Violation Of Rachel Love



63 Mins
JM Productions
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Toys
STARS: Rachel Love, Tammi Ann, PJ Sparxx, Debi Diamond, Tia, Valeria, Sydney
Most of the Violation of movies I�ve seen recently have bee newer than this one. Going back to Rachel Love, we�re seeing one of the first in this line. I�m guessing that a lot of you have never heard of Rachel Love. On the other hand, I�ll bet you�ve heard of Tammi Ann, Debi Diamond and PJ Sparxx. The first two women are well known as two of the hottest on screen fucks porn has ever seen. PJ may not be known for setting the world on fire with her fucking, but she didn�t have to. When you look like her, you can just smile and get over. The star of our show, Rachel Love, is somewhere in between these two extremes, cute enough to get work, but also on the nastier side of the spectrum sexually.
This movie starts out a little differently than the others in this series. Rachel opens with a little solo scene that is scratchy and has dialog that we really can�t hear. That finishes and then we begin the movie. Valeria and Sydney are a couple of construction workers who look a lot better than they probably should given their chosen profession. With some time to kill, they decide to take a little snack break. It�s interesting to note how porn chicks have changed in the last five years. Neither of these girls are overly beautiful, but they really get into the finger fucking. Also of note is how far JM Productions has come. The lighting in this scene, though certainly adequate, is nothing like they have now. It�s good to see a company make enough money to improve their technical quality, but still keep the filthy intact. After a long finger session, the girls break out the toys on each other and finish things off in fine style.
Now we get Rachel, pretty, innocent Rachel, passing an all-girl construction site. The dykes chase her down, drag her inside and have their way with the busty blonde. Rachel is a little soft, even a gad overweight by porn standards, but she has plenty of soft flesh to pinch and nibble on. They break out strap ons right away, forcing her to suck, but there really isn�t enough organization here to keep things running smoothly. PJ Sparxxx (pre implant and looking fucking gorgeous) gets behind Rachel�s big ass and pumps. At the other end, she�s forced to take several dildos in her mouth, but the shadows end up obscuring most of the action. Over the years, Jim Powers has figured out exactly how to shoot this sort of scene so we get the best view of the action. However, this early effort is a bit choppy. With Debi Diamond and Tammi Ann in the crowd, you know that the filthy factor is high. These two blondes take charge and make sure that Rachel is a well oiled, totally fucked piece of dyke desert. They make her wear a buttplug with a tail, slap her big tits and finally make her sing. Whatever she�s singing is hard to hear, but I kind of doubt it matters much. They finish up by rubbing cake all over her body.
It�s amazing how far JM Productions has come with this series. While not a bad movie, Rachel�s violation isn�t nearly the stoke fest that later volumes have become. Ms. Love is soft, a tad overweight, but still very do-able. The problem is that the sex isn�t particularly well shot. During the big lesbian gang bang, some great action from Debi and Tammi Ann is lost by bad camera angles and a big mess of disorganized flesh. Big fans of the series might still enjoy this, but there are a lot of better entries to be seen.

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