Jewel Raider



85 Mins
Nu Tech
THEMES: Action, Martial Arts, Mainstream Parody
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Venus, Nicole Sheridan, Dominca Leoni, Voodoo, Rick Rhodes & Mike Horner.

With the success of Tomb Raider at the box office, you knew that porn was going to have a few of their own comic book/video game versions. So far, this is the first one that I have seen and it appears, at least initially, that it’s more than just a girl dressed up in shorts and boots on the cover. Granted, Venus isn’t exactly Angelina Jolie, but there looks to be some money and time devoted to making this a hard-core movie with cool action as well as hot sex. As the credits roll, Venus dances seductively for a guy, then quickly knocks him off so she can steal some files from his computer. After some kung-fu fighting, she returns to base where her technically savvy partner, Voodoo, is waiting.
Naturally, they find a successful mission to be erotically stimulating and move into the first scene. Lifting her dress to get access to her waiting slit, Voodoo warms her up with his mouth for some easy entry. The lighting is very couples-friendly with a lot of blue and shadow, but Venus is flexible and energetic as she gets dicked. All the bottled up adrenaline after the mission has her bucking and rolling around while Voodoo does his best to pound away on her action starved twat. It’s clear she didn’t just pick him for his technical expertise. This adventure seeking heiress likes the big dick and she likes it hard. To reward him for a job well done, Venus sucks his cock and makes her face available for a big splash of cum that sprays her chin and tongue. (I wish the lighting were less artistic for this shot.)
Setting up a power meeting with Mike Horner, Laura seems to be getting into a sticky situation. He has, or may have, some artifact that she wants. Naturally, he doesn’t cooperate and warns her to stay out of his business. If you think she is going to heed this warning, then you really have the wrong idea about this movie. Back at his place, Horner keeps Dominica Leoni caged up as a pretty little plaything. He has a great time stripping her and admiring her flesh, but cums after three strokes in her hot pussy. When he leaves her, the poor girl is abused, if you can all it that, by a while wielding Laura. Intent on extracting information from her pretty captive, she licks her up and down, teasing her to the very edge. With a big dildo and vibrator, Dominica is in for a long night, but seems to love every minute of it. Eventually, Venus rolls over into a piledriver and gets just as hard as she gave. This enthusiastic lesbian pairing gets her all the information she needs and Laura is off to get that artifact.
When Venus and Voodoo get to Horner’s lair, they both take place in some pretty well shot fight scenes with good choreography and that sexy little outfit on our heroine. After kicking some serious ass, Voodoo has to take on Nicole Sheridan and she would rather fuck him to death than fight him. She’s a few inches taller than he is and takes the upper hand early, forcing him to his knees. (Like a lot of guys would have to be forced to go down on this babe.) After working her up, Voodoo stands and lets Nicole do what she does best. Starting with his balls, she works her tongue up to the head of his cock then devours him. Her blowjob is so hot even Nicole gets turned on and has to rub her pussy. She’s still in control as they start to fuck, at least at first. After banging her at her pace, Voodoo gains the upper hand, bends the tall blonde over and slams into her from behind. He even fucks her ass for a while before shooting his load on her belly just as she passes out.
Laura is still working her way through the lair and does some cool gunfighter moves before her final face off with Horner. They fight for a second or two with Laura landing on his face. He starts licking her crotch and she rips the shorts open to give up the pussy. That weakens her enough for him to flip her onto her back and really lay the tongue to that wet vag. Once her passions are aroused, Laura is demanding and wants his dick in her mouth. Working it from totally soft to throbbing hard, she really gives a stellar blowjob. The sexual energy is very high and focused in a way that fits with their combative relationship. After fucking her had, Horner drops a load on her tits and is dropped like a bad habit.
I was a little confused by the casting of Venus at first. She’s good looking and all, but I thought that a bigger star would make a better Laura Croft. However, the action sequences prove that she was perfectly cast. Venus moves really well and makes the fight and gun scenes the highlight of this movie. I liked the sex as well because it had all of the proper emotion and motivation that you would expect from a movie like this. Some of the scenes could have been lit a bit better, but overall they work well. Nicole Sheridan really adds a great spark in her scene. If ever a woman could fuck a guy to death, she may be it. While AVN is bound to overlook this movie and give awards to lame artsy fucking movies, this one should be considered one of the better features of the year. I just hope they bring back this X-Rated Laura and really run her through the sexual ringer.

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