Interactive Shock Jock


120+ Mins.
Vivid Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Dyanna Lauren
THEMES: Interactive Sex
STARS: Dasha, Kelsey, Nikita, Payne, Felecia Fox, Jewel De’Nyle, Brittany Blue
Dyanna Lauren has been doing some very interesting things with the Vivid Interactive line of late. There are a few companies doing virtual sex type movies and they do them very well. To set the Vivid stuff apart, they are trying to add little twists. Some of them work quite well and others fall flat. In this one, we get to sit in the chair of the biggest shock jock in the biz as he interviews chicks and has them do his bidding. For anyone who ever wanted to be Howard Stern for a day, I guess this is as close as we’re likely to get. With Kelsey (AKA Kelsey Heart) as the sidekick, our view is of a studio filled with babes.
The main menu screen on this disc is very cool, with Kelsey actually introducing each option for us. We can start with the Rodney Popshot Show. He’s sitting behind the board with three contestants for his hottest babe in mid-town contest. Nikita Denise, Alexa (Not the Wicked Girl) and Felecia Fox. The contest starts with a very short Q & A session. Then he has Felecia get up and dance a bit. As each woman strips down, we can’t help but notice that Felecia has a beautiful, all natural rack. Still, Nikita is the best looking of the bunch, by a longshot. During a break, he tries out all three girls. This is sort of a highlight reel from the later section which gives us full Interactive Sex scenes with each girl. Dasha and Payne enter the studio next and put on a little veggie show for Rodney. That gets even Kelsey hot and bothered and concludes the mini-feature portion of the disc.
Moving on to the On Air Vixens section, we get multi-angle interactive sex scenes. With each girl, you get to choose between blowjob, missionary and doggy. Each choice offers three different camera angles. There is some great vocalization and interaction, especially during the blowjobs. Felicia is a little soft, but has great tits. Jewel De�Nyle adds anal to her scene and talks like a total gutter whore. Kelsey gets into the mix, talking dirty nicely but still less appealing than the others. Nikita gives great eye contact and probably the best overall interactive scene on the disc. Alexa is a big girl who actually makes Kelsey look good. Dasha and Payne are joined by Kelsey for a non interactive three way to round out this section.
Show the Goods provides us with the full strip scenes from each of the three on air guests. Again, Nikita is the hottest, but how can you not love the great tits Felecia brings to the table.
Gary�s Picks is the part that has been played up in the promo for this disc. Those of you who know the Howard Stern are familiar with Gary the Retard. It�s supposed to be a scene directed by Gary, but instead it�s a collection of short clips from other Vivid movies with popshots. Pretty much all of the Vivid Girls make appearances in this ten minute little jerk off reel.
Meet the Girls is a behind the scenes interview section with Jewel, Felecia, Dasha and Kelsey. These are well done and you get to see what�s going on inside the heads of these women on the set. Jewel talks a lot about size, Felecia ends her interview with the always popular, �I love to suck dick�, Dasha makes reference to a boy/girl that we don�t see on the disc and Kelsey tells us what she does on the day of a shoot. (Hey, the guy doing the interview sounds really familiar.)
Fetish Favorites breaks down the interactive scenes by position. If you want to line them all up for blowjobs, this is the easy way to do it. Bonus Features offers a behind the scenes look at some of the photo shoots. It also gives us the full photo gallery and the usual promo pieces. Hot N Cumming gives us four trailers for other Interactive movies from Vivid.
This is a pretty solid disc. Interactive sex movies all pretty much look alike, but the whistles and bells can set some apart from the others. I kind of liked the radio show format, though I would have liked to have seen more done with that part of the disc. Jewel�s presence in the interactive section brings the head up a notch and makes it worth a look. If you like this kind of disc, I think you�ll enjoy the extras and format.
Vivid Entertainment

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