Whoriental Sex Academy 2




80 Mins


Sin City

THEMES: Asian Girls, College Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Kamiko, Catalina, Poison Envee, Kristy Lee, Mia Smiles, Tyce Bune, Rick Masters, Pat Myne, Carl Blackwood


So, what’s the key to a great porn sequel? All right, stop laughing. Let’s assume for a minute that there is such a thing as a good porn sequel. I know, it’s like asking what color a unicorn’s eyes might have been. First, you need to find a great adult script writers. All right, you’re doing it again. Let’s just assume for a minute that there is such a thing as a decent porn script writer and that he isn’t the guy writing this review. Cutting through all the bull shit, I say all you need for a successful porn sequel is to remember what you did right the first time. Beyond Alex Ladd’s brilliant hiring practices, he did many things well with the first Whoriental Sex Academy. First, he cast some great looking Asian babes. Then he made sure that the sex was well shot. (Something he does extremely well.) Finally, he threw in one of porn’s surest things, short plaid skirts. If he does the same thing with this one, there is no reason to expect anything less than another arousing romp around the hottest sorority on campus.

Catalina is the head of the sexiest Asian sorority in school and she has some big news for her sisters. They are all moving into the best house on campus. That doesn’t seem to fit with the Dean’s hatred for the girls, but as we soon find out, she has a few things up her sleeve. She has the lease rigged so that the girls are bound to lose their house and get kicked out of school. This plan makes the dead of the housing department, Tyce Bune, a little uncomfortable. Since he spent much of the first movie taking advantage of young co-eds, Tyce doesn’t stand much of a chance against the Dean. Kristy Lee plays the Dean and while she is way too young for a role like this, she’s pretty damn sexy. Those lips look perfect for cock sucking and her charms are too much for Tyce to resist. She’s got on a sexy corset and some heels as he throws her down on the desk and earns his paycheck. It’s nice to see that such a powerful woman takes time out to keep her pussy perfectly shaved. When she gets down and starts sucking cock, her full lips and pretty eyes are on full display. Kristy sucking cock is definitely something for the sexual highlight reel. Tyce takes off her corset when it’s time to fuck Kristy. She’s a little soft around the middle, but has nice thighs and a great looking pookie. Kristy uses his cock for her pleasure, slamming her body down onto his until she’s had enough. Taking a rest, she lies on her side and lets Tyce keep pounding away until he shoots a load all over her smooth slit.

The first problem the girls have when they move is how to pay the movers. Well duh, that’s why they have little Kamiko in the sorority. Pat and Carl have been working hard all day, but as soon as this ultra cute little honey enters the room, they know they will be well rewarded. She fills her mouth with cock and flips up her skirt to let Carl taste her goodies. Kamiko is one of my favorite chicks in all of porn and you can see why as she takes them both on. O her hands an knees, we get a great shot of Kamiko’s form, but the view gets even better when she starts riding dick. They roll her over onto her side where Pat takes full advantage of her co-ed caboose. That opens her up for some DP action and the cute little Asian babe. To cap off the high energy scene, the guys shoot all over her pretty face. Great scene from a very hot girl.

Even though the Dean is plotting against the girls, they aren’t worried. Why? Because one of the girls, Poison Envee, has some pictures that are sure to make Tyce a little nervous. When pure blackmail doesn’t persuade him to help, she uses his weakness for sexy Asian co-eds to seal the deal. The treats she has under that skirt stir his passions and then her hot, sucking mouth nearly finishes the job. A longer blowjob would have been nice, but he’s hot to fuck her and that ain’t bad either. Poison isn’t as cute as Kamiko or as porn sexy as Kristy but she does take a very hard fuck on Tyce’s desk and gets huge points for her enthusiasm. A great facial and we end another well shot scene.

The rest of the plan is simple. All the girls have to do is pay the rent and like any good porn sorority, this one pays the bills with the hot pieces of ass who live there. Catalina is the sorority President and she leads by example. She personally entertains Rick Masters, slipping out of her panties and letting him suck on her sweet pussy for a while. Before he’s finished, she has lost all of her clothes except for some white socks. When she starts sucking, her eyes stay closed, but when she does flash them, it’s quite hot. Just about the time she really gets going, Rick moves in behind her and fucks Catalina on the couch. Like most of the other girls, she has a shaved cookie that looks as hot as ever when it’s filled with cock. Like a good little co-ed, she wears a big load on her pretty face to close things out.

The only way for this movie to end is with a big lesbian orgy. OK, maybe that’s not the best way, but the girls have to taste each other, don’t they. Mia Smiles joins Kamiko and Catalina for a little co-ed table bang. All three of these girls are great looking and they keep their cool little uniforms on, or partially on as they explore each other. Mia is very aggressive, setting the tone and using her long tongue to really get up into her new friends’ sweet holes. She even pulls out a strap on to use in Catalina while Kamiko fucks herself with a fat toy in the chair nearby. Eventually, the pretty little thing joins the other two, sitting on her President and 69’ing her while Mia keeps fucking.

There are some very hot moments in this movie, most of them thanks to sexy little Kamiko. Naturally, more scenes with her would have been great, but they say variety is the spice of life. Kristy and Catalina are certainly worth a look. Both of these women should be seeing quite a bit of work. Mia Smiles is good in her strap on scene and would have made a nice addition to guy-doing cast. If you’re looking for a story, there is almost one here, but mostly this is a chance to see hot looking Asian women in cute little uniforms doing what we all hope hot little Asian co-eds do in their spare time. Another well shot, sexually hot, worth a smile and a stroke, movie from Ladd.

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