The Gate


90 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jonathan Morgan
STARS: Alexa, Joel Lawrence, Sydnee Steele, Kaylynn, Bridgette Kerkove, Kylie Ireland, Brad Armstrong, Voodoo, Lee Stone, Mike Horner, Herschel Savage
Damn there are a lot of things to cover on this disc. On the main disc we get some bonus material that goes along with the movie. There are two different audio commentary tracks. One with director Jonathan Morgan and star Alexa and the other with Morgan and Joel Lawrence. I listened to bits and pieces of both of them and they are well done for porn tracks. There are two different photo galleries, one with production stills and the others a behind the scenes collection. There are a number of standard Wicked features on this disc at well, but my favorite feature on the main disc is the script section. You can view the original script (though here the cool backgrounds make it a little tough to read) or you can look at Morgan�s production notes with the script. This is a new feature I haven�t� seen in porn DVDs to this point and was quite interesting to me. Rounding out disc one are two versions of the trailer for The Gate.
On disc two we get a whole new set of extras. There is an all access behind the scenes feature on the making of The Gate. I don�t know if everyone enjoys these, but I like them. This one is well shot with some interesting stuff, plus it�s really well edited. There is short segment on Alexa�s body molding. Two extended sex scenes also make the highlight reel for this disc. Even more Kaylynn with Joel and Bridgette with Herschel for those of you who couldn�t get enough of them in the movie. A close up look at the box cover shoot, some cast interviews bloopers, deleted scenes and extra scenes make this about the most complete set of porn DVD extras I�ve ever seen.
Wicked always promotes at least one of their big movies each year. This one must be it because they have pulled out all the stops. Not only did they go with a simultaneous DVD/VHS release, but they also added a whole second disc of bonus material to really flex their DVD muscles. Director Jonathan Morgan has packed his cast with some of the most shot women in all of porn. Maybe that means he�s going to give them dialog in this movie. Alexa and Joel Lawrence play the leads and that�s a half way good decision. Lawrence is a pretty good actor who is as good with dialog as he is with his cock. Alexa certainly considers herself a great actress, too good for porn in fact. Maybe she�ll finally show those supposed skills in this movie. If the movie is half as intense, disturbing and visually interesting as the opening credits, then I would say we�re in for a treat.
We open in a mental ward where the staff is too busy fondling each other to notice when a patient, Lawrence, escapes. After his nightly rounds, Lee Stone corners nurse Kylie Ireland for some late night therapy. She pushes him up against the files and takes his long cock from his pants. She looks pretty good in the nurse uniform, of course it could also be the fact that her mouth is stuffed full of cock that makes Kylie so appealing here. He pulls her dress off, leaving just her stockings and bra to cover her body as Lee takes full advantage of the horny nurse. After she gets bent over and fucked in her shaved pussy, Kylie takes that big cock right up her ass. Lee pulls out of her snug back door just in time to spray her hooters with hot man glue. Not one to let a good meal go to waste, Kylie scoops up most of the load with her fingers, then sucks the final few drops from the end of his shrinking cock.
Joel has made his way to Alexa�s holding cell where she sits staring. Through a flashback we see that she�s in for murder. Perhaps she killed her husband, perhaps she didn�t, but either way, Joel is very interested in the new girl. As it turns out, Lawrence was an intern in the facility and he is going to be a pawn in a dangerous game played by Mike Horner. (Is it me, or is Horner getting really good at playing the creepy, evil doctor role?) Locked up, Alexa looks pretty trashed as she tries to explain the voices in her head. Listening to her screech through her lines reminds me of someone doing a really obnoxious Courtney Love impersonation. Naturally, Horner has more than just her mental health in mind, but more of that later.
Before we continue, and keeping in mind that so far, this is a pretty well written movie, I have one question. Is mental illness really erotic? It gives us the chance to see some porn actors doing unusual dialog, but how many people get turned on by schizophrenia? A group session leads up to a scene on the outside. Brad Armstrong is locked away, but in his dream, he is approached by a bikini clad Sydnee Steele who wants nothing more than his suck his cock. Coming out of the water, Sydnee has her hair slicked back and her slut skills in full force. After a very short blowjob, he lets her ride his dick. There are some very arty shots through the bushes in this scene, but it�s the high energy of the tighter shots that makes it work. A nice standing doggy turns into a quick spin facial where Syd sucks every last drop during the long, post pop footage.
