Buttman At Nudes-a-poppin 9





140 Mins

DIRECTOR: John Stagliano

Evil Angel



THEMES: Nudity, Softcore

STARS: A Bunch of Hot Naked Chicks.


First off, anyone who isn’t familiar with this series should know that it’s not actually a porn video. There will be no pretty girls on their knees swallowing seed. There will be no well fucked Euro-sluts taking more cock than would seem humanly possible. It’s John Stagliano taking his crew to Nude-A-Poppin and capturing the action as only he can. Since much of John’s porn revolves around the visual beauty of the female form, (Particularly the posterior.) he is a natural for this kind of movie. Since he loves looking at women as much as we do, this should be the next best thing to being there.

I don’t know how hard it is to get tickets to this nudist event, but thanks to Buttman, we have a front row seat to a beauty contest like you’ve never seen before. The lovely young women parade in front of the camera, stripping and shaking their goodies in the hot sun. You have to give a lot of these women credit for creativity. Nothing like a human sundae to cool things down on a warm day. You know, you almost have to feel sorry for Buttman. He’s so obsessed with asses and here are dozens of women shaking the booty right in his face. (OK, feeling sorry is probably the wrong way to put it.) There are a few too many tats in the flesh parade for me, but hey that’s a small complaint when you consider how many hot babes parade by our perfect vantage point. Occasionally, one stops for a few words, but mostly this is a perfect view of hot young female flesh, a smorgasbord of eye candy if you will. Hey, check out Tricia Devereaux getting naked and looking as tasty as any of the other babes on hand.

Those of you who are tired of the usual softcore stuff available on the DVD market, this line offers a very refreshing change of pace. With so much hot flesh everywhere, it’s no wonder Buttman has plenty to shoot. Of course, he’s made a career out of shooting hot looking women, so it’s just as easy to understand why it’s done so well here. I still prefer the full hard-core Buttman movies, but the quality of this DVD and the women on it make it the best softcore I’ve seen in a long time.


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