Dr. Fellatio 22




100 Mins
Elegant Angel
DIRECTOR: Zakk Wylde
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials
STARS: Cheyenne Silver, Mesha, Dolly Golden, Gina Romme, Nikita, Regan Star, Coral Sands, Candy Roxxx, Maya Devine, Justine Romee, Felony, Felicity Jones, Skye Foxx, Kevin, Ryan Conner, Steve Rosen, Gino Greco, Vinny Paz, Jerry, David Luger, Alexandra Quinn
The biggest challenge for me reviewing these Dr. Fellatio discs is to come up with something new to say in the open. What can be said about a blowjob movie? When done correctly, they are very simple. You take a pretty girl, let her get on her knees, feed her some stiff cock, hold the camera still and stay the fuck out of the way. With such a simple recipe, it is impossible to imagine someone fucking things up. Still, I cringe every time a new one starts up. More directors than you would think possible manage to screw things up. Hopefully, we�ll get through this one without me having to pull my hair out and wish ill on director Zakk Wylde.
We start out with Dolly and Nikita Denise playing with themselves as a little warm up. Nikita is one of those women who just exudes sexual heat and has a pout that is the second sexiest thing she does with her lips. When she gets her mouth on the shaft, poor Dolly is left in the dust. Nice back and forth action by the women who take turns on the shaft and balls. Now, would someone please shut the fucking dog up in the background. With great eye contact, Nikita jerks the guy off right into her mouth. This would have been perfect if it was a one on one blowjob, but it�s pretty hot the way it is.
Justine Romee is a woman who knows how to talk and how to tease. As she strips out of her clothes, the lusty latina can�t keep her hands off of herself. Once her top is gone, she�s down on her knees, purring for some hard cock. Her full lips and horny tongue make Justine�s mouth the perfect place to park a dick for a while. As always, she gives her all, working this dude�s dick until he cums in her hand and up the side of her face.
Coral Sands chopped her hair off, so now she�s wearing a hat and a wig with some long braids. I don�t know, I kind of liked the short hair. (I really don�t dig wigs.) I can still remember when this woman was purely veggie fodder, but she been a first class cock sucker from the moment she tried meat on camera. A little more eye contact would have been nice, but this is a very skilled and energetic blowjob that leaves Coral�s face nice and messy.
Ryan Conner has a tight, body from hell and we get to see it at first, when she opens her scene with a little finger action. Giving a nod to the foot crowd, the guy comes in, rubs his dick on her toes and then let�s Ryan swallow his sword. They have paired Ryan up with a guy who doesn�t really seem to get very hard and certainly isn�t very big. It�s not a challenge and at time she seems to really have to work hard just to get his semi-hard load.
Alexandra Quinn isn�t credited on the box, but there she goes, sucking deep and nearly choking herself on dick. It�s almost scary how she goes after cock, like she won�t be happy until his dick, balls and spleen are inside her mouth. For some reason, Chuck Martino can�t manage to get hard. Nearly wasting a hot blowjob, he manages to stay stiff long enough to give her what she�s begging for, a big load right in her mouth. Nasty as always, Alex is a super cock freak.
Cheyenne Silver gives us a little show to start her scene. Her hands are in her panties, playing with her pussy while she talks dirty. Enter a cock, down on her knees she goes and the games have begun. I�ve always thought that Cheyenne was very pretty, especially her beautiful hair and soft eyes. We get plenty of both as she works over the guy’s cock until it shoots onto her tits.
Mesha, Gina Romme, Regan Star, Candy Roxxx, Maya Devine, Felony, Felicity Jones, Skye Foxx are among the other chicks who get blasted in the volume. There are some good blowjobs here and some not so good blowjobs. Mostly well shot with some cuties, Volume 22 will keep the doctor’s core fans happy and give blowjob lovers something to cream over.


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