Island Fever



82 Mins
Digital Playground
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Water,
STARS: Tera Patrick, Julia Ann, Brianna Banks, Devin Wolf, Bobby Vitale
It’s bee quite a while since Tera Patrick has been in a new movie. Since she is without question, the biggest star in porn today, her newest release, Island Fever is quite an event. A few days ago, the PR photos arrived and I have to say that Tera looks fantastic. She�s always been beautiful, but some of the still shots were simply stunning. Will the movie be as good? I�m not sure, but I do know that it’s going to look good. Besides, Tera, this movie stars another of porn�s biggest stars, Brianna Banks and fan favorite Julia Ann. Shot on Maui, Island Fever has background locations that match the beautiful lead actress and should provide great outdoor settings for the sex.
The movie begins with a beautifully shot, Playboy style montage of the three female leads. From the first frame, the picture quality on this disc is exquisite. I happen to love waterfalls, so the slow motions shots of Tera enjoying the cascading water are of great interest to me. Julia Ann and Brianna are also writhing on the beach, showing off their stuff. Tera kicks off the sex, first with a little finger action and then in a full scene with Devin Wolf. He and Tera are high on a cliff, the wind blowing through their hair and tun beating down on their bodies. The gorgeous brunette is on her knees, making all of Devin’s dick disappear. More eye contact would have been nice, but this is still an excellent looking blowjobs. (Hey, wasn�t Tera supposed to blow Rog after finishing in the top 4 in the Rog poll?) When the sex starts, there is a little too much slow motion for my taste, but it�s pure eye candy. Tera looks great and Devin appears to be fucking her with all he�s got. There is a beautiful shot of Tera bent at the waist, taking it from behind and her perfect tits swaying invitingly. When she gets going in reverse cowgirl we get some slo-mo and some real time action. Without question, I prefer the real time, especially when it comes time for the facial. Tera takes it on the face then sucks the last few drops out with her talented mouth. This is eye candy, but Tera is reason enough for me to still like it.
Julia Ann is up next and while I don�t find her personally appealing, the waterfall location is absolutely gorgeous. After sharing some cool spray, they find a comfortable spot at the edge of the water and the former Vivid blonde does her best to prove she�s still a hot little cocksucker. She manages to do enough to keep Devin hard so they can retire back to the waterfall for some nice looking standing doggy. (Here is an idea though. Could we please have some nice looking sex scenes without the slow motion?) They seem to change locations several times during the scene, but the backdrops always look great and Julia does a decent job riding Devin�s rod in every position. Devin closes out the scene by dropping his load all over her big tits.
Back to Tera we go and that�s a huge step up in every way. She is on the sand now, heating things up in another well shot softcore opening. I don�t know if fingering yourself on the sand is a very good idea, but I would be more than glad to lick any stray grains from her sticky spots. For now, she�ll just have to settle for Bobby Vitale who makes himself right at home between those long, perfect legs. OK, so the background is a bit fake looking this time around, but it does make for a hot fantasy. (Sex with Tera anywhere makes for a nice fantasy.) After checking her for excess sand, Bobby lies back and lets Tera put that pretty mouth to work. The long shots here are fantastic because of Tera�s curves. Of course, the close ups features her beautiful face stuffed with cock. What a sight that is my friends. It�s almost a shame to move onto the fucking. Unless you�re Bobby of course. At feel speed, we get to watch Tera�s pussy slide down on his latex encased love missile and enjoy the way real tits look during intense sex. From doggy, Bobby pulls out and hoses off her sweet ass.
Julia Ann is back, bathing in the pond before a quickie scene with Devin in the waterfall. This is a nice looking software segment that gives way to Brianna playing naked near the water. She looks pretty damn good that way, but even better with her mouth full of Bobby�s big cock. Brianna can�t get it all the way down her throat, but she sure tries. Always one to give her all, the busty blonde shoves her throat down around his prick before bending over a rock to take it deep into her pussy. They did a nice job of matching the rock in the foreground with the pounding surf backdrop, but it�s the tight shots of Brianna�s lips stretched around Bobby�s rod that really work here. He leaves a sticky mess on her flat belly.
Tera is back, running through the jungle. Devin catches up with her, leans her face first against a tree and starts munching away. This is probably the prettiest, most couples oriented scene so far, which might be why I don�t like it as much as some of the others. They switch places and she squats for a great looking blowjob. There is just no way a Tera blowjob can look bad. She�s got a great face and uses her lips, tongue and hands perfectly. Using the tree, they start with some standing doggy, the move to the grass for some energetic though sadly slo-mo mish ending with a was dribbled onto her tummy and tits.
This is a much hotter movie than some of Tera�s other big budget island movies. What stands out right away is the lack of slow motion sex. That just kills things for me and for much of the porn loving audience. Since most of the sex in this movie is at full speed, we can focus on some of the other aspects. The settings for these scenes couldn�t be more stunning. Just the waterfall alone is something that shouldn�t be missed. When you take great looking women like Tera and Brianna and put them in fantastic looking settings, you usually get hot scenes. Tera is reason enough for most people to watch this movie, and she�s still the best. Thankfully, she�s not the only reason though. Island Fever is a beautiful piece of eye candy with some very hot sex scenes making it Tera�s best movie yet for Digital Playground.

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