Debauchery 11




140 Mins

DIRECTOR: Jean Yves LeCastel


THEMES: Euro Babes, Anal Sex




STARS: Vanessa Desiree, Kelly White, Cathy, Jane, Lola, Olga X, Robert Rosenberg, Ian Scott, Chris Mountain, David


When it comes to all Euro all sex videos, the folks at Diabolic have a winner with the Debauchery line. Some of these chicks make it to the States, but a lot of them are totally fresh faces to US audiences. With some well hung Euro-studs doing the fucking, a good time is virtually guaranteed for all. Beyond that, there is isn’t much to say. It’s not like anyone is trying to pretend there is a story in these tapes. It’s just babe after babe coming into a room, looking as sexy as possible, then giving it up for some dude. That’s about as simple as it gets, but when it works, you’ve got a great jerk off movie on your hands.

Lola is a very average looking woman who looks to be pushing thirty in the face. From the neck down though, she’s quite attractive, especially if you dig long legs. After she runs her hands up and down those legs, two naked Euro guys hop into bed with her. They are already rock hard and ready to fill her waiting holes. One of the guys licks her ass while she slurps on a stiff prick. Since he’s back there already, the first guy just shoves his dick into her pussy. Lola doesn’t seem to notice him all that much, but we do get a nice close up of the action when he moves his rod into her ass. I’d say this babe has had dick in her butt a time or two before. Tired of the blowjob, the other guy lifts her into his lap where her ass opens easily for his member. This position leaves her open for some DP action as well. Nice shot scene, but there is only moderate heat as the guys finally finish up, dropping cum onto her waiting face. If you’re a fan of gaping assholes, this one has a lot of footage for you to like, but Lola just seems to be going through the motions and that pretty much kills it for me.

Olga is younger and cuter, so things are a step better right out of the gate. She’s got a big, natural rack and a curvy ass on her. After fingering both of her holes, Olga is joined by two guys who immediately stick their cocks into her mouth and pussy. She shows a bit more energy than the first girl, but isn’t going to set the world on fire with her enthusiasm. The DP does look good, especially if you like very tight holes being stretched by a pair of invading rods. Again, the gape shots abound and she takes twin cum blasts on her smiling face.

Jane keeps things moving in the right direction looks wise. Like the other girls, she gets two cocks to play with, but at least they come into the room dressed first. As the best looking girl so far Jane has an advantage right out of the gate. I like the way she keeps up the eye contact with each guy as her head moves back and forth between hard dicks. Her ass easily takes three fingers so I imagine she’s going to be just fine when it comes to taking cock in that butt. As I suspected, Jane’s ass is easy access. The guy behind her pulls out the way out and shoots it back in like he’s playing lawn darts on her back forty. OK, here is something a little different. She opens her mouth and lets one of the guys spit into it. No thank you, please go back to fucking her ass like a respectful meat puppet. When she gets down onto the floor with her ass high in the air, the guys take turns using her ass. It takes them a while to finally cum, but when they do, Jane plays with it for a long time after the shots.

Scene four starts with two dudes playing ping pong while cover girl Vanessa watches. As soon as they stop playing, she gets down on her knees and starts sucking their cocks. She has a lot of freckles on her face, but her eyes are lovely and she has a tall, slim body. Both of these guys are packing pretty good size, but she treats them wonderfully. That earns her a healthy dose of lube for her soon to be violated ass. That ass really gets rocked. Vanessa rides a guy while his thick cock stretches her ass. This is easily the best looking and the hottest scene of the movie. All the while, she’s slurping away on another oversized fuckstick with those pretty lips. It’s hard to imagine both of these guys fitting in her holes, but they do, Vanessa while she’s still standing. The one on one anal action is just fucking hot, including some gapes if that’s your thing. With a couple of sticky shots fired at her open mouth, we get the highlight of the movie.

Kelly and Cathy team up to reverse the two on one trend. Both of these blondes are pretty nice looking and Cathy has some fantastic boobs. This lucky fellow has plenty to play with as she works them into a frenzy. These girls seem new to the double blowjob because they keep bumping heads a they pass his cock back and forth between their mouths. I don’t know why they buried these two at the end of the tape, they are good looking and enjoy riding cock. Neither them is going to win any awards for the wildest or loudest fuck on the planet, but with tight bodies and sweet asses ready to be pumped, I’m not about to complain too much. Nice doggy anal for both girls with some A2M partner action. Yeah, it must be nice to go from one babe’s tight ass and into the other’s wet mouth. After he fucks them both and gets some good gapes going, the guy unloads a full stream of DNA all over their waiting smiles.

I’m a little disappointed in the quality of women in this tape. They aren’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but until the final two scene, they are pretty average and I expect more from Diabolic than average chicks. The best looking girls are towards the end, including a couple of real lookers in the final scene. Personally, I would front load a movie like this to keep the strokers happy, but we all know I don’t know a damn thing about porn. Good camera work and a very clear picture make this a technically sound video, but there are much better volumes of this series.

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