Bridgette Kerkove has some dreams of her own and happily shares them with the rest of the group. She�s a trust fund baby who uses her charms on the guy who holds the purse strings. Herschel Savage pretends to resist for about three second before letting her suck his cock. They nearly break his chair fucking so hard, but save the anal for the finale. Always the acrobatic anal slut, Bridgette takes a hard piledriver and a dribbled wad on her tits and face.
Horner dopes Alexa up and puts her into a room with Joel, hoping something will happen. What happens is a whole lot of overacting by Lawrence as he makes his way through overdone dialog. When he finally finishes, Alexa has a total breakdown. Again, this may be nicely written and even well acted, but is this supposed to turn anyone on? Does watching a ranting Alexa get bloodied in a car accident really make anyone�s dick hard? One thing that I know turns some guys on is smoking. Late at night, when Alexa wakes up from a bad dream, she�s got Bridgette puffing away on a cancer stick and screeching in her ear.
Just about the time I�m begging for a random sex scene to break into the dialog, that�s exactly what we get. Sexy Kaylynn who is far and away the hottest looking woman in this movie, comes in and gives crazy old Joel a ride he won�t soon forget. Delivering a first class blowjob complete with great eye contact, Kaylynn proves that she deserves a lot more than just playing random supporting fucks behind so called A Girls. On the other hand, her skills really stand out in this movie. I know we�ll eventually watch Alexa fuck, but I also know she won�t look half this good riding a cock and probably won�t show the energy that Kaylynn brings to the table. She takes a great looking ride, then bends over to take it in her pretty little ass. Joel smack her butt hard enough to turn it bright pink before dropping a big load all over her face. The best looking girl turns in the hottest scene of the movie, finally something to really get excited about.
Joel is finally getting through to Alexa, going back to the start to find out what the fuck is up with the voices in her dome. Remember I told you we were going to see her fuck soon? I was right. I was also right about her not looking as good as Kaylynn. On the other hand, she does seem to have some of the fire she showed in her pre-contract days. Paired with Voodoo, this is supposed to be a loving scene. (I can tell because of the cheesy soap opera music in the background.) They hurry through the oral sex so she can squat fuck his thick cock. You know, Alexa really does have a nice body and can fuck when she wants to. The music gets to me, but there is a very nice facial at the end of this scene, something that we don�t always get with big budget features.
It�s time to get to the bottom of things, but someone hijacks the movie and puts in a really cheesy public service announcement in the middle of the movie. I�m not sure what cause they are pushing, but the bad top 40 song and Vasoline on the lens montage is a dead give away. How a PSA for vaginal itching or whatever this is, ties into the story I don�t know and to be honest, I think I stopped caring. I just wish I had some voices in my own head to drown out Joel�s mugging. Oh no, another bad music video and the kiss of death, slow motion sex. The Joel/Alexa scene looks like the director�s cut video for an unreleased LA Guns song. Good lord, I�m expecting pyrotechnics and Tawany Kitain to invade the screen at any moment. I guess the movie was running short, because even the final escape scene is in slow motion.
After all of my praise for the bonus material on this disc, I can�t believe how down I am on the actual movie. We know this isn�t a raincoater movie, but is there a big part of the couples market who are looking for �One Fucked Over the Cookoo�s Nest�? Yes, Jonathan Morgan can direct more than just great sex comedies, but we already knew this. There is some good dialog here, but most of it ends up lost. Joel Lawrence is good for the most part, but eventually, his sly mugging turn a credibly disturbed character into a somewhat annoying porn clich�. Alexa has her moments and I have to give her credit for that. However, more often than not I expect her to scream out �Sid, Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiid�. Most of the sex takes place in flashback form, avoiding the horrid sight of mental patients getting it on. There is more to say, but the voices inside my head are saying, �no more, please, no more. Save the pretentious porn for the awards show.

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