Kelly The Coed 3


No Running Time
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
THEMES: Plaid Skirts, Co-eds, Interracial Sex, Outdoor Sex.
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Allysin Chaynes, Allison Kilgore, Jade Marcella, Tracy Luv, Cuba, Vivian Valentine, Peach, Teri Star, Herschel Savage, Kid Vegas, Devlin Weed, Brunno, Apache, Lucky, Michael J Cox, Roy Shaft, JJ Michaels, Buck Adams, Dave Hardman
Part of the reason I enjoyed the first two Kelly DVDs is because of the nice bonus materials included. If you really like Allysin, then there is a Kelly at her Best section that takes you right to her doing your favorite things. Watch the Behind the Scenes just to laugh at what porn folks to do a rental car. Meet the Stars is the best feature on the disc. We get seven short interviews followed by solo scenes from each girl. This is a great extra for guys who love to watch girls finger fuck their pussies.
In the relatively short history of porn movies on DVD, the Kelly the Co-ed line is probably my favorite to date. When I saw the very first Kelly disc, I thought it was just about the perfect little porn movie. Allysin Chaynes plays Kelly, a ditzy young college girl with cock on her mind. She’s surrounded by every college stereotype known to porn. For part three, I’m sure we’ll see Herschel Savage as a lecherous professor, banging a chick in exchange for a grade. We’ll see Kelly blow off classes to get a big dick in her pussy. And of course, since the rest of the college seems to be populated with a collection of porn’s nastiest blonde trailer princesses, I’m sure we’ll see a whole lot of naked college chicks getting the shit fucked out of them.
We start out with Kelly walking across campus. She notices her other friend Kelly in a car with a guy. This Kelly is Tracy Love and she’s a freshman who pays for rides by sucking cock. Always a wild ass girl, Tracy loves this guy’s cock in his front seat, servicing like she’s been doing it for years. He shoots a load on her lips and lets her clean up the excess. Even with the high prices at the pump, I would say that this is a more than fair trade.
Another of her friends, Allison Kilgore, is out in the desert, partying with some guys. She looks cute in her cheer skirt, white top and little lace socks. Kid Vegas, JJ Michaels and another dude watch as she strips on top of the car. (As we saw in the behind the scenes footage, that rental is trashed.) Allison becomes the object of their drunken affection, taking a beer shower as the guys suck suds from her big tits and tight snatch. Using the hood to lay her out and take full advantage of her waiting holes. Always ready to party, the busty blonde sucks any cock that comes near he and is happy to ride on a dick as well. One of the guys staggers away and Dave Hardman takes his place. With Dave in the mix, the guys start banging her ass as well. Her soft flesh jiggles all over the place as they DP her holes and finally drop loads of cum all over the horny little freshman.
Across campus, Jade Marcella is an exchange student who is supposed to be one of the smartest girls on campus. She isn’t smart enough to keep from becoming a little fucktoy for Michael J Cox and his buddy. They strip her down and test her mouth out. Jade is a cute little cocksucker who knows how to get dirty and keep two cocks happy at once. I don’t know, there just isn’t a lot about this little thing that screams honor student. Class slut, sure, but I think she made the honor roll by taking teachers’ cocks in her tight little asshole. Taking these two guys at the same time is no problem. Jade fucks away in the bright sunlight opening wide for cum in her sexy little mouth.
Kelly finally gets into the action when she meets a pretty black girl at a frat party. The two hit it off right away and can’t wait to get under each other’s skirts It makes sense that a good little slut like Kelly would take the new girl under her wing and get a taste of that sweet chocolate. After showing the new girl how to eat pussy, Kelly leans back and spreads her sweet pink for her new black friend. Pretty hot, toy free veggie scene.
At a private tutoring session, Vivian Valentine, Tracy Love and Peach receive a lesson from Herschel Savage. As he lectures, they notice that he’s naked and playing with his cock. After inviting the girls to play with themselves, he makes his way around the room, feeding them his dick. This is probably teaching them a lot about the job skills they will need in the future. Vivian has her glasses on, looking quite bookish as she pro-sucks his hard dick. Tracy is just pure trailer park fantasy material and Peach is really cute even with some unfortunate body graffiti. The girls play a game of pass the dick then get up on his desk to give us the really good stuff. (Hey, all three girls have natural titties, that’s pretty cool.) Once each girl has had the dick, Vivian takes over, letting the two blondes 69 each other while she squat fucks her prof’s Jurassic pork. Knowing that Tracy will have to work extra hard, he uses her asshole before giving them all a taste of his load. I think all three girls are going to pass all of their classes.
If Tracy looks like a trailer princess, then Teri Starr is the queen. She is having a meeting with her factually advisor Rod Fontana. Naturally she’s having trouble in school and just has to pass this class. He happily takes advantage, making her strip down so he can poke her with his fingers. That makes him horny so Teri sucks his cock like she’s been bobbing in backseats for years. If passing the class means fucking Rod, Teri is more than happy to let him into her young snatch. Of course, what he really wants is her ass. Nice high angle shot of this action by the way, with Teri spread wide and rubbing her pussy. When it’s time to cum, Rod just unloads all over her face.
Tracy isn’t finished yet. She enters the locker room just as coach Buck Adams finishes ripping into his lame team. In she strolls and you’ll never guess, but she’s never seen black dick before. In a flash she’s on her knees staring at four black dicks that all want to rip her little body wide open. Is it me, or does Tracy look and act like she could be Candy Apples’ little sister. The guys all line up as the dirty blonde strips out of her top, leaves on her plaid skirt and makes her way down a row of hard cocks. Once they’ve sampled the freshman’s mouth, it’s time for her to sit on the bench. Of course, there is a guy sitting under her so Tracy’s pussy gets filled with cock. They take turns with her pussy, then bend her over to fuck the shit out of her ass. (Check out the tight, gripping asshole on the out strokes.) After a short DP, the guys finish the session by unloading their sacks all over her tits and face.
Kelly finally get some dick in the last scene of the movie. She’s looking quite cute as the guy goes down on her pussy. His cock is pretty fucking huge and looks great in her tiny hand and stretching her pretty lips. Once she has it wet enough to fit inside her snug snatch, Allysin squat fucks that long pole. Her skirt and knee socks stay on as he rolls her over and really pounds away with that fuckstick. The best shots of the scene come as he slams her from behind until it’s time to cum all over her pretty face.
OK, so some of the luster has faded from this series, it’s still a simple, fun sex movie. Kelly really doesn’t have a lot to do in this movie. She is relegated to one boy/girl scene, some voice over work and strolling the halls in her cute little skirt. Tracy Love actually carries most of the sexual action in this movie. Her interracial mini bang at the end is pretty fucking hot. So is her front seat blowjob at the start of the flick. Allison Kilgore gets really dirty in the desert, taking on three cock and still having energy left at the end of the bang. Let’s face it, slutty co-eds sucking dick at beer bashes are always appealing and they make for great smut. Jim Powers understands that and he br
ings it to us once again with Kelly part 4.

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