A Bevy Of Blondes


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140 Mins

Evil Angel


DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark

THEMES: Euro-babes, blondes, anal sex




STARS: Erika, Sophie Angel, Nikki Blond, Christal, Nannes Beaumont, Judith Key, Christoph Clark, David Perry, Alberto Rey, Leslie Taylor, Renato


Christoph Clark is probably my least favorite director currently working under the Evil Angel banner. Of course, since they have the best line up in porn, he’s got some tough competition. Clark shoots hard-core anal movies, with more gapes per scene than anyone else I can think of. He also manages to find some pretty beautiful Euro-babes for most of his movies. This collection of overseas blondes looks pretty good and we all know they are going to have the living shit fucked out of them before the day’s done.

It’s hard to understand the first woman as she introduces herself, but I think this is Nannes. She has long blonde hair and sharp features to go along with a thin body. Apparently she is an artist and David Perry is there to pose for her. He’s got other things on his mind and starts stroking his cock while she sketches him. It takes her a while, but she finally warms to his obvious advances, changing into some lingerie and teasing him with some finger play. When he takes over, David rams two fingers into her ass, getting it ready for bigger things to come. Her pussy goes first as they fuck in front of a mirror. (Giving us some nice shots.) The power in this relationship has clearly changed hands as he holds his cock steady while she lowers her ass down to the root. After a few gape shots, they roll onto their sides so we can get a very close shot of the action. The tight shots in this scene are great, but I would like to have seen a few longer ones mixed in as well. He finally pulls out and rains cum all over her stretched and abused asshole.

The next girl is Nikki Blond (Nice on screen ID) and she’s busy taking a shower. After letting her man watch for a while, she joins him on the couch. Nikki also has fairly sharp features and is very thin. To get her man in the mood, she crawls across the floor, cozying up to him and taking his cock from his trousers. The pretty babe starts licking it like a lollipop. As the camera comes around to show her ass, Nikki slides up into his lap and starts riding hard. They stop fucking long enough for her to lean back and play with her pussy some more. This is really well shot and has everyone ready to see her get fucked in the ass. It takes a while to get there, but when he does finally drop the hammer, he just wrecks that pretty butt, The best footage comes at the end when she’s squatting on his prick. For the pop, he shoots all over a glass table, then watches as she licks it up.

Sophie Angel is another (you guessed it) blonde babe is thrilled to see her man (Clark) come home. Already nearly naked, she jumps into his arms and plants a big kiss on his lips. Every guy should be lucky enough to a woman this pretty greet him with a kiss and a wet blowjob. A longer blowjob from this babe would have been great, but he wants her so bad he just takes her standing up. He spins her around, scoops her up and holds her in his arms, using her weight to fuck that hole. Of the three girls so far, Sophie is the best looking and as good a fuck as you could hope to see. Her black thigh high stockings are a bit of a turn on as well. Clark fucks her pussy from every angle he can think of before letting Sophie suck her own cum from his cock. If you can believe it, he never actually gets to her ass, pulling out and shooting all over her pussy instead. This is still the best scene so far.

Erika and Judith Key double up for the next scene. Both of these women are, yes folks, blonde. I don’t know which is which, but both of them are quite pretty. They share a bed and a whole lot more. One of the babes dons a big strap on and starts playing rough with her lovely pal. It’s pretty good strap on action, but not quite enough for one of the horny babes. That leaves her alone in bed as the horny girl waits for her man to come home in the final scene. I guess that’s sort of a theme in this movie. In Europe, hot blonde chicks lie in beg wearing their hottest lingerie, waiting for their loves to come home. (Yeah, but they don’t all shave their pits and they love soccer, it’s a trade off.) He spends a long time between her parted thighs, warming her up for more. That gets his cock nearly all the way hard and this cutie finishes the job with a solid blowjob. The best shots in this scene come when she’s being fucked from behind hard enough to nearly go flat on the bed. A shot across her tits closes things out.

Christal is our last blonde and she’s a very attractive young thing. Her shoulder length hair frames her face nicely, making up for a couple of tattoos on her otherwise perfect skin. She is used as a little persuasion in a business deal between a couple of dudes. Down on her knees, she earns her keep, sucking cock like a pro while still looking (nearly) like the girl next door. Her man finally gets back into the game, giving Christal a pair of hard cocks to work on. Though she could use a little meat on her bones, Christal looks good getting poked from behind. While she’s riding, the guys are pulling her cheeks apart, exposing that rosebud and giving us a glimpse of where the dick goes next. Christal takes cock in her ass like it’s her favorite thing in the world. Both guys take turns on her butt, stretching it out one at a time. Eventually, they DP her in both holes and empty their throbbing members onto her face.

I liked this movie a lot more than other Clark efforts. That may or may not be good for fans of his work. The first thing I noticed was that there are fewer gape shots here than usual. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some very well worn assholes in this movie. Not all of the girls get plugged in the ass, but those who do get pumped pretty damn hard. Some of the women in this one are really pretty and most have that naturally racked, rarely tatted look that we love so much. For my money, Sophie Angel is the best combination of face, body and sexual energy. With great picture quality, a good looking cast and well shot, hard sex, this is a really good wall to wall movie that looks excellent on DVD.


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