The Wicked One


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85 Mins


DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong & Greg Steel

THEMES: Cheating, Revenge, Facials




STARS: Jenna Jameson, Tiffany Million, Jill Kelly, Patricia Kennedy, Channone, Tony Tedeschi, Tom Byron, Mark Davis, Peter North, Jon Dough (Not credited on box)


Brad Armstrong, Jenna Jameson and Greg Steel, a trio of porn powerhouses who worked together on a handful of Wicked movies. A match made in Heaven? I don’t know if I would go that far, but they did seem to put together most of the elements needed to make a successful porn movie. It helps a lot to put the biggest star of the 90’s at the center of your flick. Add Armstrong’s sense of set design and Steel’s ability to shoot high quality movies. In this movie, Jenna plays a psycho bitch (A stretch?) obsessed with radio shrink played by Tiffany Million. I’m actually pretty impressed already with the song played over the opening credits. Jenna may not be the next Britney Spears, but as porn songs go, it’s not half bad.

Dr. Cypress (Million) hosts a love advice show and comes off about as cold as a penguin’s dong. Jenna calls in, boiling hot over some bitch who stole her man. When the doc summarily dismisses her, Jenna has a bit of a tantrum, but that kicks off the sex. Surrounded by candles, Jenna and Jon Dough hook up. She falls right to her knees and does her best to orally worship his fat cock. Very few women attack a dick with this much enthusiasm and when shot right, Jenna’s blowjobs are still some of the best every caught on film. (It helps that she’s easy on the eyes here.) He bends her over, pulls her arms back and grudge fucks her pussy until her knees are shaking. They move down to the floor and spoon for a long time, taking us to the end. For some reason, it’s not Jenna who takes his load, but Tiffany. She jerks his load right into her mouth and cleans off the last few drops. I think we know who the bitch on Jenna’s hit list is.

Tony Tedeschi is the overnight DJ at the station and he finds a way to pass the long hours. With the help of his producer, Jill Kelly, he fucks the night away. Jill looks quite comfortable down behind the console, licking his cock like a big candy stick. It would be easy for him to just let her finish him off, but Tony wants to make sure Jill has fun as well. He puts her up on his control panel and slips it into her. I do have to wonder a bit about this scene. They’re supposed to be fucking on the job right? So why take off all of their clothes? I know it’s porn and I probably shouldn’t even be thinking this, but isn’t the workplace the perfect spot for a hot, zipless fuck. (Yes Rog, but who wants to see fully clothed porn stars getting it on?) Tony ends up shooting his load between her tits. A little late night sex will really help pass the time.

While Tony and Jill are off having lunch, Jenna sneaks in, finds a dildo and makes herself comfortable. Looking fantastic, she spreads her legs and attacks that pussy with the shiny toy. Very nice scene for those of you like solo action as much as I do.

When the doctor starts her show, Jenna makes another call. This time, she asks about lesbian sex. Cut to a scene between Jenna and Patricia Kennedy. In a very shadowy scene with some light fog thrown in for visual effect, PK munches away on Jenna’s muffin, enjoying the treat before grinding her own girl parts on the blonde’s face. Taking the upper hand, Jenna assfucks the porn vet, shoving a pink dildo right up Patricia’s ass. This whole scene has the doc a bit fucked up and a little scared.

Jenna has even bigger plans in store for the radio station. After hiring a street walker, (Channone) she forces her way into the building, overpowers Tom Byron, makes him sign some mysterious document and then starts fucking him. Well paid and able to handle any cock, Channone works his dick while Jenna makes Tommy lick her shoe. This is during his Jesus Manson phase, so he’s pretty much a mess. That doesn’t stop him from dropping the hammer on the French tart’s tight twat. Jenna adds eye candy, enthusiasm and a touch of fem-dom to this scene. Just when I’m about ready to ask why Jenna would need to hire a whore for this action, Tom slips it where no man is allowed on Ms. J, right up Channone’s ass. When he pulls out and pops on her ass, Jenna sends her back to the gutter, moving her plan into the final phase.

Whatever is written on that piece of paper sure has Tiff upset. That’s not important now though, because Jenna makes a hard pass at Peter North and Mark Davis. Before we can really even think about what’s going on, she between their big cocks and going nuts. Giving great head helped to make Jenna a superstar and she isn’t afraid to show off those skills here. Even while being slam fucked, she is able to take cock deep into her throat and of course, happily accept a couple of semen deposits on her tongue. (Well, Davis hits her face, North just sort of dribbles all over her belly.)

Naturally, everything comes together in the end with Jenna and Tiffany squaring off one last time. In true porn style, it happens in the shower and it quickly turns into a total psycho-dyke out. There is a bit of an edge to this scene that I find very erotic. It also happens to be very well shot with a lot of kissing, nipple play and of course, plenty of aggressive hot talk from Jenna as she dominates her rival. No toys this time, but a lot of good finger fucking and a bit of spanking.

There are a few holes in this story that have me wondering. What was on that piece of paper that Jenna made Tom sign? Kind of a big hole when you think about it. Other than that, the story is rather interesting. Some of the fantasy looking scenes don’t quite fit with the others. (Why does the three way look like a dream when it is supposed to be something that actually happened?) OK, enough bitching, there is a more to like than to complain about. Jenna is at her best sexually in this movie, attacking Dough in the opening scene, outfucking a pair of studs in the three way and even bringing some serious heat to her two lesbian scenes. The final scene between Tiff and Jenna is very well shot and fits the tone of the story perfectly. Great picture quality and solid extras, combined with a good sexual effort make the Wicked One a top notch smut flick and an outstanding DVD.

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