Color Blind 10




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93 Mins
THEMES: Anal Sex, Big Tits
STARS: Silvia Saint, Scotti Andrews, Diana Devoe, Charisma Lords, Justine Romee
I?ve seen some pretty good movies from Vivid?s Raw line. Robby D shoots stuff that doesn?t? fit with some of the more cable friend feature stuff from the Vivid empire. I don?t think we?re ever going to confuse these movies with an Anabolic title, but with the likes of Silvia Saint and Justine Romee in the case, we do know we?re going go get high energy fucking and plenty of eye candy. Also in this cast is a super busty babe named Scotti Andrews. She?s got to be the toast of the tit loving crowd these days. The theme for this volume of Color Blind is new guys with porn chicks. Each girl is supposed to be fucking some guy off the street. That?s interesting, but these are well worn porn vets so it seems a little cheesy to digitally pixel out their faces.
Joel is the first guy brought in and he gets to fuck Latina firecracker Justine Romee. He is handed a camera so we get some gonzo type footage as he instructs his new girlfriend. Justine is wearing a sexy little black number and is anxious to get going. Once she gets his cock out of his pants, Justine knows exactly what to do with it. He?s got a big cock and this little fireball is a bit of a size queen. She sucks him eagerly, then lies back to feel every inch of that rod in her tight little pussy. When she?s riding his lap, Joel is poking his finger into her ass, getting it ready for bigger things to come. Spinning around, she takes that whole big thing right up the ass and nearly begs him to cum all over her face. As always, Justine shines as a woman who genuinely loves a big cock in her ass and a hot load on her face.
Scotti is next and Bobby gets a good look at the super big titted brunette as she stands in her bra and panties. Scotti is taller than he is and not nearly as big all over as her huge tits would warrant. After wrapping her big tits around his cock, Scotti puts her lips over the head and goes to town. The POV shots, which I usually love, aren?t that great here. The top of her head just isn?t as appealing as you might think. Tit lovers are bound to enjoy the work she does with those soft boobs. When it comes time to fuck, Scotti likes to be on top which also works well for breast lovers. Her tits shake right in front of the hand held camera. He rolls her over, has Scotti hold open her cheeks for some serious ass fucking. He does his best, fucking her hard and flattening her down onto the mattress. Scotti turns around and takes a dribbled load on her tongue. Someone needs to make this girl the next big tit queen, she?ll be a huge star.
Dianna Devoe seems to be intimidating the guy she brings back to the room. She?s a tall black woman, with thick thighs, a bit ass and a mouth that looks great when stuffed with cock. She works her soft lips up and down his shaft slowly, working him to full mast. For this scene, the POV shots are actually quite good with Dianna staring into the camera and giving her very best blowjob to this lucky guy. He turns her around to fuck her from behind. The POV shots are not as good during the sex, but the standard camera takes care of things just fine. Booty lovers will get a kick out of watching her big ass bounce up and down on his lap as he struggles to hold her jiggling cheeks in both hands. After a quick ride, she takes a sticky load on her face, licking his cock with her long tongue as he basks in the post-coital bliss.
Justine is back for a second scene, this time in a little red outfit that really shows off her body. Dale watches as she fingers her pussy for a bit, then dives right in for a taste. After stripping out of her outfit, Justine orally attacks this guy?s cock. He must love the way she sucks cock, because he tosses her into a position to enjoy her mouth while still working her twat. The sex in this scene is a lot better than the camera work, but thankfully, the hand held is discarded early enough for us to enjoy Justine doing a sexual pogo on his cock. In return, he blasts that sexy little ass as hard as he can. After good ass fuck, there is nothing she likes better than the sample the semen from the man who just drilled her ass. Justine is a walking, talking sex bomb just waiting to go off, and get off.
Silvia Saint is ready to take on Mr. Marcus. Silvia always looks fantastic even with her clothes still on. We get to take a look at her for a bit before the sex starts. He plays with her beasts for a while, then moves on to her pussy. No blowjob with Silvia can ever be too long, but this one is far too short. What Marcus really wants is to fuck her little pussy. There isn?t a damn thing wrong with watching. Staying mostly in missionary, he gets her ass as well, fucking that tight back road hard enough to make her squeal. It looks like Marcus has been saving up because he shoots a big load all over that beautiful face, covering Silvia with sticky goo and adding another chapter to her stellar career.
Charisma Lords looks familiar, but her name is new to me. She?s got a nice set of boobs and long legs. Bobby is back and ready to play with this tall bottle blonde. I like her tits an awful lot, but what?s up with keeping the clothes over her middle? Nice oral footage, even from the hand held camera. I would say that this young thing has spent some time at the business end of a dick, honing her skills. When she starts riding, we get a look at the tattoos on her back and the soft, very pale ass she?s got. He bends her over on the bed, fucking her hand and then making her taste herself. After a hard fuck, he drops a little load on her tongue. Extreme close ups of her face aren?t very good because this girl has some serious skin problems.
I don?t know how fond I am of the fake new guys off the street angle, but that really doesn?t take much away from this movie. The hand held camera idea is a good one, though more of then than not in this movie, it just gives us grainy shots that aren?t lit properly. Beyond that, things are pretty good in this movie. Justine Romee has two very good scenes, including a very good one with Joel. Scotti Andrews is on hand to show off those super huge hooters of hers. Of course, no one looks any better than Silvia and we get a hard anal scene capped off by a fantastic facial. Not always perfect, this movie still has plenty of highlights.

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