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Digital Playground



THEMES: POV sex, Virtual sex, Taylor Hayes

STARS: Taylor Hayes, Marc Davis


When the porn world hooked up with DVD technology, one of the first things they came up with the idea of a virtual movie where the viewer gets to have a little V sex with their favorite porn star. Digital Playground launched the Virtual Sex With line and it’s been at the top of the VS world ever since. Some of porn’s biggest names have given smut lovers vicarious thrills through this well done POV line and the most recent is Taylor Hayes. Starting out as Seymore Butts’ other half, Taylor tore up porn in the mid nineties with her cover girl looks and Hyper sex drive. After breaking up with Seymore, Taylor was snatched up by Vivid and continued her rise to the top of the porn world. Now Digital Playground has got Taylor and is ready to bring her to us in a way we’ve never seen her before.

From the main menu, you’ve got four choices. We’ll start with Strip since it’s on the left of the menu. (Those of you who just can’t wait can skip right to the sex.) In this section, Taylor slowly peels her clothes of, teasing us as she reveals her lovely bod. Great interaction here as she talks us through a very arousing strip tease.

From there we can move to the Stories section. This is a Playboy style video segment with Taylor dancing with flames in the background. She talks about her favorite sexual experiences and fantasies. Since Taylor is a first class talker with a great voice, this is also quite hot, getting us good and ready for the final two options.

In the Foreplay section, the Virtual Sex model comes into play. For this section, and for the Sex, you can switch camera angles at any time for a completely different view of the action. (True multi-angle) The main view has Taylor spread wide with the camera in tight. On the left you can choose between fingers and a vibrator to get her going. The second camera angle is an extreme close up of the action so if you just want to see Taylor’s sweet muffin stuffed with fingers or a toy, this is perfect. With a click of your remote, you can make her orgasm at any time and it’s a doozy. You can also switch between Innocent and Naughty talk. Personally, I love a bit of dirty talk, but you can choose your own settings. If you want to get an unobstructed view, you can choose Oral and watch simulated pussy licking. This makes for a pretty good looking masturbation scene, though it’s not the strength of the virtual sex format.

Now we get the main course. Naturally, some of you will want to start out the Sex section with a blowjob. Click over to oral and now you get the POV suckoff of a lifetime. Angle 2 is a pretty nice looking silhouette, but you can’t beat looking down into that gorgeous face while Taylor swallows sword. (If I may make a suggestion, go with the naughty talk here, because she really, really gets into the blowjob.) If you feel the need, you can hit the orgasm button and blow a load onto her chin and tits. (Not the greatest load of all time, but she still looks good wearing it.) When you’ve had enough sucking, you can move through the four positions of sex. Missionary gives you a main view from above. Angle two is a side view that really shows off her tits if that’s your thing. This is a great POV position and if you choose orgasm here you get another actual climax. No faked pop here. Doggy also gives us a POV shoot in angle one. Her ass looks great here. Angle two is another shot from the side that is pretty hot as well. Again, the pop is real. That’s at least three pops on one disc. With Taylor on top, the action is softcore from angle one, but if you love her face and upper body, this is the perfect view. Angle two is a close up of the action from behind. Here and in the final, reverse cowgirl, get the digitally done pops. I really like the reverse cowgirl even it’s not POV because it really gives us the best overall shot of Taylor’s bod. Angle two is the extreme close up of this action.

Like always, your reaction to this DVD will depend on how much you like Taylor Hayes. If you don’t like the beautiful brunette, then you probably wouldn’t bother to pick it up. However, if you’re one of the millions of men who have watched Taylor fuck other guys and wished you could get in there and get some, this is as close as you’re likely to come. Since I happen to really like Taylor, I found this volume of Virtual Sex to be one of the best yet. Taylor looks good here and gives a lot of enthusiasm, reminding people that she was quite the little fuck bunny in her pre-Vivid days. Nicely shot, easy to maneuver and very personal, Virtual Sex With Taylor Hayes is just about the most fun you can have with a remote control in one hand.

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