Teen Tryouts 6




115 Mins

DIRECTOR: Glen Thomas

Devils Films

THEMES: New Girls, Teens, Outdoor Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Victoria Woods, Violet Blue, Tabitha Stern, Samantha Idol, Aurora Snow,


This is a teen series I haven’t seen before, so I thought I would check it out. Devils Films is one of those companies who has never responded to an email, but they put out some good movies. I don’t know if this one will be good or not, but the title caught my eye when I was doing a search for new Aurora Snow titles. Yes, I admit it, I’m smitten with the young teen and her perfect body, cute smile and mischievous eyes. When I got the movie, Tabitha Stern’s picture also caught my attention. She looks like a young Nicki Charm on the box. If she looks half as cute inside as out, we should have a second reason to want to get to the action.

Victoria Woods is up first. As she struts around the pool in a pink bikini, we get a small picture in picture of her telling us a little about herself. She’s nineteen, from Arizona and a self professed river rat. She lies on a raft in the pool, rubbing her pussy for a few moments before a cock is popped in her waiting mouth. Victoria is very quite as she sucks this guy, even after she moves him to the side of the pool. Even as she rides his lap, looking pretty good, if a tad soft around the middle, she is painfully quiet. Things pick up a bit as the scene goes on and Victoria looks quite good the whole time. There is certainly enough potential here to make want to see this babe again very soon. The best thing she does is take a big load on her mouth at the end of the scene.

Violet Blue is a nineteen year old girl who bounces in with her cheer uniform on. There is a great energy during her interview. She’s pretty, bubbly and says she can’t wait to become a porn star. When she finally gets face to face with a cock, Violet shuts right and shoves the head of that prick right between her lips. They have her shed the uniform for this, keeping on just her shoes and panties. Her tight little pussy slips easily over the spit slicked rod as she rides him. (Showing off a tattoo just above the crack of her ass.) We get a nice shot of her legs during some standing doggy, but it’s her face and ass that are really impressive. No matter how hard he fucks her little box, Violet just seems ready to take even more cock. I love the shot of her on her stomach on the stairs, legs together, squeezing his cock and he pounds away.

Samantha Idol is a tall, classy looking girl from Northern California. She towers over Bobby Vitale who quickly fixes that by tossing her onto the bed. He gets to know her pussy really well with his mouth before sliding up to kiss her pretty face. The pretty girl is a low key cock sucker who looks great with a dick in her mouth. She also looks good riding, especially sticking her ass out as she glides up and down on Bobby’s pole. When he turns her around, those legs just seem to go on forever. You know how much I dig chicks with long legs and good sized real tits, so naturally, she has already passed the audition in my book. When he’s banging her mish, we get a look at a super fine body that was built for pleasure. After pounding her so hard she flattens on her belly, Bobby rolls her over and cums all over those perfect tits. Yet another babe to watch for.

Tabitha Stern does look a little like Nicki Charm did years ago, with her little pixie body, huge smile and natural little titties. At nineteen, she’s a former gymnast and cheerleader. Oh man, that’s all I need. Do the splits cutie. I like her personality during the interview, but when she goes inside and starts touching herself, that’s when things get really interesting. A guy joins her, licking her pussy for a while before feeding her his already hard cock. I really like Tabitha’s tight little body, especially since she isn’t all tatt’ed up and has a cute face to go with it. As they move to the fucking, the water comes in handy, keeping them cool as the bang with a great deal of intensity. Tabitha is a strong girl who can really work her thighs as she squat fucks. After a great standing doggy, she squats, holds her mouth wide open and takes a load right on her waiting tongue.

This is where the Aurora Snow scene should be and since she is one of my favorite girls right now, I was looking forward to it. However, the scene fades to black and doesn’t seem to want to come back on. After nearly five minutes of black screen, it finally comes back. If this happens on your tape, don’t give up. If anyone is worth the wait, it’s lovely Aurora. Since she says she’s an exhibitionist, they set up her try out in the outdoors. They spread out a blanket and let the lovely teen open her legs and gently begin to caress her soft parts. She looks absolutely stunning and it’s a wonder the male talent let her pose so long before jumping to get a taste. When finally allowed in, Rick Masters dives between her perfect thighs and makes a meal out of Aurora’s pretty pussy. I don’t know, but she may have climbed up my personal ladder faster than anyone since Cherry Mirage. When she takes over and starts sucking his cock, Rick holds her long, beautiful hair out of the way for the best view. She could give more eye contact, but her hand and mouth work is the best I’ve seen in some time. Besides, it always looks like she’s just so focused on the cock in her mouth that she can’t help but concentrate on it. Taking advantage of her long legs, they have her lie on her side for some spooning that gives us a great view of that body and her smooth, pale flesh. When it’s her turn to get up and ride, Aurora does so with great energy, showing off legs, tits and a face that completes the perfect porn picture. Letting Rick take over, she gets on her hands and knees where that lovely ass can be seen over his shoulder. After an all too quick mish fuck, she happily takes a big load on her pretty face. Drooling fan-dom aside, Aurora is the hottest teen in a very strong field.

Even before we get to Aurora, this is a really impressive movie and a great collection of teen dreams. Violet really impressed me with her energy and I would watch her again in a heartbeat. The same goes for Tabitha Stern, I’ll be looking for her in other videos. Obviously, Aurora pushed this one over for me. Her scene looks great, is well shot and outdoors, making it just about perfect. A very good video became excellent thanks to this incredible teen who is running away with top rookie honors for 2001. Thanks to the good cast and solid sex, I’d put this series onto the list of titles I’ll be watching in the future.

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