his arms right away, but you can see her resolve crumbling. They slip out the back of the diner and fuck right up against his car. Coral adds a little bit of wild desperation to her performance here, which actually fits with the story. After getting her panties off, Tony tosses her up on the car and licks her pussy. They get into his convertible here Coral shows what small town girls can do in the front seat of a car. Great two fisted blowjob action here ad she works the fat head to the back of her mouth. They are both good and ready for a hard fuck over the seat. I?m not sure why Armstrong chooses now to mix some slow motion into the sex scene. This one is supposed to raw and passionate so just let the footage roll. Foul mouthed Coral keeps up the dirty talk as Tony bangs her for all he?s worth. As a reward he gets to shoot his load all over her face and wide open mouth. They finish up just in time to avoid the angry Herschel has he comes storming out the back with a baseball bat. Tony speeds off, leaving Coral in the parking lot.
Erik?s father is not very supportive of his relationship. He demands that his son go away to school and play football. Lucky for Steph he?s a more honorable guy than Alec. When Tera is watching, he?s off in his car making out with Alexa Rae. (Wait, you?re going to cheat on Tera with that?) They find a quiet spot on the road to park and get busy with the top down. Alexa strips out of her clothes and crawls into the back seat where Alec gets a very energetic blowjob. I like the way she bobs her head really quickly in short strokes and teases the head with her tongue. I guess he likes it as well because Alec fires a load all over her tongue.
Don?t be too broken hearted for Tera. She?s over at the gas station putting the moves on Mickey. (This is what happens in town without professional sports or a good community theater.) Oddly enough, Alec drives into the gas station. Sure, he catches them kissing, but what about the tart he has in his car? They have a big blowout that sends Tera right into Mickey?s arms. Actually it sends her to her knees to suck his cock, but you get the picture. She sucks Mickey?s cock like she?s loved him her whole life. This time we get a nice, long blowjob to enjoy. Tera is beautiful here and really puts her best effort into the oral. Mickey bends her over the hood of a car (See, sex in the workplace again.) and drives it right up into her tight pleasure pouch. Going to reverse cowgirl, Tera squat fucks, showing off her perfect (natural) tits. To finish him off, she gets back on the floor and sucks a big load all over her gorgeous face. Again, how could someone at Wicked have seen this scene and not signed her in a heartbeat?
I have to say that this is one of the most solid porn scripts I have seen in a long time. The characters are pretty well developed by porn standards and for the most part, very believable. Coral Sands does a really good job with her dialog. The other performers handle their parts well, but Coral stands out. Sexually, the scenes are pretty well shot and mostly hot for a feature. I liked the fact that the pace and tone of each scene matched the plot. Tera is the best thing about this movie from a sexual standpoint. Her two scene look fantastic and she manages to look great even when she isn?t naked. Coral and Stephanie add a lot of sexual heat as well. This is a great couples movie with enough good sex to cross over a bit.

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