World Sex Tour 13


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140 Mins
DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander
THEMES: Euro Babes, Blondes, Big Cocks
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Mikaela, Bianca, Linda Thoren, Dina Juwel, Anna, Jessica, Mark Davis, Mr. Marcus
Any time Anabolic takes a trip overseas, you know they are going to come back with plenty of footage for us to enjoy. They seem to find hot looking girls wherever they go and oddly enough, they all love the big dicks the Anabolic crew brings with them. Long before I was reviewing porn, I had a standing order at the local smut shack for each new volume of the WST. In addition to being one of my favorite lines, WST has two of the very best blondes porn has ever seen, Linda Thoren and Dina Juwel. (OK, two of the all time best may be a little much, but they are two of my all time faves.)
Mikaela is an attractive young Swedish blonde with legs to die for. She?s got them draped over Mark Davis as he gives her a short interview. Friendly and very relaxed in front of the camera, Mikaela is more than ready to take the plunge, bending over for Mark and happily letting him lick her lower lips. She gives an occasional glance to the camera, but mostly this pretty girl is concentrating on taking as much of his dick as possible into her pretty mouth. Her pussy must be something because Mark drops a big load on her face in a matter of seconds. That first shot out of the way, he lets her swallow his sword again. This time, he is able to fuck her for a long time, even holding the tall blonde in his arms for some very athletic standing action. Her long legs get pushes all the back so he can do his best slam fucking. Just when you think he?s about to drop another nut on her face, Mark slips out, slides his rod up her ass and makes her a triple input girl before that second facial.
Anna is a twenty one year old blonde chick who is quite ordinary looking. She has a nice body, a cute face and is willing to take on Mr. Marcus plus a couple of Euro-dudes. The guys go first, warming up Anna?s mouth by letting her suck on their cocks. Her energy level could certainly be higher, but Marcs steps in and Anna has three guys to keep her happy. Once she gets warmed up, they are able to really work her over. Marcus shoves his big cock up her ass before one of the guys makes his way under her body for a hard pounding DP. All of the guys get to shoot into her mouth, closing out a good scene, but it?s nothing compared to what?s next.
A nineteen year old Linda Thoren gives a short interview before her scene. She?s incredibly cute, a little thinner here than we?re used to seeing her. Mark teams with a Swedish actor to double team the beautiful blonde. As always, Linda happily takes a lot of cock into her pretty little mouth. Mark moves quickly to her tight little muffin and gives the petite Swedish treat more cock than you would think she could handle. When they roll her over for the other guy to get some doggy, Linda shows tremendous deep throat ability, taking Mark over and over nearly to the root. Great footage of the oral action here as well, making it perfect porn. The guys move the beautiful blonde from position to position, happily stuffing her tight holes with cock and welcoming Linda to porn stardom. They never even get to her pretty butt before shooting thick loads all over her pretty face. You can certainly see a star in the making during this hot three way.
Bianca is very young and fresh looking. To make things even more fun, she?s making her video debut with Davis and Marcus. Welcome to porn little cutie, now get down and take two feet of dick. I guess taking on two dicks is nothing new for this pretty girl because she is able to handle one with her mouth and the other in her hand just fine. They stand her up and bend her over for some standing doggy in the beautiful mid-day sun. It?s one thing for an established vet to take two big cocks like this, but when a new girl does it this well, you have to be impressed. Marcus drills her ass and all she?s got to muffle her moans is Davis? log. After a well shot, long ass fuck, the guys spray her pretty face with seed.
Jessica has a huge head of hair and legs that could wrap around your body twice. Mr. Marcus gets to play with this tall cutie all by himself. She takes his fat cock in her hand and wolfs it down. If she?s intimidated by that monster, Jessica sure hides it well. In fact, she looks like she can?t wait to feel that throbbing rod in her tight little holes. She mounts his cock, spreading her legs as wide as she can to give us a clean view of her shaved slit. He stands up and holds the tall babe in his arms for a quick standing fuck. Her pale cheeks are his ultimate target and Marcus manages to every inch of his prick into her ass. Great close up when she turns around and pumps up and down on her own. To take him over the top, Jessica sucks the load right out of his cock.
Ready for the big finish, we get Dina Juwel who is, in a word, perfect. At nineteen, she?s got a cute face, fantastic tits and the sexual drive of a rabbit in heat. Davis and Marcus get to share her and quickly peel her incredible body out of the bikini top and jeans she?s wearing. While Mark goes down and licks Dina?s flesh basket, Marcus keeps his dick warm in her beautiful mouth. With a quick tag, they switch places, each having plenty of fun in a new hole. Nice shots of her ass as she bounces on black dick while swallowing a big English sausage. They double up on her for a bit, before getting some great shots of Dina taking it doggy while licking Marcus? ass. Davis blasts her face with a big load that stays in place as Marcus adds his goo to the mix, leaving her a very pretty mess.
You already know I like this series and now you know that Linda Thoren and Dina Juwel are on hand to give two of their hotter performances. What more do you want me to say? The women are good looking and very into the sex. I liked the outdoor scenes quite a bit and the whole damn thing made me want to hop a flight to Sweden. Chalk it up as another great WST DVD from Anabolic.

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