Cream Of The Crop



140 Mins
THEMES: Natural Breasts, Anal Sex
STARS: Angel, Sophie Evans, Julia, Adriana Sage, Kimberly, Rita
I don’t know how Mike John could possibly pick from the hot chicks he shoots and bring us the best of the best. Wouldn’t that like having to pick a favorite summer day or a favorite flavor of ice cream? In spite the obviously daunting task before him, John has decided to give us a movie called Cream of the Crop, highlighting the very best porn sluts he can find. Looking at some of the babes on the cover, I see a few faces and bodies I already lust after greatly and a few who will soon be added to that list. Since John is one of the very best all-sex directors currently shooting smut, I admit my expectations are high and it’s going to take a lot for the cream to truly rise to the top.
Julia starts things out and pretty redhead doesn’t say a word. She just spreads her legs and starts showing off her perfect Euro-tits. She looks a little bit like Alyssa Love though only at first glace. After slipping off her panties, Julia is presented with a hard dick. Knowing just what to do with such a member, she starts sucking it as deeply as she can. In comes another cock and now the pretty little Euro-slut shows that she has great hand skills to go along with a wonderful body. When she is on top, being fucked, her tits move the way big, real hooters were meant to. (Girls, watch closely, most of you don’t need to alter your natural airbags.) Moving from her pretty twat to her tight ass, the guys are happy to take full advantage of her waiting orifices. Not all women get more energetic during the anal DP, but that’s just what Julia does in this scene. After drilling her holes nearly raw, the guys pull out to decorate that pretty face with cock cream. Most of the cum ends up in right in her mouth, but Julia lets some drip off her chin as she cleans them up like a dutiful Euro-slut.
Kimberly is a tall, pretty girl with a few tats on her otherwise perfect skin. Without a word, she stuffs her mouth with Jon Dough’s cock, smiling into the camera as she moves from his cock to his hairy asshole. While we are recovering from the close up of Dough’s rosebud, Kimberly is doing her best to hide his whole cock in her pussy. While not as balls out hot as the first girl, Kimberly has nice, strong thighs that flex as she bounces up and down on his cock. Great RCA shots with her little asshole stretched. Give her credit for some enthusiastic A2M. (I sure hope they give he a breath mint after that.) Eventually, she pulls his cock out of her ass and gets a mouth full of cum for her efforts. Nice scene that gets better as it progresses.
Rita is a very attractive young woman with a fresh face, great body and incredible breasts. (I know someone on RAME used to hate moles and she does have some big ones, but beyond that, near perfection.) After rubbing her boobs in the tub for a while, she moves down further and rubs her pussy for a while. After a very exiting warm up, Rita is introduced to her new friends, a pair of big black cocks. She kisses one and grants the other an all access pass to her steamy love muffin. Giving great eye contact the whole time, Rita uses her hands to keep one dick hard while the other slams away at her willing opening. I really like the low angle shots as she rides, sticking her round ass out, then slamming it up and down. Her pussy is so good Lex has to run away to regain his composure so he doesn?t shoot early. They move next to her ass, which grips cock with every stroke. If you like watching pretty girls get drilled silly by Lex and Marcus, then this scene is going to drive you nuts. When it comes time to take the loads on the face, Rita seems a little less than overjoyed, but still looks great with sticky loads on her beautiful mug.
For the start of her scene, Angel takes us into the shower where we get to watch her shave her pussy totally clean. Erik Everhard takes full advantage of her freshly washed orifices, licking her pussy and ass from behind until Angel is more than ready to give in and be his little cock slut. Once again we are treated to the wonderful sight of a pretty girl stuffing her face with cock and flashing us her pretty eyes. She looks back over her shoulder as Erik fucks her from behind, but we have a much better view of the action. All that shaved paid off for Angel because her smooth slit looks yummy, even as it takes more cock than it looks like it should be able to. Her hand covers up that pussy as she rubs her clit during the anal. For a more clear view, we have to wait for the RCA. Now there is nothing between the camera and her newly bald beaver. After Erik drops one load right into her wide open mouth, he continues fucking her. There is a second load in there and Angel ends up swallowing this one as well. Very cute girl, very hot little fuck.
Now we get to a woman we’ve all seen before, Adriana Sage. At first glance, she’s all right looking with a nice body and a big smile. However, once you’ve seen her fuck, you can see that this is one super hot little porn doll. There is just no way one cock is going to be enough, so they bring in two and still I doubt this will keep Adriana happy for long. Her head is already moving triple time on one cock while a second guy is licking away at her pussy. Adriana has this smile she gets during her scenes that looks so genuine, you can’t help but love her. She manages to easily suck them both, then fuck and suck the duo before turning her ass over to their throbbing cocks. They only go in one at a time, but that gives us a better view of the action anyway. They do double up on her the old fashioned way, filling that pretty ass and stuffing her twat at the same time. Great close ups here for those of you who really want to see the goodies, but I still prefer the shots that show her whole bod and the look on her face as she gets rocked. When the guys pull out and shoot on her face, Adriana keeps smiling, taking cum in her mouth and on her face until they are drained and she’s still ready for more.
Sophie Evans is simply one of the most perfect looking women in porn today. Her body couldn’t be better if you put it together in a lab and she has this burning look in her eyes when she’s sucking cock that just makes her already smoking blowjobs even better. A line of guys waits for their turn in her mouth. Sophie does her best to power suck each dick to full mast before taking on the next guy. When they have all had their chance, she sits on one cock and lets the line continue. Her tight pussy brings a load of cum for her face in a matter of minutes. That’s what I call A quality slut meat. They move easily from standard doggy to anal in the same position. Since Sophie has such a perfect ass, that any shots of her from that angle are going to look good. Someone must agree because the guys are in a big hurry to fill both her ass and her puss. There is one really great shot with Sophie leaning back, a guy under her in her ass, while Lex fucks her pussy. They open up nicely for the camera and give us a great view of her body. With all these guys, you know that the cum shots are going to be copious and that her smiling face is going to get just covered. After her face and tits are covered, Sophie gives us a sexy goodbye smile.
Wow, this is a very impressive collection of women. Mike John has indeed outdone himself with this movie. As always, the sex is brilliantly shot, with nothing to get in the way of our viewing pleasure. The women are top notch, natural babes with great bodies, pretty faces and willing attitudes. The action ranges from straight sex, to anal, to DP, to DPP with plenty of hot sticky facials to round out the picture. I’m sure we would all like the chance to pick and choose our dream cast for a smut flick, but since we can’t, it’s nice to know that Mike can do such a great job for us.

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