Smorgasbord Of Sodomy




140 Mins


Extreme Associates

THEMES: Anal Sex, Euro-Babes, Multi-Girl Scenes, Interracial Sex.




STARS: Temptress, India, Roxanne Hall, Stephanie B, Meka, Malitia, Leanni Lei, Teri Starr, Alex Dane, Jewel Valmont, Phyllisha Anne, Nikita Denise, Monica, Jessica Darlin, Jewel De’Nyle


Tom Byron’s Whack Attack series is one of the best wall to wall, raincoater lines in all of porn. So, a compilation of highlights from this series was inevitable. Of course, with all these great scenes to choose from, it should also be a slam dunk. Byron has pulled some of the hottest women he’s shot for this tape. I just hope the collection is as good as some of the individual tapes. If there is one worry, it’s that this seems to be a collection of the multi-girl scenes and too often in porn, even good directors pair hot chicks with less than hot chicks, bringing down the overall average.

We start with a two on one scene between Teri Starr, Roxanne Hall and Byron. Roxanne is a lot prettier than Teri, but both women are wonderfully slutty, so that’s not such a bad combination. As Tom pumps Roxanne’s shaves pussy, Terri rubs her clit, licks her nipples and even strokes his shaft. Hell, she even gets her face down in there to lick her asshole. Of course, Roxanne isn’t one of those pretty girls who runs around acting prissy. She gets in close while Teri takes it in the ass and is more than happy to take half of the cum on her pretty face.

Sean Michaels showed up to work one day with three hot chicks to fuck. Even better than that, Alex Dane was one of them and Temptress was another. (Malitia is the third and she’s the average anchor here.) Oddly enough, through most of the footage we get here, Sean is fucking the blonde while the two actually hot chicks go after each other. Eventually he sees Alex waving her ass in the air as she licks up Temptress’ juices. After banking little Alex for a while, he moves over and pumps the tall brunette so full of cock she’s nearly screaming. The real fun begins when he lines up all three women on their hands and knees and fucks his way down the row. Finally, Alex gets that tight little ass of her fucked. This is clearly highlight reel material as Sean feeds ten inches of black snake into her butthole. After ramming that ass, he shoots most of his load onto Temptress’ face. Alex and Temptress make this scene work really well.

Reversing the interracial angle, Tom has Meka and India working over Luciano’s cock with their young, hungry mouths. These two dark skinned, naturally breasted babes are quite nice to look at. They also make a good combination. India is stunning and Meka is a cute little porn spinner, giving Looch plenty of reasons to be glad he got out of bed on this morning. As India lies back, Meka shoves her ass back against Luciano, giving him her pussy, but rubbing her ass in anticipation. When it’s time for the pettier girl to get boned, Meka licks her pussy, fingers Looch’s butt and licks his asshole. Of course, even India’s ass gets cock in this scene and it’s a beautiful thing. Great shot from above as she rides him in sort of an upside down missionary position, then later with her legs straight up in the air. Both women share the load, but Meka is clearly happier about the taste of cum than her beautiful partner.

Sean is back, this time having his cock sucked by Jewel Valmont (Now known as Eva Vincent) and Phyllisha Anne. They pass his cock back and forth, giving lots of nice eye contact. Both girls assist each other in taking that long cock, though Phyllisha doesn’t seem to have much trouble at all. Nice doggy for Jewel with the thinner girl licking her ass as added incentive. Phyllisha takes it in the ass with absolutely not hesitation, riding his long cock then rolling onto her side to let Sean have his way with her tight back road. After giving Jewel’s butt equal time, Sean drops a small load on their faces as the girls lock tongues.

One of my favorite girls, Leanni Lei, is next, but has to share her scene with the less than brilliant Stephanie B. As the blonde sucks Luciano’s cock, poor Leanni is relegated to ass licking and ball sucking. Maybe I should say poor Looch since he misses out on feeling Leanni’s pouty lips around his cock. Seeing both asses turned up his inspection, Looch goes digging in Leanni’s tight hole. If I were in the scene, I’d be ready to kick Stephanie to the curb, but Luciano stays professional and gives the blonde a good poke before hitting the good stuff. After a short ride, the pint sized prick pleaser is back down licking ass as the other girl gets it in her butt. Getting not nearly enough screen time, Leanni still manages to look awesome sharing a big load of cum on her pretty face and sucking out the final few drops.

For another unbalanced three way we get Nikita Denise paired with Monica. Actually Monica isn’t bad at all, but Nikita is enough woman for any many to handle. Great eye contact from Nikita as she goes deep on his hard cock. This is one of the few scenes in this compilation that has the digital strobing look that I hate so much. Luckily, it doesn’t get in the way of the sex too often. Lee Stone buries his nose between both sets of Euro-buns, getting them ready with his tongue and fingers. I’ve got news for you Lee, that cock of yours is a whole lot bigger than any finger, but I think the girls will manage somehow. Since they have their asses high in the air, Lee goes after the pussies from behind, slamming Nikita hard in the best footage of the scene. Watching Lee shove his cock up the sexy brunette’s as sit quite hot, but Monica is almost in the way. Her heat isn’t as high as Nikita’s and it would have been better as a one on one scene. Not the best scene in the video, but still a lot of great anal footage and it gets high marks thanks to Nikita and the cum swapping kiss at the end.

Nikita comes right back for the final scene, this time sharing the screen with Jewel De’Nyle an the always fantastic Jessica Darlin. Few women in porn look like they’re having half as much fun as Jessica does when she’s working a cock with her mouth. All three women are anxious for Tom’s cock, but it’s Jess who does the little things like fingering Nikita’s ass and tasting it, who really pushes this over the top. Jewel has been taking it in the ass a lot lately, but she’s still not nearly the kind of ass slut that Nikita is. For the second straight scene, she ends up getting her rectum wrecked for a very long time. Each girl takes a taste of his cock straight from her ass, so A2M fans will want to save up for this bit of footage. Jewel gets up for some nice anal cock riding, but it’s the pretty faces of the other two women I find most appealing. (Yes, even as they suck ass juice of his cock.) Finally he gives Jessica a try and finds that in this case, blondes are even more fun to fuck in the ass. We all have our favorites, but I don’t think anyone in porn turns in anal scenes that are any better than Jessica does. When she’s on top, her hips move and it’s like she’s jerking a guy off with her asshole. She is the strongest of three very hot butt sluts in this scene and takes her share of the facial with a big smile. Three hot chicks, one hard cock, this is a great way to end a compilation tape.

For anyone who has missed the Whack Attack series to this point, this compilation tape will bring you up to date on the kind of great action you can expect. While not my favorite scenes from the series, this is a very solid collection, focusing on multi-girl action. The two on one and three on one format gives us some great combinations, like the final three way, but also gives us unbalanced scenes. Cutting away from Leanni for a B level girl is just not acceptable to discerning strokers. Still, the anal action is fantastic, the facials are good and for the most part, the cast puts this over the top. Use this tape as a primer, then check out the action you’ve missed.

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