The Cult


Vivid Entertainment
94 Mins
DIRECTOR: Ralph Parfait
THEMES: Lesbian Sex
STARS: Janine, Charlie, Halli Aston, Inari Vachs, Alexandra Silk, Natasha Blake, Bobby Vitale, Evan Stone, Tyce Bune, Steve Taylor
I have no idea if this movie is going to be any good, but I am very impressed by the picture on the cover. Janine is still one of the best looking models in all of porn. I�ve long given up the desire to see her actually get busy with guys on camera, so with that out of the way, I can enjoy the way she performs in her scenes. Sure, veggie stuff doesn�t generally turn my crank, but at least there is genuine heat and eye candy to enjoy. Speaking of eye candy, Halli Aston is also along for the ride. (And yes, I do miss seeing her in hetero scenes.) You know, looking at this cast, I�m starting to wonder if the Cult in the title is some sort of man-hating veggie club.(You know, Vivid Entertainment Group is shortened to VEG, someone call Mulder and open an investigation.)
We start with Inari Vachs, blindfolded and being teased by Evan Stone. He takes forever to actually get her panties off and when he finally does, he leaves the room. Apparently, Inari is having some strange visions of cult members entering the room, but in reality, it�s just Halli Ashton passing out religious literature. For some reason, Evan just leaves her tied up and we don�t watch them bone.
The next day, Inari relates the story to her friend Alexandra Silk. As soon as Alex hears about the chick at the door, she starts in about how she and her man, Tyce Bune have been studying with this church. That takes us to our first scene. While Charlie sits by watching, Alex and Tyce get it on. As always, Alex shows great energy in her scene, but this is a pretty average pairing overall. Tyce screws her and drops his load onto her tits.
Intrigued, Inari takes a trip to one of the services. Janine is the leader of this meditation happy congregation. Some freaky dialog, incense and robes are all the separate Janine from another veggie pairing with Halli Aston. When they finally get to it, there is plenty of eye candy. Halli looks fantastic and Janine just feasts on her luscious flesh. There is plenty of sex going on in the background, assuring us a messed up scene that just takes away from Janine and Halli. Why do directors do this?
Inari convinces Evan to join her at one of the meetings and things again take a turn towards the sexual. As things head up around them, Evan and Inari finally get down together. Form the looks of things, Inari didn�t need this cult to awaken her sexual beast. This chick just knows what to do with a dick in her mouth. Of course, this scene has the same sappy background music and grainy picture quality that has plagued the rest of the movie. They do some anal, with a minimal amount of background cut aways, but still, this just isn�t working.
Evan keeps right on fucking, this time taking Halli into a back room. Like I said before, Halli looks great here and without the crap in the background, we have a chance at a pretty hot scene. He starts out by going down on her, getting almost as good a reaction from the gorgeous redhead as Janine got. In turn, she pulls his cock out of his pants and gives it a rather rigorous handjob before the drops to her knees. The best oral footage comes with Halli lying on a table, her head hanging off the edge and his cock pumping her mouth full. Evan bends her over the table for a nicely shot fuck that ends with her butt covered in goo.
Bobby Vitale works for the cult, but isn�t pulling his weight. On the roof, Charlie and Janine torture the poor guy. When they find out he wears women�s underwear, they further torment him. This rather pathetic setup leads to yet another lesbian sex scene. Again, if it has to be veggie action, at least it�s two women who like fucking other chicks. Charlie is doing a really good job of keeping her hand over her tummy in this scene and the poor picture quality actually helps hide a lot of the stretch marks. (Too bad they can�t hide Janine�s tragic tat.) After Janine uses a strap on, Charlie uses both hands to cram a fat dildo up the long time lesbian queen�s pussy.
I�m really hoping this movie will end right about now, but we do get one final scene. Inari finds Bobby in the bathroom and is turned on by his panties. (Or some shit, at this point, who gives a fuck?) She gets down and sucks his cock like a proper porn slut, making it hard and ready to violate her every orifice. They turn in a nice performance, fucking in the cramped stall and later against the sink. I love the way Inari grinds back to meet his thrusts. Finally, he shoots a load all over her pretty face. A few more scenes like this and this movie wouldn�t have been such a colossal bore.
With a couple of exceptions, this movie doesn�t have enough sexual heat to overcome it�s numerous shortcomings. For starters, the picture quality is incredibly grainy and not nearly as good as other Vivid DVDs I�ve seen recently. Also, a number of the scenes are slowed down by background sexual action. I did like the last scene with Inari and Bobby. Halli also turns in a fine performance with Evan. The two Janine scenes will work for veggie lovers, but overall, this one is lukewarm sexually. If you�re looking for a plot, there is one here, it�s just not that good. Too much chanting and nonsensical dialog make for a very rocky road to salvation for members of this mostly veggie cult.
Vivid Entertainment

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