Blondage 3




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DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas
THEMES: Strippers, Lesbian Sex
STARS: Janine, Julia Ann, Randi Rage, Bobby Vitale, Malitia, John Decker, Julian, Corinne Williams, Tony Tedeschi, Coral Sands, Devon, Brandon Irons.
Using a hugely popular in Andrew Blake�s �Hidden Obsession� Janine and Julia Ann quickly became a very popular dance team. The popularity of the scene and the beauty of Janine even allowed the very average looking Barbie clone Julia Ann to become a rather big star in her own right. Since the two blondes have always done some of their best scenes with each other, Vivid has been more than happy to pair them in a third Blondage movie. Fans of the flaxen haired duo will already be creaming in their jeans at the inevitable on stage pussy eating, but I�m still holding out for that first full Janine boy/girl scene.
Randi Rage is a backstage assistant for the dancing duo, but she has some serious voices screaming at her in her head. As J and J dance on stage, a drunk fan tries to get too close, that sends them backstage in a foul mood. No worries, Randi is happy to lick Julia Ann�s feet, setting off a three girl party. I swear, Randi is one of the few women who can actually make Julia look good to me. So on the on hand, we have Janine who looks really good here, but we also have two chicks I wouldn�t want to watch no matter who they were fucking. Other than some interesting water play, this is pretty standard veggie stuff.
After another stripper does her number, she slips in the back for a romp with the bartender, Bobby Vitale. She�s a decent looking girl who sucks cock with very little energy. Some of that missing enthusiasm comes around when he bends her over and starts jack rabbitting her pussy from behind. Randi comes in and it becomes another unappealing three way. With Randi�s help, they share a facial.
Crazy Randi has a stalker who seems to be obsessed with her. Two strange fans are equally obsessed with Blondage. They want to take some nasty pictures with the duo, but are turned down. Never min, sexy Devon agrees to do whatever they want. They take her home where we get a very slow, sappy sweet three way. (Complete with cool jazz sax music in the background.) The wife is a pretty good looking brunette who actually seems shocked when her own husband�s (Julian) cock comes into view. The prettier blonde finally gets in on the action and rather happily takes that big cock into her snug snatch. After his wife takes a ride, Julian sits back for a hot double hand job that leaves his load all over his belly.
Julia Ann finally finds a guy (Tony Tedeschi) to unwind with. He strips he rout of he clothes, works his way past the overdone fun bags and skin stains to get to her waiting pussy. With Randi pretending to sleep on the bed next to them, they noisily ball their hearts out. One good thing about Julia is that her dancing has made her flexible and that�s always good for some visually appealing shots. He finally pulls out and sprays all over her belly.
Randi�s stalker finally gets his chance. The scene starts with a nice shadow shot of Randi sucking dick. From there, it goes down hill. John Decker does his best to pretend he actually wants to fuck Randi, but he generally gets to look at the back of her head. We are not spared the full view and it�s just not an appealing option. In all fairness, there is a nice shot of the two fucking in a modified mish with her Randi�s legs in the air. Maybe now that she�s been boned, Randi won�t be so freaking crazy.
After another hot dance number, Blondage has to storm off the stage when another drunken fan tries to assault the girls. We’ve still got some veggie left in the tank as Coral Sands turns a massage on Janine into a sexual encounter. With two good looking women finally hooking up, this scene actually has me watching. Janine looks great on her side, one leg high in the air while Coral uses a big toy to drive her mad. This is easily the best of the all-girl action.
For the big finale, the girls push Randi out on stage so she can see what it�s like to hear people screaming and creaming for her. There is obviously way too much veggie action in this movie for me, but that’s to be expected. I would have been happy with the on stage dancing and the Janine/Coral scene. When you add Randi to the trio of leads in this movie, it just guts anything remotely sexually appealing for me. I did like the three way with Devon and it’s clearly the best reason for watching this movie. If you’re a big fan of the two blondes or if you happen to love Randi Rage, by all means, enjoy. Otherwise, it’s time to move to the next selection.

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