Super Suckers 1




120 Mins

DIRECTOR: Joe Bailey

JB Video

THEMES: Oral Sex




STARS: Alyssa Allure, Charlene Aspen, Aurora, Phyllisha Anne, Kenya, Desiree, Dynamite, Heather Lynn, Barret Moore, Nadaye, Nova, Pebbles, Love Lee, Leslie-Rene, Rio, Selena Sosa, Sue Chi, Zarina


I really like blowjob movies. When they are done correctly, they make for great jerk off porn. You’ve got good looking women, looking into the camera and going nuts on a hard cock. They should be the easiest movies in the world to make, but more than a few pornographers have managed to totally screw them up. This is a line I’ve never seen before from a director named Joe Bailey. I don’t know what the movie is going to be like, but the opening credits are a bit manic. Hopefully these editing tricks will end when the girls come in to suck some dick. One thing that turns me off at the start is a total lack of ID on the girl. Would it kill people to use a little on screen text?

Charlene Aspen just gets right to it, sucking a dick like it holds the secrets of life in it. While the guy grabs a hand full of her thong, Charlene’s ass is rocking so hard you can hear the bed squeaking. With such a high energy performer, it’s a little hard to keep up, but this scene is a little choppy. There is a nice POV shot as Charlene lies on the bed and devours his dick. The guy shoots a nice load all over her face. Hot chick, great head and the best scene in the early part of the tape.

Alyssa Allure likes she’s put on a little weight and seems to be wearing a wig as she gets down on Rod Fontana’s prick. Too much of this scene is shot from behind her head, causing us to miss a very nasty bit of cock sucking. When we do finally move in, she’s doing quite a nice job of slobbering all over his this cock and balls. Stroking a load out onto her face, Alyssa ends her oral ordeal.

Phyllisha Anne is usually a little thinner than the cock she’s working with. In this case, she’s got a pretty good sized member and puts her mouth to great use right out of the gate. She keeps her fingers wrapped around the shaft while working her hardest to take the head deep. When she stands up, a quick bend at the waist allows her to take more and you have to be impressed with the long legs. She holds her mouth open and takes a big load on her tongue, even licking her fingers clean at the end.

There are two black girls sharing a fat white cock. I have no idea who these ladies are. The only black girl I know from the cast is Kenya and neither of these women are as pretty as she is. Neither of them are tough to look at though and they both attack the dick with some gusto. There is a nice shot of the girls lying side by side, their heads back and the guy squatting over them and pumping into their mouths. Brandon has a big load to spray across their faces.

Dynamite is a naughty little redhead. Her scene is very grainy and could use another light. It also looks like she’s put on some pounds and is not helped by the pantyhose that suck in some of her bod, but make her belly bulge more than it should. Rod Fontana leans back and lets the little slut do her thing. Eventually, he stands up and she just keeps right on going like a little blowjob machine until he shoots a wad on her face. A little mechanical, but still one of the better scenes in this lot.

Now we get to see Kenya who really has a smoking hot bod on her. She starts out on her feet, bent at the waist with her little dress riding up her ass. At the other end, the pretty black girl is a little sleepy eyed here but ready and willing to rock this white boy’s world. More shots of her entire body would have been nice, but she wears a big load of cum on her face quite nicely.

Aurora, Desiree, Heather Lynn, Barret Moore, Nadaye, Nova, Pebbles, Love Lee, Leslie-Rene, Rio, Selena Sosa, Sue Chi and Zarina are also part of this mostly forgettable cast. There are some angles used in this movie that don’t really work. You can’t fault someone for tying something new so we’ll have to see if they learn from the things that didn’t go well in this one. Most of all, they are going to have cast better looking women to make this a true collection of super suckers.

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