Pick Up Lines 44


90 Mins
THEMES: Big Tits, Interracial Sex
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Jeanie Rivers, Tera Patrick, Angelica, Christie, Shally, Stacy, Jake Steed, Mark Davis, Nacho, Frank Major, John Walton, Byron Long
OGV’s Pick Up Lines generally brings us great looking women and very strong eye candy. I haven’t always been to hot on the sex, but every once in a while we get a scene or two that is as hot as the girl in it. With Jeannie Rivers and the awesome Tera Patrick joining some other cute babes in this volume, we’ve got the eye candy factor taken care of. Now we just have to see if the sex matches the cast in strokability.
Jeannie Rivers starts things off, modeling for Jake Steed. This girl has such a pretty face, with lips that were made for sucking hard cock. The playful blonde reaches out and finds that Jake’s cock is getting hard. Slipping to her knees, Jeannie puts those lips to good use. Jake keeps snapping shots even as the pretty girl devours his meat. After slipping on a rubber, Jake sits down on the couch and lets his petite model slide her little pussy down his long pole. I really hope Jeannie never goes in and alters her tits. They are small but pert and fit her thin frame perfectly. After some nice looking, hot doggy, Jeannie gets down on her knees and waits for Jake to jerk a huge load all over her face. Give this one big points for the sticky ending and for Jeannie’s pure heat.
Angelica gets out of her car naked. She meets Byron Long near the front door, drops to her knees and starts sucking. That’s a huge dick, but not as huge as her tits. Byron picks her up carries Angelica to the car and makes a meal of her lower lips. Now that his cock and her pussy are both juiced up. When she’s bent over the hood, he can actually fuck her hard enough to use those monster mams to wax the car. Our big titted star really doesn’t show much energy in this scene and just sort of sits there while he dribble s a fairly weak load onto her lips. Nicely shot, but not all that hot.
Christine has short, reddish hair and nipples that poke out against the thin fabric of her tank top. She joins a guy on top of a motorcycle and having that throbbing machine between her legs gets Christine’s motor running. She finds his cock already hard in his jeans. As she sucks, he’s getting her out of her clothes. This girl is only semi-cute but has really nice skin and stiff nipples that just scream to be sucked. Give them credit for great balance as they fuck pretty hard on top of the motorcycle. They even manage to get some well shot anal in the mix as well. Christine has a very tight ass, but takes most of his dick before taking a load on her chest.
Stacy has a long lean body that she is covering with lotion as we open her scene. Her tempting flesh earns her the attention of a well hung young stud. Happily, Stacy takes his hard rod into her and starts sucking it. He moves the leggy blonde over to the other side of the patio and slips between her legs. Check this one up as high on the eye candy scale, but with only moderate sexual heat. Stacy makes a fair amount of noise and does take most of the load on her face, but she just doesn’t seem to be that into her work.
Shally is another very leggy babe, with blonde hair, a shapely ass and nice looking tits. She goes into the house with this dude and in seconds he’s got her tit in his mouth. Either she’s really friendly, is a call girl or this guy got really lucky with the local census taker. By this time, we are seeing more shots of Tera and Marc Davis who are watching these scenes on their TV. It kind of takes away from Shally, who really seems to like being fucked hard. When she is being slammed or riding, her natural tits dance all over the place. She takes the longest anal of the movie, handling cock well and wearing his load in the end.
That brings us to Tera and Marc. They’ve been watching all of this action on their TV and decide to snap some sexy photos of their own. A natural model, Tera shows off her body and gorgeous face for the camera. In walks Nacho and Tera invites him to take some pictures with her. Right place, right time man. He finds her tits to be the perfect mid-day snack. This is early in her career and Tera is still curvy, making her even more appealing. After sucking the boobs, he starts at her feet and licks all the way up. I hope he at least uses a breath mint before kissing her. Well licked, Tera gets down on her knees to show what a wonderful cocksucker she is. A face this pretty will always make for a great looking blowjob, but Tera is also an enthusiastic sucker who knows how to deliver a great on camera knob shine. Marc finally drops the camera and gives his gorgeous girlfriend a second big dick to suck on. Moving her head band and forth, Tera uses her hands and mouth to milk a pair of loads onto her beautiful face. Great shot and post pop footage here. No sex for Tera, but a great blowjob scene.
Sticking around for Tera’s scene is not the only reason to watch this disc, but it is certainly the best. I know it’s only a blowjob, but after Jeannie’s opening scene, things are a notch lower heat wise until Tera blows the lid off things at the end. Angelica does a very nice job with Byrons’s big cock. Christine also scores points for the acrobatic motorcycle fuck. Good picture quality, lots of eye candy and the great double facial at the end, push this one up a full notch into the recommended category.

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