124 Mins
DIRECTOR: Nicholas Steele
Ultimate/Adam & Eve
THEMES: Doctors, Couples Porn
STARS: Stevie, Adriana Sage, Nic Manning, Wanda Curtis, Mark Davis, Joel Lawrence, TJ Hart, Lee Stone, Mari, Dale DeBone

Last year, Kevin Bacon starred in the up to the minute Invisible Man story, ‘The Hollow Man.’ While the technology on that movie was great, the story was weak. Since this is porn, I don’t expect the invisibility technology or the story to be as good as in that flick, but it has something going for it that HM didn’t�sex. With super hot Stevie and always nasty Adriana Sage in the cast, I am hoping that the sex will be as impressive as the visuals should be. Director Nicholas Steele has given us some great looking movies in the past. I hope this is another, but most of all, I hope the sexual heat hasn’t been forsaken in favor of invisible chicks.
Joel Lawrence and Adriana Sage are both working on the invisibility project. It takes a while to get to the first sex scene, but if you like visual effects in your porn, you’ll be impressed with how this is edited together. The first scene comes about twelve minutes into the movie and has Dale DeBone and Stevie all decked out in kinky leather/latex fetish get ups. They are joined by nurse TJ Hart for a steamy three way. Sexually, this scene is brought down a notch in my eyes because it’s intentionally shot and paced for the cable market. Yes, it’s crisp and looks very cool, but this is porn and if you can’t stroke to it, it’s not much good. TJ and Stevie are intent on giving him a great blowjob and busty Stevie is nice eye candy. Mostly, the quick cut edits, blue tint and slow motion drain the heat right out of the action. Even a big load launched onto Stevie’s face can’t be enjoyed because it’s also slo-mo.
There is a very long segment leading to the first successful invisibility test. I think someone is in love with the electronic voice filter. TJ Hart ends up in a room with Lee Stone. He’s on a hospital bed, so we can assume he’s a test subject. Naturally, TJ takes a look under the sheet just as he wakes up and the fun begins. The horny scientist is thrilled by his long cock and drops her mouth to please him orally. Too bad the action is mostly slowed down because TJ is the kind of girl who really lights up when she gets to play with a big one. Once she gets it hard, TJ hops on and starts riding hard. Most of this is in full motion without a lot of add cuts, so there is some strokeable smut here. When they roll over, the camera zooms in close to watch Lee shove his cock in and pull it all the way out about a dozen times. After a long doggy fuck, he shoots his load all over her ass.
Now things get really cheesy. Not only do we get the soft piano music and fantasy montage, but Adriana is actually supposed to be playing the piano as she visualizes fucking her dream doctor, Nic Manning. Adriana is such a great sexual performer, watching her suck cock from the creative, softcore angles and in slow motion, is almost painful. Somehow her sexual fantasy ends early because it helps her discover the key to making this invisibility thing work.
She rushes down to the lab, strips off her clothe and takes some of the serum. This makes her invisible, but we can still see her as she and Marc Davis hook up. There is still too much of the couples sex stuff going on here, but they can’t hold Adriana back entirely. She gives great eye contact when she’s sucking dick. Any time you can watch a woman deep throat Davis, you know you’re watching something hot. After the hot oral, he bends her over a table and starts fucking her from behind. Since she’s invisible, I don’t know how Marc finds her ass, but does and fucks it raw. Even in slow motion, the heat her is hard to miss. He dribbles a load on her tits and face, that we see as well.
As the story starts to unravel right before our eyes, Joel Lawrence and Wanda Curtis hook up and start to fuck. Like most of the other scenes in this movie, it’s slow, soft and backed up by the kind of music you only hear in porn and on really hip elevators. There is a second guy in on the action, but at this speed, it wouldn’t matter if there were ten guys working her. Wanda has a nice body and usually fucks with a lot of energy. It’s just nearly all drained by the style of this scene.
Finally Adriana gets the chance to finish off her dream man. That means the end of this movie can’t be too far away. I’ve long ago stopped praising the technical qualities of this movie because the sex is just so disappointing. Adriana once again shows great sucking skills, but is held back by the music and slow motion footage. With this kind of great eye contact, I wish I could get my hands on the original footage and cut it in a way that might actually make someone want to jerk off. I just hate to see such a hot little fuck get wasted in another scene that could have been so much better. Perhaps I am judging this too harshly. Maybe the couples market really digs this kind of sex. If that’s the case, then I’m sure people will get a lot more sexual thrill than I did from this and the other scenes.
I know that I am not part of the intended audience for this movie, so the fact that it feel flat for me should come as no surprise to anyone. I think the idea of an invisible character in a porn movie could be somewhat clever. Certainly, there is decent technology to make it work and that’s the best thing in this movie. The story didn’t draw me in and the sex was just really not my speed. Even Adriana, who can just flat out fuck with the best of them, is reserved in this effort. Couples may really enjoy this one and the technical end is handled brilliantly. However, there just isn’t enough really good sex here for me to recommend for anyone else.

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