Buttman & Rocco Go To Montreal





140 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: John Stagliano & Rocco Siffredi
THEMES: Anal Sex, Butts
STARS: Jade, Tangerine Dream, Diamond Forever, Daisy Fox, Judy, Barbie Belle, Kimberly Franklin, Abbraxa, Trixy.
Those of us who remember Rocco before he became a huge director of smut flicks will also recall that he did some of his best work in Buttman vids. Using the Italian stud as the sexual arm of one of the most prolific combinations in porn history. With the master of gonzo video behind the camera and the hard charging super stud doing the fucking, B & R get set to go north of the border to teach those Canadian beavers what it feels like to be properly stuffed.
Up to their old tricks, Buttman and Rocco hit a park in Montreal and come away with a pair of hot babes, Jade and Barbie Belle. Blonde Barbie looks good except for a huge tat on her right shoulder. Jade is a huge titted Asian chick with an appetite for cock every bit as big as her rack. They actually manage to get in a little action in the park. Rocco can?t keep his hands off of Barbie on the ride home. (Or his dick out of her for that matter.) Jade has to wait until they get home, but then makes up for lost time. She?s got her tongue in her friend?s ass, helping Rocco juice that backdoor while blonde Barbie does her best to handle Rocco?s rod. As a stud, Rocco is known for fucking chicks hard and he drops the hammer on Barbie with everything he?s got. Jade finally gets her chance and squat fucks that big stick, shoving her tits into Rocco?s face and showing off her natural assets. Barbie gets a second fuck, even harder this time. To top that, Jade bends over and offers up her ass for some deep, sphincter stretching action. After giving the blonde a fuck in her tight ass, Rocco sprays a huge load of cum right in Barbie?s mouth. Jade is there, but can?t pull the shooting cock away from her friend. To make up for it, they share a cum soaked tongue kiss instead.
John takes off on his own, visiting the studio of ?the Abbraxa.? For those of who have no idea who Abbraxa is, she?s a Canadian amateur performer who is famous for extreme acts of depravity. Censorship laws are going to keep some of her act in check, but with the help of her little friend Trixy, the older and bolder brunette is set to put on quite a show. Live on the internet, Buttman shoots as Abbraxa has her big tits tied and her nipples clamped. Now it?s time for a round of stupid anus tricks as she shoves a huge buttplug and some ping pong balls up her ass. Hey, every now and then a change of pace is nice. I just wish we could have seen cute little Trixy get fucked a bit.
Buttman takes a stroll later that night and finds a very happening little strip club. Naturally, the girls give him some special attention, but even Buttman doesn?t bring out the true sluts like Rocco can. In no time at all, a couple of the hot dancers have his cock out and are giving it a playful tug. The management has him move to a more private location so we can cut between the stage show and the personal lap dance in the back. While the action at this point is a little under lit and cramped, but it?s supposed to be like that, very spontaneous and semi-public. Eventually, three of the girls, Tangerine Dream, Daisy Fox and Kimberly Franklin, line up on barstools for a better look. Rocco takes on all three of these babes, really lying into Kimberly who is by far the best looking of the trio. (Though I wouldn?t kick Daisy out of bed for eating crackers either.) This isn?t the best shot scene of the movie, but there a real, raw sexuality to it that is hard to resist. After some bone jarring anal, the three blondes share Rocco?s load, sucking out the final few drops.
We go back to Abbraxa?s place for some severe anal games. Check out the size of the toys this chick takes in her ass. Compared to the other scenes, this is a little too heavy on the freak show side of the scale for me. Still, if you like extreme anal, you may really enjoy this side trip.
There are still two more Canadian beavers to be skinned and like most of the others, Diamond Forever and Judy are both blondes. John runs into them on the corner while he is looking for the infamous Beaver Hall. After some extensive tease footage featuring Diamond?s big, beautiful, natural rack, Judy joins her. Since John is on his own, actual contact is limited, but this is fantastic tease footage. Rocco returns with him later to put the girls through a full work out. Judy is super cute in a perfect girl next door way until she opens her mouth. Braces would help this girl out. Diamond has that big, fleshy bottom that Buttman loves and a great set of tits to match. Rocco loves them both, burying his face in their buns and giving butt worshippers plenty to stare at. After the girls enthusiastically share his cock, Rocco piston fucks Judy?s pussy from below. Diamond?s tits get mauled when she?s being fucked. This is Rocco at his best, power fucking a couple of nice looking girls who really seem to get off on hard fucking. Judy?s ass is super tight, so he has to slow down a bit, but with patience and quite a bit of lube, she does end up taking him all in her backdoor. Another very nice scene.
For the most part, this is another fantastic fuck flick from the wonderfully twisted minds of Buttman and Rocco. Personally, the side trips into Abbraxa?s world did nothing for me. The other scenes though are gonzo porn perfection with outstanding sex, willing cock whores and deep anal. Most of the girls are big, fleshy types with full asses, big tits and the sort of bodies Buttman loves. With Rocco carrying the ball sexually, every scene has a lot of energy and gives the women the chance to show just how much dick they can take. I wouldn?t put it down as the very best Buttman movie ever, but this one is quite solid and will thrill anal sex lovers north and south of the border.


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