Dp Virgins- Intruders



73 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
JM Productions
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Gina Ryder, Brandi Lyons, Crystal Sky, Marc Davis, Vince Vouyer, Marc Cummings, Scott Lyons, Dick Nasty, Jay Ashley

This seems to be the week for doing JM Productions stuff. Since I just did two American Bukkake movies, I thought I would grab one that looked a little more my speed. I guess it’s kind of funny when a DP Virgin series is the most mainstream porn title in the collection, but that’s the way things are with JM these days. With so many DPs in porn today, this line takes women who supposedly haven’t been double porked before and pops their two at once cherries. I don’t know if there is any way to confirm their virgin status, but then again, does it really matter? Now if they were taking actual virgins and breaking them in with DP action, THAT would be something. (And we can all hear Jim Powers scribbling the idea down frantically.)
We start with Gina Ryder writing bed. Through voice over, we hear her talk about dreaming of women fucking two men. Simple, to the point and it leads us to the first scene. First comes blonde Crystal Sky. She’s already got two dicks in her mouth when we cut to her, so who knows why she’s fucking two dudes. (Because they are there? Because she was short on cash when the cable and milk guy showed up? Because rent was due?) This girl is pretty cute with nice legs and a great set of tits. She also has a pretty face, though it’s tough to see it through the wall of dick. They hit her at both ends while she’s on her hands and knees, giving us a great shot of her body from the side. Reverse cowgirl gives us a new angle and show off a shaved and very pretty pussy. Even as the guys move around and her ass gets filled, Crystal has a pretty, fresh look about her. She’s got me ready to see her in other movies already. DP doesn’t seem to be a problem for Crystal and her ass gives a bit of a gape in between positions. I like the spoon anal because she sucks dick and gives us great eye contact while having that tight ass stretched. To cap off her first DP, the guys shoot big loads all over her pretty face. After only one scene, I’ve certainly seen enough to know that Crystal is a nasty little slut who looks good stuffed with cock.
Gina’s dreams continue, this time with Brandi Lyons taking on two hard dicks. The tiny titted brunette has her make up on pretty thick in this scene, but she needs the extra layer to fend off the slobber she’s working up as she sucks both cocks. Brandi is working on some blonde dude and her own private dick, Scott Lyons. This guy is one of the scariest looking suitcase pimps in all of porn. Eat something dude, fuck. I guess being skinnier than your dick is a good way to make the member look bigger, but this is just sad. Brandi isn’t a bad looking girl, but most of her porn points come from her willingness to do whatever it takes to make a big cock happy. The second guy isn’t as big as Scott, but it gives her something for her pussy while he stuffs her mouth. Scott gets his first shot when she rides his lap, keeping the second guy warm and wet in her hungry mouth. The smaller guy replaces Scott, warming up Brandi’s ass for the DP to come. After a brief double dip, he sits around watching the other guy sodomize his wife. That must excite him because he hops back in, finishes the DP and then joins his pal in creaming all over her face. This is pretty average stuff, nothing spectacular at all.
Finally Gina gets some double dick action for herself. Vince Vouyer and Marc Davis step up to give her plenty of seasoned porn fuck meat to play with. Marc works on her ass, fingering it with a pair of digits and spanking her cheeks until they are nice and ready to be violated. Going straight for the booty, Marc fills Gina’s ass slowly, letting her get used to feeling before really pumping her pooper. After a few strokes, he pulls out and makes her taste it. That out of the way, Gina mounts Vince and lets him just pound the fuck out of her waiting pussy. Gina is certainly the most energetic fuck in this movie and she looks pretty good with hard dicks stuffed in both holes. If she’s a DP virgin, then I would say that Ms. Ryder has found her true calling in life. Check out the look on her face when they pull her legs high in the air. This is no gentle DP, but Gina is totally digging the ride. After they pull a little anal to A2M train, Marc finishes her off with a vigorous bout of ass fucking that ends with his load on her face, soon to be joined by Vince’s seed. Great facial to close a very impressive DP.
There are only three girls in this movie and two of them turn in very good scenes. Gina does the best job sexually, and Crystal is the best looking. That leaves Brandi sort of on the outside. Her scene isn’t bad at all, but the other two are much better. I’ll be looking for Crystal in other movies. Gina fans who have been waiting to see her get drilled at both ends will finally get to see what they’ve been waiting for.


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