Planet Of The Gapes 4




110 Mins







STARS: Kelsey, Violet Blue, Delfynn, Sienna, Monique


You know, this would be a really funny title for a new movie considering all the hype Tim Burton’s ‘Planet of the Apes’ is getting. Of course, Tom Byron has been making his gapes vids for a few years and isn’t just going for the cheap pay off. Gapes is one of Byron’s two lines and like Whack Attack, is pretty much a sure thing for pure stroke value. Years in the biz have taught Bryon plenty about what the average porn fan wants and he generally brings that to the table with his vids. No fluff, no story, just hot chicks who get fucked and leave with a big load of cum on their faces. It’s simple and in most cases it’s brilliant smut. On the other hand, with such a simple formula, there is one thing that can trip things up. If the girls aren’t very pretty, we’re kind of stuck with well shot sex, but nothing more. I don’t see a lot of chicks I like in this movie, but I do see Monique and that’s usually reason to celebrate. Maybe some of the girls I don’t know will be able to overcome the one name I know I don’t like.

And speaking of leading off with your weakest link, here’s Kelsey. Some of you may remember her as bleach blonde Kelsey Heart. Make no mistake, new hair color, fake tits and a single name haven’t made her any more attractive. I wouldn’t say she’s ugly, she’s just average. Nothing really to look at. Decent body, face of a dolled up housewife (and not in a sexy way) and a really nasty tat on her tit to match the huge one over her asscrack. After all that, I will say that her eyes look pretty good and she has a decent flirty chatter thing as Luciano interviews her. He starts right in on her ass, trying to make it gape with his fingers. For monster close ups like this, it really doesn’t matter what the girl looks like. If you dig extreme finger fucking of the ass, there you go. Kelsey turns around and shows that her mouth can gape much more easily than her mouth. Looch takes advantage of the open mouth on the kneeling girl, but shoving his meat between her lips and enjoying a nicely shot blowjob. (Good eye contact here, a Kelsey strength.) He sits down and lets her fuck him. Sorry, but this is what I was afraid of, nicely shot sex without much spark because I have no attraction to this woman at all. Of course, this is going to end up with Kelsey holding her asscheeks wide for his cock. No real gape at the start, which I still contend is a good thing. An ass should be tight. Eventually, after riding his cock for a while, she gives us a little gape before taking the mandatory facial. If you’re into Kelsey, you will obviously be a lot less bored than I was by this drearily un-strokeable opener.

Going in the opposite direction, we get Monique. Few women in porn exude such pure heat as this super dark skinned hottie. Apparently Tom agrees because he keeps this babe for himself. After the opening dance scene, there really isn’t much of an interview. It’s kind of hard to ask a chick questions when her lips are around your dick. Tom cuts her blowjob short so the he can get a taste of her two lower orifices. We get a brief return to cocksucking as she moves past his cock to mount it. When she’s on top, Monique likes to shake her ass, showing off a wonderfully shaped back side. She turns that ass to the sky, hold it open and fingers it so Tom can watch. Once his cock goes up her ass, Monique is on fire. It’s like she has this special gear reserved for anal sex. Now she bounces up and down on his cock, straining her thigh muscles and slapping her pussy as she goes. This is just pure anal dynamite as Tom rips her ass and she keeps fucking right back. He closes the scene by blasting his load all over her stretched anus.

Blonde babe Delfynn may be the best looking chick in the movie and she seems to move well in her opening dance number. Her English isn’t that good, but her ass sure as hell is. Thankfully, her mouth does more work when it’s filled with Luciano’s cock than it does during the brief interview. He fucks her face and slaps her tongue with his rod, but the best footage comes when she just goes nuts on him, devouring as much of his meat as she can. When she spreads her legs to ride his dick, she reveals a very thin body, but a juicy looking pussy that swallows up cock like melted butter. After pounding her puss for a while, Looch rolls her over onto her side and grudge fucks that tight asshole. Great close ups of the action and this babe really does have a tight ass to go along with that snug snatch. After a power fuck in her ass, Delfynn takes a big load all over her face then enthusiastically sucks the rest of his load out of his cock. Bring this blonde babe back for more.

Violet Blue is a pretty cute looking girl who actually doesn’t look like she could handle the action that Tom is going to have Dillon Day dish out. Dillon spreads her legs very wide and dives in to get a taste. Pretty Violet is a delicate cock sucker, keeping her pinkie out like she’s drinking tea and closing her eyes through much of the oral. Not perfect on screen head, but a cute girl who does seem to enjoy what she’s doing. Violet has the charm of a new girl and some of the apprehension as well. Dillon has be careful with her young ass, filling it slowly, he eventually builds up speed and makes her gape a bit. He uses her partially opened asshole as a target and sprays cum all over that thrashed rosebud.

Sienna is our final gape contestant. She’s a fairly cute brunette who has had one too many visits from the tat fairy for my taste. As Tom interviews her, the cuteness factor grows and I really want to see what this girl can do with a hard cock to play with. Tom keeps this charming young thing to himself, licking her from behind then feeding her his long cock. As cute as she is, the interview was more intriguing than her beginner cock sucking skills. After a short blowjob, she spreads her long legs and the heat gets turned up considerably. Sampling her pussy, Tom gets a taste of just how tight this little honey is going to be. Her ass is even snugger, but it stretches nicely to take every inch of his hard cock. Nice doggy here, with her butt gaping just a tad near the end. When she’s lap riding, there is no exit shot for us to see a gape, but we do get to watch a nicely shaped ass bounce up and down on a big dick like it’s nothing. He flips her over for some very well shot mish anal that really opens up her anus. After making her gape, he pounds a bit more, then drains hic cock all over her face. Sienna gets high marks for taking a great load and licking him clean.

I can’t say that this is the best cast Byron has ever brought us, but there are some pleasant surprises along the way. Not surprising in the slightest is the fact that Monique is easily the best butt slut in this movie. She’s always hot and this scene is yet another in a long line of strokers’ dream sequences staring this chocolate tart. Delfynn is a damn hot looking woman who I want to see in more movies quickly. Violet turns in a performance that rather betrays her innocent looks and that is always a great thing. Sienna is fairly cute and Kelsey is pretty much a waste, but there are still three very good scenes in this well shot, anally oriented stroke vid.

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