American Cocksucking Championship


72 Mins


DIRECTOR: David Christopher

THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials




STARS: Shanna McCullough, Inari Vachs, Stryc-9 (Cherry Mirage), Shaena Steele, and a whole bunch of guys


David “Pussyman” Christopher has tried a number of different lines to form his porn empire. When it came time to add a blowjob line to his portfolio, he did things a little differently. Instead of a whole bunch of chicks sucking faceless cocks for two hours, he decided to put on an oral sex extravaganza. Four girls come together in a pair of blowjob bouts, taking on a ring full of guys in what is billed as the American Cocksucking Championship. Before the action begins, Christopher interviews the girls backstage, getting to know them a bit.

In the ring, he announces the first two contestants, Stryc-9 (Cherry Mirage) and Shaena Steele. Sorry folks, but this is a one sided battle before the guys even come in. Cherry looks awesome in her thigh high boots and sexy little top. No offense to Shaena, but there hasn’t been a bout this one sided since Ron and Nicole took on that former Hiesman Trophy winner. Dave Hardman comes out first and goes right into Cherry’s corner for some of her world class head. While she’s busy in one corner, Tony Eveready comes in and gives Shaena something to suck on. As the scene continues, the problem is that the action shifts back and forth. Here we’ve got Cherry going to town, you just start to really enjoy things and we move across the ring to the other girl. That’s not a slam on Shaena, but a general observation about this line. Unless you like both women equally, there will always be those moments when you wish you had control of the camera. The two girls share the three loads and the first bout is over.

Now it’s time for the main event. Super sucking porn vet Shanna McCullough takes on oral princess Inari Vachs. Inari is very confident during the pre-suck interviews. Can she take on Shanna and come out of it on top? You to love her energy and the way she just opens her mouth wide for the first guy. Shanna is older, not as trim as she once was, but this is a lady who knows how to use everything she’s got to please a cock. While Shanna gives excellent hand, Inari seems to have the upper hand with her mouth. She also looks just great here, making me want to jump in there and pump her from behind while she swallows sword. As the scene wears on, both women prove they can handle multiple cocks quite easily. Inari starts drooling a bit too much marring her super cute face with too much spit for my taste. While Shanna is busy sucking about a yard of black cock, Inari is bent over a stool and slobbering all over the place. Before the grand finale, all of the guys line up and let the two hungry babes go down the row, giving the best head they know how. The cum starts flowing and doesn’t stop until both girls get plastered and share some intense cum swapping. The larger number of cocks to suck make this a much stronger competition and gives us great group oral action.

The second bout was a better group suck than the first, even if Cherry still outshines the other competitors. With gang bang videos all over the place, this is one of a handful of lines devoted to group oral sex. Women like Inari, Shanna and Cherry are just about perfect for a movie like this. Inari looks fantastic and certainly knows how to suck cock. Shanna uses all of her skills to keep pace. Cherry only has three to work with, but combines great looks and fantastic technique to shine as always.

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