Love Shack


90 Mins.
THEMES: Web Cam Girls, Lesbian Sex
STARS: Serenity, Devinn Lane, Stephanie Swift, Sydnee Steele, Jewel De�Nyle, Inari Vachs, Olivia Del Rio, Nicole Sheridan, Shay Sweet, Jezebelle Bond, Brad Armstrong, Mark Davis, Chris Cannon, Dillon Day
Red Ezra has directed just a few titles so far, but he has already impressed critics and porn fans alike. Not only has his work been well received by yours truly, but it�s been good enough for AVN to notice. This is his second movie with Serenity and since he has such a great visual sense, this is always a great combination. When you have a beautiful leading lady, it never hurts to have a guy who knows how to shoot her behind the camera. Given the number of women in the cast, I would imagine there are going to be a lot of girl/girl scenes which doesn�t exactly thrill me, but should make some of you perk up.
Serenity plays a woman who rules over a web cam empire. As she says, sex is the key, sex sells, yeah we know. We go back to see how she became the Queen of her own empire. Starting off as an art gallery owner, Serenity sees the writing on the wall. When a client comes into her gallery, they discuss home security cameras. The details aren�t important, but Devinn Lane pops in a tape and they watch as Mark Davis and Olivia Del Rio get I on. They are a married couple, so I guess the soft background music is designed to make this a couples scene. Luckily, there isn�t a lot of lame slow motion to get in the way of Olivia�s hot mouth working it�s magic on Davis� sizable dong. He puts her on her knees and fucks her from behind. This is a great footage with Olivia actually doing the fucking, grinding her hips back and swallowing up every inch of his rod. After he takes over for a while, Mark uses her pretty face for target practice, dropping his full load on her lips.
That gives them a great idea and the two women open up a web cam house, broadcasting their lives to a world eager to see these two beautiful women strip down and get naughty. Devinn is fond of shower shows, leading us to a little dildo assisted self fuck from the gorgeous brunette. There is some slow motion during this scene, which is cut like a Playboy video, with some very nice toy action. That leads us to a girl/girl scene between Devinn and Inari Vachs. There is a lot of fetish appeal going on here with some leather, a riding crop and a plaid clad Inari taking everything Devinn has to offer. Nice anal toy play here as Devinn shows off her expandable ass.
When Devinn has second thoughts about the business, Serenity buys her out and the empire grows. To celebrate, she has dinner with Brad Armstrong. Things get heated and Serenity has a little cock for dessert. It�s a good thing they�re in the private dining room because I think some patrons might be jealous watching Brad get head from this incredibly beautiful woman. To make matters worse, or better I suppose, Jewel De�Nyle joins the fun. (I went to dinner and a three way broke out.) With two lovely ladies to choose from, Brad can�t go wrong, but wisely chooses to fuck Serenity from behind. Jewel adds some spice to the fun, dripping candle wax onto her pussy while Serenity is busy munching away. When they switch and Jewel gets the dick, Serenity is right there to lick the girl cum from his latex encased rod. After a little anal sex for Jewel, the women hold out their tongues while Brad shoots his loads across both mouths. (Sometimes, porn guys have great fucking jobs.)
As we learn more about Serenity�s business plan, we see that she has long believed in doing whatever it takes to win. Way back when she was running her art gallery, she used all of her charms to lure a hot young artist, Chris Cannon, into her gallery. After a game of pool, Chris works his way down her hose clad legs and camps out between those perfect thighs. Her oral pursasion is pretty covincing. If someone sucked my dick like that, I�d give them whatever they wanted. (Open invitation to porn women, especially Serenity�) A longer blowjob would have been nice, but they can�t let that pool table go to waste. Those of you who love legs will enjoy how Serenity�s fine pair are on display as he stands next to the table, filling her with dick. Check out the dancer move she puts on, holding one leg up against her body while standing on the other. (Flexible women rock.) After all that, he has a pretty weak load to shoot on her fine ass. Still, the eye candy and energy are high in this scene.
Stephanie Swift had her time in the web cam house as well. She�s all dolled up in black with heels and hose. In comes Dillon Day and the web cam viewers have another good shot on their hands. He approaches her slowly, kissing his way from her mouth to other areas of her body. Just as slowly, Stephanie works her was onto his cock and rocks her hips. Gently at first, she starts fucking him, giving us a great view of that little butt as she does. The scene is a bit short, but ends with Dillon stroking a load out all over her small tits and pert nipples.
For some reason, most of the guys who watch the web cam want to see girl on girl action. That lead us to, guess what? A lesbian finale of course. Serenity hooks up with Nicole Sheridan and Sydnee Steele. You all know how quickly lesbian scenes make me want to hit the fast forward button, but Serenity looks great and Nicole is her usual stunning self. Sydnee, the newest Wicked Girl, is right in there with the other two. If you like girls frolicking with each other, then this is a great comvination of eye candy and eager labe lapping. Serenity breaks out some toys from her own line and fills her horny young friends with rubber dick. We move into a final short scene with Nicole actually swallowing cock. She can�t take it very deep, but gives great eye contact and a lot of tight fisted friction. A great facial closes out a short, high energy blowjob.
Though Shay Sweet and Jezebelle Bond do some bikini posing at the end, Nicole closes out the sexual action. As usual, Ezra brings us a movie that is very easy on the eyes. The simple story is a perfect backbone, stringing together the scenes nicely. Most of the sex takes place without the annoying slow motion that can destroy a good scene. Serenity carries most of the sexual action and that�s a great thing in this case. Her scene with Cannon shows off her flexibility. Jewel adds a second hot chick to the three way and even the three girl scene is worth a look. Another very solid effort from Ezra and a few more scenes to make Serenity fans to stroke over.

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